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“These divine techniques are of the same level. You can choose the divine technique that suits you. You will reach the level of Heaven Immortal when you master it. I will arrange for your subsequent level based on your performance.”

The voice of the Daoist Spiritual Master Taiyi rang in Lin Qi’s mind.

“The performance of the successful technique is reflected in many aspects. The speed of time is one aspect, but it is not the only aspect.”

“These divine techniques are all of a high level…”Lin Qi looked at them one by one, and his expression gradually turned into one of shock and awe.

These were all things that Lin Qi had never heard of before could turn the world upside down if they were placed in the outside world.

“The spells inside are all the outer spells of Mount Qianyuan. You can pick a few of them and learn. The inner spells will be given to you according to your aptitude after you have mastered the cultivation method,” Daoist Spiritual Master Taiyi said.

“Can’t I learn all the inner spells?” asked Lin Qi.

“You can learn all of them after becoming a Gold Immortal,” replied Daoist Spiritual Master Taiyi.

Heaven Immortal, True Immortal, Mystic Immortal, Gold Immortal, and Taiyi Immortal.

Although Daoist Daoist Spiritual Master Taiyi was called Daoist Spiritual Master, he was a Taiyi Immortal.

In addition, Daoist Spiritual Master Taiyi was the earliest Taiyi Immortal to reach that level, and he was the strongest among the current Taiyi Immortals.

Those who reached the Taiyi Immortal Realm earlier than the Daoist Spiritual Master Taiyi were either dead or at least at the Quasi-Saint level.

All this information was given to Lin Qi just now.

Taking the Daoist Spiritual Master Taiyi as a master was like taking the top immortal under the Quasi-Saint, as master.

“Master, do you have any recommendations for the divine technique I can choose to learn?” asked Lin Qi.

“Others will get my recommendations, but you are different. I only have a vague view of your situation. I hope that you will follow your heart and choose to avoid being misled by me. I still need to observe for a while,” said the Daoist Spiritual Master Taiyi.

Lin Qi was stunned, but he immediately understood.

He was not from this world, and he had a system to cheat. It was normal for the Daoist Spiritual Master to feel vague information about him.

Lin Qi read through all the divine techniques one by one.

The Daoist Spiritual Master Taiyi wanted Lin Qi to follow his heart and choose whatever he felt was best and most suitable, so Lin Qi followed his instincts.

Lin Qi instinctively did not like many divine techniques, so he did not understand them deeply and just gave up.

Lin Qi would not do that if it were not for the Daoist Spiritual Master Taiyi’s instructions to follow his heart. Since the master had guided him, it did not matter. He could choose generously.

Soon, many divine techniques were eliminated by him.

Only three divine techniques which gave Lin Qi a good impression were left.

Cultivating this divine technique would be like six hours in the Sun during the day. There were six different states, and each state had different effects. It included the aspects of starting, attacking, defending, moving, cultivating, and thinking. It could be understood as a kind of divine technique that could make one omnipotent.

The divine technique would be like a blazing sun, with earth-shaking power when it was cultivated to the great completion.

It was a basic divine technique, but it could allow one to cultivate it to the level of a Heaven Immortal. One could imagine what level it would raise the foundation of a person. It was not as earth-shaking as the Six Yang Time Law, but its combat strength was not weak, and it was a low-profile technique.

‘Sun-Moon Qi-Taking Technique’.

That cultivation art was close to the ‘Taiji Yin-Yang’. One could form two types of Yin-Yang energy in one’s body when cultivating this divine technique. The Yin-Yang energy was a type of energy that focused on nourishing one’s health. The Yin-Yang energy contained in one’s body could prolong one’s life.

However, the Yin-Yang Energy that could allow one to cultivate to the level of a Heaven Immortal was not as simple as prolonging one’s life. The Yin-Yang energy could fuse to form a tremendous battle prowess under the guidance of the Sun-Moon Qi-Taking Technique.

Lin Qi had a rather favorable impression of the Sun-Moon Qi-Taking Technique.

Unlike the Six Yang Time Law, which contained the power of the Sun in one’s body.

The Microcosmic Orbit contained spiritual energy in one’s body.

The Sun-Moon Qi-Taking Technique contained two types of energy in one’s body: Yang Energy and Yin Energy.

One extra energy felt pretty awesome.

Although these types of energy were collectively known as ‘Dharmic Powers’ and would eventually upgrade to ‘Immortal Energy’. Two energy meant that it had one extra than the others. It felt pretty awesome.

