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The white crane formed a barrier around its body to resist the airflow at high speed. Lin Qi gradually adapted to the surrounding environment at this speed.

Lin Qi was shocked to find that the white crane seemed to be flying in the universe when he looked closely. The light that formed long streams seemed to be stars that elongated at high speed.

Could it be that the white crane had left the planet and come to outer space?

Layers of ripples appeared in the void suddenly in front of them like water ripples after traveling in the darkness for a while. The white crane’s body disappeared after passing through the ripples. These ripples should be a mysterious barrier.

A burst of dazzling light shone in Lin Qi’s eyes when he passed through the ripples. His surroundings were no longer the endless darkness dotted with stars but the azure blue sky. The clouds fluttered, the air was fresh, there were faintly discernible immortal cranes, and even phoenixes within the clouds!

In front of him was a towering mountain after he passed through the cloud. The clouds floated on the mountainside. Immortal cranes and phoenixes flew on the mountainside, dashing into the sky.

The white crane spread its wings and gradually approached the mountain. The words “Mount Qianyuan” could be seen on the mountain gate when they approached it.

It stood in the universe.

It opened a peaceful space in the universe.

“I’ve brought immortal destiny to Mount Qianyuan and enter the Golden Light Cave under your order, Daoist Spiritual Master,” said the white crane.

A light appeared on the huge mountain gate of Mount Quanyuan. The white crane was qualified to pass through the gate. The white crane’s snow-white figure instantly flew to the top of Mount Qianyuan from the mountainside after carrying Lin Qi through the mountain gate.

The ‘Golden Light Cave’ was at the peak of the mountain and could be seen at a glance.

The white crane instantly flew into the Golden Light Cave.

Lin Qi was shocked by the scene there as soon as they entered. Heaven and a small world were inside the Golden Light Cave!

The white crane was high in the sky. Below it was mountains, rivers, and the Earth. There was a vibrant green scene. There was a desert behind it after passing through this area. An endless snowy mountain was ahead of them when they flew for some time. Finally, a huge palace appeared after passing through the barrier.

There was where the Daoist Spiritual Master Taiyi was!

Lin Qi felt a gust of wind under his feet when they landed on the square in front of the palace. He hopped off the white crane and stood on the ground of the palace. Two young followers dressed in Daoist robes greeted him.

“We are here to attend the immortal destiny under Daoist Spiritual Master Taiyi. Please come with us,” the follower looked at Lin Qi and invited him.

“Go,” said the white crane. “You will have to walk the rest of the path.”

“Thank you for giving me a ride,” Lin Qi said.

“Don’t mention it,” the white crane said.

The follower led the way. They looked at the palace and then at Lin Qi. “Please follow us.”

“Okay, thank you,” Lin Qi said.

Lin Qi walked toward the palace, taking one step at a time.

Lin Qi stood where he was, not moving at all, from the perspective of the White Crane and the two followers.

“Next is the temperament test. We’ll have to trouble you to bring him back to where he came from if he cannot pass the test,” said one of the followers.

“I’m used to it.” the white crane nodded. He had sent more than one person back.

“Only one out of a hundred people with immortal destiny can pass the test. The temperament test is more important than anything else.” Said a follower.

“Most people with immortal destiny are trapped in the temperament test and can’t get rid of it. They still need our help to get out of it. Those who pass it often need three to five years. I don’t know how long this person needs.”

“His three to five years is only a cup of tea for us. Let’s wait and see,” another follower said.

“He will be trapped to death if he did not manage to walk out after two hours. We have to take action then,” said the follower.

They observed Lin Qi’s condition. They could also judge Lin Qi’s condition from his emotions, movements, and other aspects.

The white crane spread its wings slightly, and fierce winds gathered between its wings. The white crane lowered its head to absorb them. The fierce wind gathered the spiritual energy of Heaven and Earth in this place, which was a great tonic. The white crane used it to recover its strength, just like mortal drinking water and eating food.

The two Daoist followers, one holding a white fan and the other holding a ruler, could free people from the test.

They stood still and looked at Lin Qi quietly.

Lin Qi moved forward suddenly.

The two Daoist followers looked surprised. They quickly looked at each other and lowered their heads to count the time. Then, the surprise in their eyes became even more intense.

One Daoist follower quickly calculated the time and was surprised. He said, “He only used three days of his time flow to pass the temperament test!”

“I’ve never seen anyone pass the temperament test so quickly,” another Daoist follower said in surprise.

“Daoist Spiritual Master, you’ve found a treasure this time.”

The white crane’s eyes also revealed a human-like surprise. It had brought too many people to the Golden Light Cave. Lin Qi was the undisputed number one among all its experiences.

It was not just an ordinary number one.

Lin Qi had only used three days in his understanding, while the fastest person that the white crane had met before had used two years to pass the test of their temperament.

That was between the first and the second. Wasn’t their gap too big?

“It seems that I don’t have to go back,” the white crane said with a smile.

“Thank you, Immortal Crane. I have prepared everything to welcome you,” the Daoist follower turned around and bowed.

The white crane knew where to go and spread its wings, and left.

The two Daoist followers took small steps. They were clearly behind Lin Qi, but they arrived in front of Lin Qi in a flash. They stretched out their hands toward the immortal hall and said, “Please go in, Immortal. Daoist Spiritual Master has been waiting for a long time.”

“What happened just now?” Lin Qi asked with confusion.

Lin Qi saw fog and walked for a long time before walking out. In the end, Lin Qi found that they were all illusions, and the time had not passed that long in a daze.

“It was Daoist Spiritual Master’s test. You passed it perfectly,” said the Daoist follower.

Lin Qi had guessed it was a test and nodded slightly.

Lin Qi walked on the ground in front of the Immortal Palace, following the lead of the two Daoist followers. The ground under his feet was smooth, containing all kinds of wonderful scenes as if each step was a world.

The two Daoist followers stopped and said in front of the immortal palace, “Daoist Spiritual Master is waiting for you. We can’t follow you in.”

“Thank you for leading the way.” Lin Qi climbed up the stairs and walked toward the immortal palace.

There was no more test this time. He had undergone the test of temperament when he arrived. The immortal palace was not a palace, but a world when Lin Qi went into it and saw it. Then, Lin Qi saw a huge figure sitting cross-legged here, which was dozens of meters tall. Lin Qi was not even one-third of the height of the cushion he sat on. He had to look up to see him.

He should be the Daoist Spiritual Master Taiyi.

“Lin Qi, this is Golden Light Cave of Mount Qianyuan. I am Daoist Spiritual Master Taiyi. You are a person with immortal destiny. Are you willing to take me as your master and join Mount Qianyuan?” Daoist Spiritual Master Taiyi asked.

“I’ll be delighted to,” Lin Qi said.

Countless information poured into Lin Qi’s mind in an instant.

Lin Qi’s knowledge and wisdom had grown tremendously.

A set of realms appeared in his mind.

Qi-Refinement, Foundation Establishment, Golden Core, Nascent Soul, Soul Formation, Avatar, Dao Fusing, Mahayana, Ascension, Heaven Immortal, True Immortal, Mystic Immortal, Golden Immortal, Taiyi Immortal, Quasi-Saint, and Saint.

Divine techniques and spells swirled in his mind.