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In a courtyard halfway up Mount Qiuyang.

Yunxiao and Guan Zhen looked at Lin Qi with a burning gaze.

It was as if they had seen a rare treasure.

Lin Qi’s entire body started to have goosebumps under their gaze.

However, these two seniors only stared at him and didn’t say anything. It was creepy.

However, it was obvious that they had something important to say from their looks. But they looked as if they did not know how to say it.

Lin Qi was not in a hurry. He randomly found a chair from the house and took it out to sit. It was a perfect time to enjoy the night view.

Guan Zhen and Yunxiao kept exchanging glances beside him.

Both wanted the other to ask about the secrets of Lin Qi’s superb techniques.

However, it was taboo to ask about the secrets of other’s techniques in the martial arts world because that was what everyone used to protect themselves outside.

It was equivalent to letting the enemy know the weakness once the secret technique was known to the public.

Especially such a unique skill, it needed to be well-guarded.

Moreover, Lin Qi discovered the technique all by himself, and it belonged to him personally. Therefore, neither Yunxiao nor Guanzhen wanted to ask this question.

Their question might make Lin Qi unhappy, or even made him think that the sect wanted him to contribute his secret. The matter would be troublesome then.

Both were afraid that their relationship with Lin Qi would break because of this.

Their eyes flickered, and they finally decided who would ask.

Guan Zhen sighed in his heart. He could only hope that Lin Qi could understand.

“Eh, it’s so quiet!”

A cute voice sounded from the door just as he was about to ask. The voice sounded a little playful.

Then, a smaller figure walked in from outside the door. She was suddenly stunned the moment she walked in.

“Senior, how long have they been like this?” Guan Xiaoyu walked over carefully, pushed Lin Qi’s arm, and whispered in Lin Qi’s ear.

Lin Qi, who was sitting on the chair half-asleep, slowly woke up after being pushed by Guan Xiaoyu.

Lin Qi rubbed his eyes and yawned. He glanced at the sect leader and his master who were still in there and casually said, “About two hours.”

Guan Zhen, who was at the side, saw his daughter coming back from the outside, and a plan suddenly appeared in his mind.

“Xiaoyu, come here.” Guan Zhen waved his hand. Guan Xiaoyu’s expression froze, and she looked at her father with a puzzled look.

She turned to the sect master and saw the sect master’s approving smile. She was confused.

What happened to her father and Sect Master Yunxiao today? Why had they been acting weird ever since they came back in the afternoon?

Didn’t they have something to ask Senior Lin?

They even asked her to go to the side to play when they came back and said that they had something important to talk about.

Haven’t they talked about it yet?

Although Guan Xiaoyu had doubts in her heart, she still obediently went to a corner of the courtyard.

“Xiaoyu, it’s like this. Father and the sect leader have a question that we need to ask Lin Qi, but we are too embarrassed to ask. I hope that you can help me and the sect leader!” Guan Zhen’s eyes were filled with anticipation as he slowly said.

“Okay, no problem,” Guan Xiaoyu said confidently.

“When you were at the scene today, did you see what kind of cultivation technique Lin Qi used?” Guan Zhen asked.

“It was just a sudden gust of wind, and those people were sent flying!” Guan Xiaoyu said.

“No, I’m asking you about the specific details, do you understand?”

“I don’t know about the details!”Guan Xiaoyu shook her head.

“So, I hope you can ask Lin Qi”

“But why should I?” Guan Xiaoyu asked curiously.

“Because there is an age gap between us. You and Lin Qi are of the same generation, and the age difference is not big, so you are the most appropriate person to ask him these things.”

“But isn’t this very important? You said that I was not suitable to be here when I came back in the afternoon and that I would easily let others know,” Guan Xiaoyu said.

Guan Zhen looked at Guan Xiaoyu with an inexplicable smile and said casually.

“Have I been too nice to you recently?”

“Okay, dad, I’ll go ask now!”

Guan Xiaoyu quickly ran away and walked to the center of the courtyard, slowly approaching Lin Qi, who was lying on the chair.

Guan Xiaoyu squatted on the right side of Lin Qi, her gaze fixed on Lin Qi’s body. She frowned as if there was something on Lin Qi’s face.

Guan Xiaoyu frowned more gradually. She kept drawing on the ground with the tree branch in her hand. Her actions became more and more urgent, to the point that the tree branch was almost broken.

“Junior, what’s the matter?” Lin Qi scratched his head and said.

Guan Xiaoyu’s head was like a balloon about to explode upon hearing Lin Qi’s words. She finally let out a big breath.

It was because she was embarrassed to take the initiative to ask. However, it was different now because Lin Qi took the initiative to talk to her.

“Senior, what technique did you use today?” Guan Xiaoyu asked curiously.

“Oh, that. I call it the Chaos Yuan of Heaven and Earth Technique,” Lin Qi said lightly.

Yunxiao and Guan Zhen looked at each other when they heard Lin Qi’s words.

They could see a trace of shock in each other’s eyes.

As expected.

Lin Qi had learned the Chaos Yuan of Heaven and Earth Technique!

Just as the two of them were waiting for Guan Xiaoyu to come up with the question about the exact information of the Chaos Yuan of Heaven and Earth Technique.

They saw Guan Xiaoyu running towards them excitedly.

They were instantly disappointed, and at the same time, they shouted in their hearts, “Xiaoyu, why didn’t you ask in detail!”

They did not expect Guan Xiaoyu to come back after asking the name of the technique.

However, it was not a total loss. Lin Qi must have gained something since he could say the name of the technique so accurately.

Therefore, they did not need to be anxious as long as Lin Qi was in the Baiyun Sect. They believed that Lin Qi would not let the Baiyun Sect down as long as they treated him well.

The next day.

Lin Qi arrived at the training field as usual.

He found that the people he had met once before were waiting in the courtyard as soon as he walked in. They were looking forward to something.

Lin Qi also felt that it was a little strange, but he did not care. He walked straight to the audience stage.

A familiar figure walked over from the side before he could walk there.

It was Hua Tianci.

His eyes showed eagerness with a hint of admiration. He looked at Lin Qi as if he was looking at his kind.

“Lin Qi, as expected of you!” Hua Tianci praised.

Lin Qi didn’t want to pay attention to this guy and just walked away. Hua Tianci wasn’t angry either, so he quickly followed.

The audience started to discuss again when they saw the two people walking in.

“What do you think Hua Tianci and Lin Qi are talking about?”

“It must be because of yesterday’s incident. Hua Tianci must have been agitated and wanted to fight Lin Qi even more!”

“Yeah, the average contestants can’t pressure Hua Tianci anymore.”

“Yesterday’s incident? What happened yesterday? I’ve been watching the competition. I’ve never heard of anything big happening.”

“I’ve to tell you this…”