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The gray figure flew down the stage like a kite with a broken string. The few experts standing below the arena were shocked. They subconsciously circulated their energy and reached out to catch the gray figure, but they were still too late.

The gray figure made a muffled sound when it hit the ground. Then, he rolled more than ten times until he stopped in front of the obstacles under inertia.

Many figures came to the side of the gray figure. An elder bent down to touch the gray figure. A cold feeling spread from the elder’s fingertips into the gray figure’s body, murmuring and flowing through every inch of his body.

The elder’s eyes became more and more shocked during this process. Then, he raised his head and said, “His five internal organs have shifted, and his meridians are broken.”

The few experts beside him also revealed shocked expressions.

“But he only took one palm strike!” An expert cried out.

The elder could not help but shake his head.

“We still underestimated Lin Qi…”

And the shock of the spectators at this moment was not lesser than the elder and the others.

They did not see the match that they had imagined being an even match. Instead, a loser had been born from just one palm strike. The audience instantly became silent. Everyone seemed to have been frozen, maintaining movements from before the palm strike. Some of them had their jaws dropped, some rubbed their eyes, some ate, but none of them moved.

It was not until the gray figure landed on the ground and rolled, making a dull sound, that the people in the audience reacted as if someone had turned on the switch again. An uproar swept across the scene.

The shocked voices in the scene broke out when the elder announced the gray figure’s five internal organs shifted, and his meridians were severely injured.

“Hua Tianci won’t die, will he?”

“He will not die with so many seniors helping him here. Moreover, Lin Qi only used one palm strike. He should be… alright, I guess?” He suddenly felt guilty at the end of his sentence.

It was hard to say whether Lin Qi’s palm strike would directly kill Hua Tianci.

The way people looked at Lin Qi changed from the admiration they had for an expert to the fear of monsters. It was hard to imagine that such a handsome and harmless young man contained the terrifying explosive power of a fierce beast.

Even those who were familiar with Lin Qi revealed an expression of disbelief at this moment. They thought that Lin Qi might win and did not expect him to defeat Hua Tianci in one move and violently.

They knew Lin Qi, but it was as though they were looking at a stranger at that moment.

Those who knew Lin Qi wanted to greet him when he passed by. However, they suddenly withdrew after saying just one word. They instinctively stopped their greeting moves when they thought of Lin Qi’s terrifying strength and that strange feeling.

“Hello,” Lin Qi revealed a smile as he greeted them.

Many people were in a daze after seeing this scene. Lin Qi, who was as terrifying as a ferocious beast a moment ago, was friendly now. He had returned to his original harmless appearance.

Such contrast caused many people to feel extremely curious.

“Pass down my instructions… focus on nurturing Lin Qi from today onwards!” The seniors from the sect who were watching the battle recovered their senses gradually at this moment. They instructed excitedly after that.

As the entire area was in a state of shock…

There was a blurry airflow that gradually took on the shape of a human in the clouds. It transformed into an old man dressed in a long yellow robe at the end. There was an eight trigrams pattern embroidered on his robe. A white horsetail whisk appeared out of thin air with a wave of his slightly aged hand. The old man held the horsetail whisk in his right hand and placed it on his left arm. He had a long white beard and looked like an immortal.

“Not bad. Not bad.” The old man said ‘not bad’ twice. His eyes filled with appreciation as he looked down at Lin Qi.

He waved the horsetail whisk in front of him and spoke ‘come’. A crane’s cry came from the clouds immediately. The white crane flew through the clouds and mist. It looked as if it was passing through the barrier between the immortal world and the mortal world. It broke through the space-time restriction and slowly landed on the clouds in front of the old man.

“Bring that young man to my Mount Qianyuan,” the old man ordered.

The white crane let out a cry and answered the old man’s order.

The old man’s figure gradually disappeared.

The white crane also landed on the cloud and arrived at the place where Lin Qi was.

A white crane suddenly appeared and immediately attracted the attention of countless people present.

Legend had it that the white crane was a celestial mount. However, that white crane had special-looking feathers with immortal Qi surrounding it. It looked somewhat like a legendary Immortal Bird. Everyone’s gaze fixed on it.

Lin Qi raised his head and looked at the white crane in surprise. It looked like it came from an immortal. It was different from an ordinary white crane.

Everyone followed the white crane to see what it wanted to do. The white crane landed on the top of the tallest building and fixed its gaze on Lin Qi.

People soon noticed that the white crane was staring at Lin Qi.

Lin Qi attracted the attention of the White Crane! How astonishing was he?

The people around that area looked back and forth between the white crane and Lin Qi. They were sure that they were looking at each other and that the white crane was not coincidentally looking at Lin Qi.

“Friend, I am from Mount Qianyuan. I am here to bring you to Qianyuan Mountain under the Daoist Spiritual Master Taiyi’s order of the Golden Light Cave of Mount Qianyuan. Are you willing to follow me?” The white crane said in human language.

Although it looked like an Immortal Bird, no one at the scene thought it was an Immortal Bird. After all, immortals were legends, and no one had ever seen one before.

It exploded a discussion now that the Immortal Bird spoke in human language.

It was an Immortal Bird from an immortal!

It was from Mount Qianyuan.

Lin Qi was surprised. He quickly calmed himself down and said, “Why would Mount Qianyuan notice me?”

“The Daoist spiritual Master Taiyi has 108,000 clones, and each clone can cover three thousand miles with a thought. It’s not difficult for him to find someone with immortal destiny,” The White Crane replied.

Lin Qi was shocked deep in his heart. He could not imagine what kind of great power that was.

“Alright, I… will go with you,” Lin Qi agreed.

There was no future in such a small place. Lin Qi would have to go and take a look, whether it was a good or a bad ending since the immortal destiny had appeared.

The white crane spread its wings and slowly landed beside Lin Qi. A breeze appeared under Lin Qi’s feet, and he was blown onto the back of the white crane and sat down steadily.

Many people who knew Lin Qi, as well as people from Lin Qi’s sect, stepped forward at this moment and said worriedly, “The trip has far exceeded our understanding… are you sure you want to go rashly?”

“Don’t worry. It will be fine,” Lin Qi comforted him.

Lin Qi should be able to protect himself with his various trump cards.

“I will,” Lin Qi said with a smile.

The white crane gently spread its wings and flew up to nearly ten meters in the air. “Is there anything else you want to tell them?”

“No. Let’s go,” Lin Qi said and waved goodbye to the others.

The white crane spread its wings and flew at full speed. The surrounding environment became blurry, and the sky quickly darkened in just a few seconds.

The white crane’s figure was blurry from the ground and then disappeared without a trace.

“It looks exactly like how an immortal does things…” the ones, who were watching were shocked and sighed.