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The sun was not so hot in the afternoon.

They walked around the spacious street leisurely.

Lin Qi asked the way, and they followed the moving crowd and finally entered an alley.

It was described as an alley, but it was only one-third smaller than the main street.

Stalls with all kinds of items were on both sides of the alley.

The most common medicinal pills and some weapons were sold there.

However, the prices in that alley seemed to be a little expensive compared to some of the items in the shops outside.

The two of them strolled in the alley.

Xiaoyu walked to a relatively clean corner. She stretched out her fair wrist and picked up a string of red string bracelets decorated with tiny ice crystals on the edge of the low table.

Xiaoyu played with it for a while. She realized that she had no money at all just as she was about to buy it. Only Senior Lin brought some money. She tilted her head back and saw Senior Lin walking around with interest. The girl could only shake her head helplessly.

She put down the bracelet, smiled apologetically at the old woman across the wooden table, and walked towards Lin Qi again.

A burst of clear laughter suddenly came from her right side when she just arrived at an intersection.

“Isn’t this Junior Xiaoyu? I didn’t expect to meet you here. Such a fate we have!”

“I’m Sun Quan. We met once, a year ago!”

Guan Xiaoyu looked towards the direction of the voice and saw three to five people dispersed the surrounding crowd. There was a luxuriously dressed young man in the crowd.

Although the young man’s appearance was ordinary, he seemed to have the temperament of a disciple from a wealthy family clan under the contrast of his luxurious clothes.

The young man was not like some ordinary disciples. He was not attracted by Guan Xiaoyu’s beauty. There was a hint of confusion in his eyes when he looked at Guan Xiaoyu as if he was seeking something.

Guan Xiaoyu frowned slightly upon seeing this young man who was delighted. She ignored his shout and turned around to leave.

A hint of viciousness appeared on Sun Quan’s face upon seeing that Guan Xiaoyu was about to turn around and leave. However, it disappeared in an instant. Then, he quickened his pace and led his subordinates to stand in front of Guan Xiaoyu.

Guan Xiaoyu stopped walking when Sun Quan blocked her way. She looked at him with a hint of annoyance in her eyes, but she didn’t say anything.

“Junior Xiaoyu…” Sun Quan revealed a smile upon seeing that Guan Xiaoyu was unable to leave. There was a hint of pride in his eyes.

“Junior Xiaoyu, since we’ve already met, and I happen to have nothing to do. Why Don’t we take a stroll together?”

The smile on Sun Quan’s face grew brighter. This kind of smile, coupled with his identity, had once won the favor of many female disciples.

“Sun Quan, why do you keep pestering me instead of participating in the competition?”

“My opponent has already given up on the competition. What can I do if I’ve already won without a match?”

Sun Quan said helplessly.

Others would have believed his nonsense. However, Guan Zhen had told her that this person had ulterior motives when they first met this person. She had to be careful and not believe anything he said.

Although Guan Xiaoyu knew that she was sometimes a little muddle-headed, she still listened to her father.

“Please move aside, okay?” Xiaoyu said expressionlessly.

“Junior Xiaoyu, we are old acquaintances reunited, after all. Your indifference makes me sad. I know that you like to enjoy delicious food. I have been shopping in Dongling Town for several days. I can take you to experience the fun and the food here slowly.”

Sun Quan said as if he was familiar with Guan Xiaoyu. He was about to pull Guan Xiaoyu’s hand.

However, just as Sun Quan was about to succeed…

An inexplicable strong wind came at him, blowing the five lackeys upside down.

Then, a handsome young man pulled Guan Xiaoyu’s hand and pulled her behind him.

Lin Qi looked at Sun Quan in surprise. He did not expect this guy to react so quickly.

Although he had already withdrawn 70% of his power, he had only used 30% of the power of wind so that he wouldn’t harm others because that was a small alley.

But it was not something that an ordinary person could withstand. It seemed that this guy was not just a show-off but still had some skill.

Sun Quan’s eyes flashed with a trace of anger because someone had messed up his plan. But when he thought of his goal, he had to maintain his poise to get that thing. He could only reply with a fake smile, “Junior Xiaoyu, I won’t disturb you anymore since someone is accompanying me!”

Sun Quan turned around and was about to leave after saying that.

“Wait, did I say you can leave!”

Lin Qi’s cold voice sounded in the alley.

“Oh, it seems that you don’t want me to leave?” Sun Quan turned around and stared at Lin Qi with a fierce gaze.

“You can leave, of course, but you scared my junior just now. You didn’t even pay compensation for shocking her, let alone apologize. We can’t just let you go like that!” Lin Qi smiled faintly.

“You want compensation?” Sun Quan seemed to have heard something funny.

Then, he ordered his subordinates to take out a small bag of golden leaves from their bags and threw it on the ground.

Lin Qi shook his head helplessly upon seeing the action of that young man.

“Just this? Are you trying to send a beggar away? My junior was born beautiful, a pretty woman who gathered the spiritual energy of Heaven and Earth. A vulgar thing like gold is simply an insult to her. We don’t want much compensation, just a thousand spiritual stones.” Lin Qi said casually.

Sun Quan looked at Lin Qi coldly and didn’t say anything. He had plenty of money if Lin Qi wanted money. But he didn’t expect Lin Qi to ask for spiritual stones. Such things couldn’t be bought with money.

Some of the vendors and tourists around the alley who were watching the show laughed out loud upon hearing what Lin Qi just said. Lin Qi was indeed asking for too much. Spiritual Stones were rare items that were used by cultivators who had reached the Foundation Establishment Stage.

However, no one was willing to speak up for Sun Quan.

Sun Quan had relied on his advantage in the number of men he had to run amok in Dongling Town a few days ago. He had even ordered his lackeys to disperse the other tourists to make his passage more spacious. His actions were quite overbearing.

Now that they saw that Sun Quan was being suppressed, everyone could not wait to cheer for that. However, they could only secretly laugh in fear of being retaliated by Sun Quan.

Sun Quan also noticed the atmosphere around him. Those mocking gazes were like cold arrows shooting at him. That ignited the flame of anger in Sun Quan’s heart.

He slowly walked towards Lin Qi. He pretended to apologize when he was only three meters away.

Then, he lowered his head and bowed deeply. His eyes showed a vicious look, and he clenched his teeth fiercely from an angle that no one could see.

A gray-black light shot out from his sleeve the moment he raised his body before he finished his apology.