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Lin Qi saw that the fist was about to hit him.

He could even feel the heavy wind from Wang Long’s fist. The fierce aura in it was as if a fierce tiger had suddenly jumped down from the top of the mountain with a great force.

Such a method of accumulating energy and finally attacking was indeed average.

His method could only be used in the arena. The enemy would not give him the chance to even catch a breath if he was in the wild. Wang Long would not have the time to accumulate energy when facing continuous attacks.

It was no wonder that Hua Tianci looked down upon Wang Long. Someone like Hua Tianci might have already engaged in life-and-death duels with many people in the martial arts world.

Did the ones with actual combat look down upon the ones who had just practical experience?

It had only been less than ten seconds from when Wang Long attacked when he was close to Lin Qi, and Lin Qi had already thought about many things.

However, he would not disappoint Wang Long’s urge to get embarrassed.

After all, he was someone who cheated in gaining techniques!

Flowing Cloud Movement Technique!

Chaos Yuan of Heaven and Earth Technique!

He activated both of the cultivation at the same time.

A strong wind rose from under Lin Qi’s feet in an instant. Lin Qi turned around with the support of the strong wind.

Wang Long’s fist was pulled in by the strength of the Chaos Yuan of Heaven and Earth Technique. His right fist seemed to be out of control as it directly turned its direction in the air and smashed fiercely at his face!


A muffled sound rang in Wang Long’s head.


Wang Long spat out fresh blood suddenly. Even half of his teeth were broken and were spat out together with the fresh blood.

Everyone below the arena was stunned when they saw that scene!

The entire arena fell into an inexplicable silence.

Three seconds later, a burst of enthusiastic shouting suddenly erupted, and everyone began to discuss it.

“Holy sh*t, what kind of move was that?”

“As expected of Lin Qi, he’s too strong!”

“Did you see Lin Qi’s move?”

“I feel that Lin Qi dodged Wang Long’s attack all of a sudden, but why did Wang Long hit himself?”

“Yeah, I’m also curious. Could it be that Wang Long can’t accept the truth and wanted to admit defeat?”

“That’s impossible!”

Hua Tianci, who was by the side of the arena, also heard everyone’s discussion, and a strange look flashed in his eyes.

He had long seen that the gap between Wang Long and Lin Qi’s strength. Wang Long only wanted to use some of the techniques that he had trained hard to gain advantages. Then to stabilize himself so that he would be in an undefeatable position while facing Lin Qi’s strange wind, in the end, he would gather his strength to knock Lin Qi down with one strike.

Wang Long had wanted to challenge him before, but he understood that Wang Long was used to training hard when he saw Wang Long. As expected, Wang Long had too little experience in the martial arts world. He would not even know how he died in the martial arts world if he did not prepare a few more trump cards.

Hua Tianci shook his head and looked at Lin Qi’s back, as well as the last move just now. He fell into deep thought.

In the arena.

Wang Long’s face was covered in blood. His right face was sunken, and a huge fist print had appeared on his face.

It was a pity that his fist had been swung out and could not be retreated, which he eventually could only deflect the power of this punch in time because he had realized Lin Qi’s counterattack. Otherwise, the last punch would end in his head instead of half of his face and teeth.

It was also fortunate that he had already cultivated his body refining technique to great success. Otherwise, he would die if he had an ordinary person’s physique, even if he stopped and deflected nearly half of the power.

Wang Long finally recovered from the fear of being lucky enough to survive at this time. His eyes filled with shock as he looked at Lin Qi.

What kind of power was that?

He was clearly about to hit him. What kind of powerful ability was that, which could make Lin Qi dodged and reverse the effect to him?

He had never seen Lin Qi use such an ability before. Could that be his trump card? It was terrifying.

Wang Long had also thought it through and felt that Lin Qi was indeed Hua Tianci’s opponent. He was too simple-minded previously.

Wang Long covered his face with his right hand and gestured to the referee with one hand to admit defeat. Then, he strode down the arena. His eyes were still looking in the direction of Hua Tianci in the corner of the arena till the end.

Hua Tianci’s gaze was fixed on Lin Qi. There was a smug expression on his face, and his mouth was slightly open.

It was as if he was telling Lin Qi that he had seen through him.

Wang Long took a deep breath and looked at Lin Qi one last time before leaving with a disappointed look on his face.

He now understood that he was not a match to neither Lin Qi nor Hua Tianci.

The host announced the winner after Wang Long left the arena.

Lin Qi crossed his arms and strode down the arena. Hua Tianci wanted to declare another battle challenge when he saw Lin Qi leave the arena. However, he realized that Lin Qi left without even looking at him.

Hua Tianci was speechless. He was the one who provoked Lin Qi yesterday, after all. Lin Qi refuted him in the end, causing the crowd to start discussing.

However, Lin Qi left after the fight. He did not have any communication or conflict with Hua Tianci. It would appear as though Baihua Valley was anxious, and Hua Tianci would ruin the reputation of his sect if he took the initiative to declare war on Lin Qi.

Therefore, the most important thing for Hua Tianci now was to stabilize himself and fight step by step. He would have to fight against Lin Qi one day.

They might meet at the finals then.

The anger that Hua Tianci felt because of Lin Qi’s disregard for him disappeared when he thought of that. Then, he strode out and left the arena.

The crowds around the arena also left slowly in groups of two or three when they saw Wang Long, Lin Qi, and Hua Tianci left the field.

A few hours later.

The news of Lin Qi defeating Wang Long spread fast, and it caused a wave of heated discussion among the major sects.

Wang Long’s skill level was estimated to be about the fifth among the participants in this competition.

Lin Qi’s strength was also estimated to be about the top five. Lin Qi’s moves were too strange and did not seem like the moves used by the disciples of the Baiyun Sect, after all.

However, the sect leaders did not say that there was a problem with Lin Qi’s cultivation technique. The disciples still had to rely on their ability to speak, no matter how many of them felt that there was something wrong with Lin Qi.

At that moment, in a courtyard.

Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao, the sect leader of Baiyun Sect, and Guan Zhen, the elder of Yanhui Peak, also received a report from their disciples.

The situation was fully reported to them in a few minutes.

Although Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao and Guan Zhen were already confident that Lin Qi would win this battle, a trace of regret appeared in their eyes after hearing the disciple’s detailed report of Lin Qi’s battle situation. Therefore, both of them drank tea in the courtyard and did not go to the scene to check out the specific situation.

“He only used one move?”

“He hasn’t used the Heavenly Thunder Sword Technique yet?”

Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao and Guan Zhen asked again. Their eyes filled with disbelief. According to the disciple, Lin Qi’s technique was not the technique that defeated the young monk from Golden Mountain Temple, but it was a new technique.

But the same question appeared in their mind at the same time.

Where did he learn all those techniques from?

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