“I’ll choose the Sun-Moon Qi-Taking Technique,” Lin Qi decided.

He chose the divine technique.

The Daoist Spiritual Master Taiyi immediately knew Lin Qi’s choice. He said, “The Sun-Moon Qi-Taking Technique cultivates the energy of Yin and Yang. The two energy are innately incompatible. You need to put more effort to reconcile them. First, you need to balance them, then fuse them. It takes more energy than the divine technique with only one energy, but you may not gain more from it. Are you sure this is your best choice?”

Lin Qi was stunned. One extra energy meant there was extra trouble?

Lin Qi finally felt that the Sun-Moon Qi-Taking Technique was still better after scanning through all the divine techniques. He nodded and said, “I have a good impression of this divine technique.”

The Daoist Spiritual Master Taiyi only reminded Lin Qi, and he would not help him choose. All the divine power that Lin Qi saw were good choices to choose.

“Sun-Moon Qi-Taking Technique. The 107 people practiced it, and 96 of them mastered it in the past.”

Daoist Spiritual Master Taiyi said and waved his hand, causing the world around him to change.

Lin Qi came to a purple space in the changing world.

There were 96 phantoms in front of him.

These phantoms were male and female, some were human, and some were demons. They were either silent or smiling, and their expressions were all different.

“These are the phantoms they left behind when they mastered the Sun-Moon Qi-Taking Technique. They record the whole process of their cultivation of the Sun-Moon Qi-Taking Technique. You can refer to them at will,” the Daoist Spiritual Master Taiyi introduced.

Lin Qi walked to the phantoms of the female cultivator closest to him and injected a stream of energy into her body. It was as if Lin Qi had become her, and he could feel the whole process of her cultivating the Sun-Moon Qi-Taking Technique.

She had cultivated in the purple space for 172 years and had successfully mastered the Sun-Moon Qi-Taking Technique, immediately ascending to the level of a Heaven Immortal.

“I can sense that this senior has extraordinary talent…”

Lin Qi exited the perceptive state and looked at the Daoist Spiritual Master Taiyi. “Master, this senior has excellent talent. When did she start cultivating? What realm is she in now?”

“She started cultivating before the third tribulation and went through the third tribulation. She is already in the middle stage of the Mystic Immortal Realm. Now, she is cultivating in her Daoist sect in seclusion. She will come to Mount Qianyuan to ask about the Dao every 13,000 years.”

Daoist Spiritual Master Taiyi said, “She reached the level of a True Immortal and switched to cultivating the True Immortal Divine Technique after she mastered the Sun-Moon Qi-Taking Technique 52,000 years ago.”

A realm, and one True Immortal Divine Technique.

Heaven Immortal Technique, True Immortal Technique, Mystic Immortal Technique…

The Sun-Moon Qi-Taking Technique was only a Heaven Immortal Technique. It would no longer be of use once she reached the early stage of the True Immortal Realm.

“Her talent is indeed top-notch,” Lin Qi sighed.

The first tribulation took 120,000 years.

She had cultivated to the True Immortal Realm in only 50,000 years.

She had cultivated to the Mystic Immortal Realm in less than three tribulations.

Her talent was top-notch.

Ordinary Heaven Immortals might not necessarily reach the True Immortal Realm after cultivating ten or even a hundred tribulations.

But they could afford to waste time.

They would live the same life as Heaven and Earth after reaching the Heaven Immortal Realm.

“When you comprehend the Sun-Moon Qi-Taking Technique in this space, you will leave behind a phantom during the process. It is like a blessing for future generations,” said Daoist Spiritual Master Taiyi.

“You can also refuse to cultivate here or choose not to leave behind an illusion, of course.”

“I will leave behind a phantom,” said Lin Qi.

The Daoist Spiritual Master looked at the many phantoms and said, “You can open your dharma eyes to look at these illusions. The more intense the light emitted by the phantoms, the deeper your comprehension of the Sun-Moon Qi-Taking Technique will be, and the better your performance will be, which is worthy of reference.”

“Thank you for your reminder, master,” said Lin Qi.

Opening the dharma eyes was a kind of spell, which was not difficult to learn. It was easy to find the method to open the dharma eyes among the many memories that Daoist Spiritual Master Taiyi had instilled in him.

Sure enough, each phantom had different levels of light.

The senior who was the first phantom he referred had the most brilliant light among others.

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