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On the martial arts arena.

Lin Qi rested his chin on his right hand as he sat on the audience seat in boredom.

His current position was probably the best position to watch the match in the entire martial arts arena.

The martial arts arena was crowded. Many people could only stand and watch the match.

Lin Qi didn’t come early. However, others subconsciously left this seat empty because he often came to this seat.

Because sometimes, he did not want to come over or had stayed for a while before leaving.

Even so, no one dared to come over and sit in this seat.

The reason was quite simple. It was because of ability.

His strange and multi-stages attacks, and the courage to challenge the winner, Hua Tianci, as well as violently beating up Sun Quan, the son of the Sect Master of Sun Pavilion Sect.

Lin Qi had also become one of the winners to win the competition. He had Baiyun Sect, one of the three most famous sects in the Central Plains supporting him, after all.

His strength, his reputation in the martial arts world, and his background.

The other contestants were naturally far inferior to Lin Qi.

No one would dare to sit at a seat with a good view without an outstanding ability, even if Lin Qi was willing to let others sit in it.

Perhaps only Hua Tianci would dare to sit among all the contestants.

However, Hua Tianci was also a person with pride. He did not want to fight for a seat with others. He was more willing to have a match compared to such trivial matters.

It was because he was a match maniac.

However, such trivial matters were still important to Lin Qi. He came to this world to enjoy himself.

So, he had to be in the most comfortable state no matter what.

Lin Qi glanced at Hua Tianci, who was sitting next to him. Although he knew that Hua Tianci was a match maniac and didn’t have any strange hobbies, he was still a man.

However, Lin Qi was a man. He would rather have a woman sitting next to him compared to a man sitting next to him.

At least a woman staring at him wouldn’t cause any strange misunderstandings.

It was because that man came to the arena not to watch the competition but to stare at another man next to him. Was that acceptable?

Lin Qi would rather go to some small towns at the foot of the mountain and take a walk than being in the training field.

But he had no choice after what happened yesterday. How could he be blamed? He did that for his junior.

However, the sect master and his master didn’t let him go out. Was that his punishment?

Sigh, he felt helpless.

Lin Qi shook his head and sighed in his heart.

“Sure enough, Brother Lin. Do you also think that the fight between these two people is very boring?”

Hua Tianci’s eyes shot out a bright light upon noticing Lin Qi’s actions.

“Why don’t we find an open space to spar?” Hua Tianci looked at Lin Qi with anticipation.

“Boring.” Lin Qi stretched his back and said lightly.

As time passed.

More and more people entered the qualifying round on the nine circular arenas in the nine connected squares.

It was just noon.

The two grey-haired old men, who had been prepared walked to the circular arenas in the center of the nine arenas and began to announce the rules of the next round.

The contents of the rules were not hugely different from before.

The most important rule was that the opponent’s life should not be in danger.

The later the match progressed, the stronger everyone’s desire to win and lose would be. The more intense the match, the more excited the participants would be.

The arrogance of the winner, the disdain towards the loser, and the hatred of the loser towards the winner could lead to unpredictable events happening in the match.

The use of hidden weapons, poison, and other despicable methods had all happened before.

Therefore, they would remind the rules once again every time they entered the next round.

The people on the training field suddenly became excited after the announcement.

Lin Qi, who was sitting at the audience seat, was naturally not interested in this round of the competition.

He did not have a competition today because there would be advance notice if there were any competition arrangements, as a top ten disciple.

As the bell rang, the battle began once again, according to the latest list of names.

Lin Qi did not want to continue watching after watching only two matches. The main reason was that it was almost time to eat.

Although after cultivating to this extent, it would not be a big deal even if he starved for a few days. But as a person who had transmigrated, three meals a day was the basic guarantee.

Just as Lin Qi was thinking about what to eat for lunch today.

Hua Tianci, who was sitting next to him, stood up and said to Lin Qi, “Brother Lin, it’s my turn. You’ve learned a new technique and developed a new ability. I, Hua Tianci, will not fall behind. Arena No.3, please wait and see!”

“What shall I eat?” Lin Qi ignored Hua Tianci and whispered to himself.

“What is it? It seems that Brother Lin is also curious about my new move!” Hua Tianci laughed.

He thought that Lin Qi was asking him, but he didn’t expect that he heard wrong. Lin Qi was thinking about what to eat later.

Hua Tianci couldn’t help but show a hint of self-satisfaction upon seeing that Lin Qi was deep in thought. It seemed that Brother Lin was also curious sometimes.

Hua Tianci strode out of the spectator stand as he spoke, his eyes full of fighting spirit. It seemed that he was confident in his new move.

Soon, the challenger in ring number three was already in position.

He looked forward to Lin Qi’s surprised expression when Lin Qi saw the new move he learned.

He subconsciously looked at where Lin Qi was just as he was about to release the movie.

In the end, what he saw was an empty seat.

Hua Tianci was burning with anger in an instant.

Damn it!

One had to know that he would carefully observe and study every single battle of Lin Qi.

Lin Qi used the wind and displayed it in different forms regardless of the first few battles.

Or the battle with Wang Long, in which he used the mysterious and unpredictable power of control.

But he had never seen this guy appear in every battle of his.

He dared to look down on me!

Lin Qi, I will beat you to the ground during our match!

Hua Tianci roared in his heart.

And the arena had indirectly led to a tragedy because of Lin Qi’s departure.

A man wearing gray clothes in the arena had an arrogant look on his face. Initially, he wanted to take this opportunity to make a name for himself when he saw that his opponent was Hua Tianci.

Although he knew that he could not beat Hua Tianci, he was still in the top ten. He would not be able to pass that round if he lost badly.

He had to show what he had!

How could a cultivator not be arrogant?

Unfortunately, his luck was not good. It just so happened that he met Hua Tianci, who was in an awful mood.

The battle ended quickly. The man in grey was sent flying into the air in a breath’s time. His face was bruised, especially his eyes, which were puffy and black. He could barely open them.