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One day later.

Lin Qi arrived at the training field as usual.

He had his competition today, after all. Although he didn’t want the title of being competitive, he had at least promised his master that he would get a good ranking for Yanhui Peak. Otherwise, his junior would be disappointed, and he would be embarrassed.

He had to fulfill his promise in front of the girls.

Lin Qi slowly walked through the crowd.

The crowd didn’t dare to stop Lin Qi when they saw him walking over. All of them made way for him. He was the one who could still ignore Hua Tianci after he was challenged by Hua Tianci, after all.

The successor of the small sect couldn’t afford to offend him.

Lin Qi himself heard the discussions in the crowd below the arena, but that did not affect him at all.

He would have a casual match and exercise his body.

Exercising every day was still good for his body.

There was already someone standing still in the arena before Lin Qi could walk onto the arena.

He looked at Lin Qi with cold eyes.

“Lin Qi, I don’t know if you used your courage to fight with Hua Tianci or if you have hidden a trump card.”

“But I, Wang Long, will not show mercy. My original target was Hua Tianci, but since Hua Tianci doesn’t like me and thinks that you are his only opponent, then I have to learn from you.”

Wang Long looked at Lin Qi coldly, his eyes full of fighting spirit.

The audience below the arena seemed to be surprised by Wang Long’s aura and started to discuss.

“It seems that this battle is getting more interesting.”

“This Wang Long is a disciple representing the Overlord Body Sect. He is twice the size of Lin Qi!”

“Yeah, Wang Long’s body size is a disciple who has trained his body to the extreme. Compared to Lin Qi, this guy is like a small giant.”

“I didn’t expect that other than Hua Tianci and Lin Qi, this Wang Long wouldn’t be willing to be outdone and started to show off his strength.”

“A strong man could beat ten with techniques. I have high hopes for Wang Long. Muscles are the way of the king. He will be able to defeat Lin Qi!”

A disciple, who was also a body-training disciple with muscles all over his body looked at Lin Qi with displeasure in his eyes.

After all, the lady juniors nowadays all liked Lin Qi’s style. He had sword-like eyebrows and starry eyes. He was handsome and carefree.

However, in this world, strength was the most important thing. No one would be willing to follow trash no matter how good-looking one was if their strength were not good enough.

To this body-refining disciple, Wang Long was his incarnation, representing his sect. There would be many disciples joining the body-refining sect in the future if the body-refining sect could defeat Lin Qi and then Hua Tianci. He would be taken as the best too and would be favored by the juniors.

Lin Qi glanced at Wang Long casually. He heard a burst of noise behind him just as he was about to go into the arena.

He turned around.

It was Hua Tianci.

Although his face was calm now, some discerning people had already noticed that something was wrong with him.

It was obvious that he had rushed there in a hurry upon seeing that his face was slightly blushed, and he was panting a little.

“Sigh, didn’t Hua Tianci have a match this morning? Why is he here?”

“Look at his breathing. He has thought about the match with Lin Qi in the end. He came here in advance to find out more about his opponent.”

“He probably knows that Lin Qi has a match today. It seems that he takes this match seriously!”

The crowd discussed among themselves.

Hua Tianci did not hold back. He walked straight to the bottom of the arena and looked at Lin Qi with a burning gaze.

Wang Long naturally noticed Hua Tianci’s arrival on the other side of the arena. He even wanted to say something bold.

“Hua Tianci, I don’t know why you look down on me, Wang Long. Instead, you have a special liking for this kid. Wait and see. I, Wang Long, will win the championship of this competition. I will make you, Hua Tianci, not dare to look down on me!”


Hua Tianci sneered. He did not even want to look at Wang Long because Wang Long was not his match.

Wang Long’s expression turned a little gloomy upon noticing Hua Tianci’s attitude. His mouth twitched a little. Then, he took a deep breath and suppressed the impulse in his heart. He did not say anything else.

That day was the battle with Lin Qi, after all. Hua Tianci would naturally have a chance to look at him differently if only he won Lin Qi. He would fight back then.

What else could be more valuable than actual actions?

Lin Qi looked helplessly at the sparks between the two of them.

Sigh, he was just here for a competition. Why would it be so troublesome?

“Muscular man, the time has already started. Are you still going to fight?”

Lin Qi twisted his neck and did some warm-up exercises. Finally, his gaze became a little serious.

Wang Long retracted his gaze. The attention that was placed on Hua Tianci came to Lin Qi.

The muscles all over his body trembled slightly in the next moment. It seemed like he was serious.

The host of Arena Five checked the time again and jumped onto the arena upon seeing that the two contestants in the arena were finally ready.

He glanced at the two people on both sides of the arena and nodded slightly.

“The match begins now!”

Only Lin Qi and Wang Long were left in the arena.

“Brother Lin, I heard that your cultivation technique is strange, and your moves are untraceable, especially that terrifying attraction that can be described as a gale. However, I’ve been practicing the body refining technique of the deep-sea black turtle for three months now. I can still be as firm as a reef even when facing strong waves. You have to watch this move of mine carefully!”


Wang Long concentrated his energy on his Dantian and slowly walked towards Lin Qi, who was at the other end of the arena.

However, Wang Long’s movements were rather slow, and he was even slower than a normal person.

He was like an old turtle slowly moving forward, and every step he took was steady.

Even the audience below the arena seemed to feel as if the arena was slowly moving.

Lin Qi’s expression was still calm, feeling the pressure, which was like a huge rock slowly rolling towards him coming from the pavement as if he could not feel any pressure.

As the distance between both got closer and closer, they were about one meter apart.

Wang Long slowly raised his right arm and smashed it towards Lin Qi’s head.

“It’s the Ferocious Tiger Fist Technique!”

“That is Wang Long’s best move. The tiger descends the mountain!”

“No wonder it’s so strong. This Wang Long used his body as a mountain and his right fist as a tiger, greatly enhancing this fist technique!”

“This move is powerful. I think Lin Qi will be knocked off the arena if he doesn’t dodge it!”

“But Lin Qi still does not react now that the attack is so close to him. His expression is still calm. I don’t think he wants to dodge it!”

“Could it be that he has a way to resist this move?”

“Look at Lin Qi’s small arms and legs. They are not even half the size of Wang Long’s. It’s already good enough that he can block this move!”

That punch was indeed vicious and heavy, but there were flaws everywhere in that move to Lin Qi. It was too easy to defeat him.