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Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao and Guan Zhen, Lin Qi had never been to any other sect. He had only seen the cultivation techniques and martial techniques in the Baiyun Sect, but they had never seen any other disciple perform a similar ability.

“Sect leader, Elder, Senior Lin did only use one move, and he didn’t use the Heavenly Thunder Sword Technique, but his cultivation technique was strange. He can reverse the full power of the Tiger Fist back to Wang Long.”

The disciple added again.

“Junior, what cultivation technique do you think this is?” Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao’s eyes filled with curiosity as he looked at Guan Zhen and asked.

“Reversing the power?” Guan Zhen didn’t answer Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao’s question and fell into deep thought.

The Baiyun Sect didn’t have anyone who could perform such an ability for as long as he could remember. He had once met someone who could master such an ability, and that was the first owner of the Chaos Yuan of Heaven and Earth Umbrella. The cultivation technique that he cultivated was a cultivation technique that could reverse the power of the universe.

But that senior was no longer alive. He had been dead for more than 150 years.

How could he pass on his cultivation technique to Lin Qi?

The senior did not leave behind any inheritance. Lin Qi could not have comprehended the Chaos Yuan of Heaven and Earth Technique out of thin air. He must have some basis or evidence!

Guan Zhen seemed to have thought of something and his pupils constricted.

Could it be that Lin Qi had learned the Chaos Yuan of Heaven and Earth Technique from the umbrella he gave him?

Guan Zhen was instantly shocked by his thoughts.

Daoist Spiritual Master Yuanxiao, who was by his side, noticed the changes in Guan Zhen and hurriedly asked, “Junior, quickly tell me if you know something. You’re making me anxious!”

“I just have a guess, but I’m not very confident in that guess either.” Guan Zhen said hesitantly.

“Whether it’s true or not, we can only know the result faster if we discuss it together!” Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao was a little annoyed when he saw Guan Zhen’s behavior.

“I suspect that the cultivation technique that Lin Qi learned is the Chaos Yuan of Heaven and Earth Technique!” Guan Zhen’s eyes flickered as he slowly said.

Daoist spiritual Master Yunxiao suddenly thought of the legendary senior who had roamed the world for thirty years upon hearing Guan Zhen’s guess. Then, a look of shock appeared in his eyes.

The two of them looked at each other and nodded slightly. They both had an answer in their hearts.

And Guan Zhen fell into deep thought.

One had to know that this umbrella had been in his hands for decades. He had used it to display many techniques. He had already studied this umbrella thoroughly from the moment he obtained it. This umbrella did not have any secret techniques. That umbrella was simple. There was nothing else other than some natural patterns on the umbrella.

Unless Lin Qi had seen some patterns from the patterns on the umbrella and then concluded a set of cultivation techniques.

“Is there such a genius in the world?”

Guan Zhen muttered to himself, his face full of disbelief.

Lin Qi’s cultivation technique talent could be described as unprecedented if it was just like he had guessed.

“Baiyun Sect might be able to strive higher if that kid had learned the Chaos Yuan of Heaven and Earth Technique and pass it down in our Baiyun Sect!”

Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao instantly understood the cause and effect of that. He, as the sect leader had already started to pave the way for the future of the entire sect.

“Senior, I think you shouldn’t think about the Chaos Yuan of Heaven and Earth Technique that Lin Qi comprehended on his. Lin Qi is more important to our Baiyun Sect than the Chaos Yuan of Heaven and Earth Technique. Senior, you have to grasp which is more important!”

Guan Zhen looked solemnly at Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao as he spoke.

Daoist Spiritual Master also realized that at once.

The person who performed the cultivation technique was more important than the cultivation technique!

There were many great cultivation techniques in the martial arts world, but there had never been a single cultivation technique that caused the entire sect to rise.

That was because the more powerful the cultivation technique, the more difficult it was to learn and the longer it would take. The requirements for the cultivator were also high. One could not lack either comprehension or perseverance.

Therefore, that cultivation technique was mostly prepared for those talented disciples.

Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao figured it out and looked at Guan Zhen gratefully.

That could already prove Lin Qi’s talent in cultivation since he could learn that cultivation technique.

His future was unlimited!

Unfortunately, such a disciple didn’t choose to become his disciple. That was indeed the greatest loss in his life!

However, the kid would still be a disciple from Baiyun Sect as long as he was still Guan’s disciple, the disciples of Yanhui Peak.

Lin Qi would be able to show off in the grand competition, which could be considered as bringing a great reputation for Baiyun Sect.

“Oh right, where is that kid?” Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao asked.

“Senior Lin should be taking a walk in the nearby town now,” the disciple replied.

“Huh? The sect competition is still going on. Why isn’t this kid staying in the courtyard? Why is he still running around?”

Yunxiao was a little displeased. Lin Qi was a rising star of the Baiyun Sect, after all. Their sect would suffer a huge loss if something happened to him.

Guan Zhen, on the other hand, was calm. Lin Qi was hiding his strength in the sect from the commotion he made when he went down the mountain.

Guan Zhen could be considered to have some understanding of Lin Qi’s character now. That kid was a restless person. He had hidden all his trump cards in the sect. The consequences of anyone in the town who provoked Lin Qi would not be good either.

Suddenly, this disciple thought of something and said, “And Junior Guan, follow behind Senior Lin.”

“She must be out of her mind. Xiaoyu is already such a grown-up. Why is she still so insensible!”

Guan Zhen frowned and said.

The taboos while going out in the martial arts world was to bring along family members.

It was because someone with ulterior motives could use the family member to threaten the disciple. She was a burden to Lin Qi.

Especially now that it was during the competition, which created a crowd in town and there were all kinds of people in them.

“Let’s not worry about this first. Which town did they go to?” Yunxiao quickly asked

“Dongling Town!”The disciple replied.

Guan Zhen immediately reacted when he heard that and immediately summoned his flying sword.

Yunxiao also quickly summoned his flying sword when he saw that. Then, the two of them sped towards Dongling Town.

On the other side, in Dongling Town.

Mount Qiuyang was the liveliest place in Donglin Town as the hosting place for the sect competition this time.

Although it was currently a hot summer day, there were still many hawkers shouting to attract customers on the streets.

Perhaps it was because of Xiaoyu’s company that even an ordinary stroll was more interesting than usual.

The young girl’s light laughter seemed to make the stroll on the streets a little more refreshing.

Lin Qi brought her to a nearby inn after Xiaoyu was a little tired from strolling around. They had lunch and had a short rest.

Fortunately, he had bravely eliminated that gangster inn and earned a small sum of money. It was because of this that Lin Qi had the idea to go down the mountain.

He had to spend the money he had earned and be generous, especially when he was with a lady!