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Raymond’s words were like a resounding slap on Rhode’s face!

At this moment, Rhode’s face turned from green to white!

His mind went blank!

This kind of video of him insulting the host in front of everyone was no different from a public execution, directly slapping his face!

Rhode’s lips trembled. He wanted to say something, but he realized that he couldn’t!

The feeling of receiving billions of orders but suddenly disappearing!

It made Rhode feel like vomiting blood!


Rhode looked at Raymond sulkily. Raymond looked at him indifferently and said, “What is it? Mr. Rhode, do you have anything to say?”

Rhode held it in for a long time. His mind was dizzy, and in the end, he could only walk off the stage with a red face!

Below the stage, there was already a burst of laughter!

This time, the Roosevelt family had lost all face!

Rhode would definitely be severely punished by the family!

A discerning person would naturally be able to tell that this was Raymond’s revenge.

After all, at the party, he said bad things about others in public, so there was no way for him to be avenged.

The most dramatic thing was that Raymond pulled Rhode’s emotions up and then threw him to the ground!

“This Rhode is really miserable. He must have bad breath. Now he’s screwed!”

“That’s right. Can’t he find a place where there’s no one to speak ill of him? With so many people watching, no wonder Raymond targeted him!”

“The main point is what Rhode said just now. I’m dying of laughter!”

“He even thanked Raymond! It’s so funny!”

The people below the stage were extremely happy. After all, it was human nature to watch a show.

Rhode left the party dejectedly. Some people who were thoughtful also saw a certain signal!

This was Raymond taking the initiative to send out a message that he shouldn’t be provoked!

Just because of a small taunt, Raymond actually directly played Rhode like a monkey in public!

Many people were secretly muttering in their hearts.

It was great to have a backing from the military!

But at this moment, they began to redefine Raymond’s identity.

This person wasn’t a good person!

Not to mention other things, just the identity of the National Medal of Honor winner was extraordinary!

Were there not many people who made great contributions to the country every year?

However, there had never been anyone who directly received the National Medal of Honor when they made contributions!

The energy behind receiving the National Medal of Honor was the question that these people should be thinking about!

For example, how much effort did the military put in?

For example, were there people from other families and forces who joined the alliance on Raymond’s side?

Raymond looked at the reactions of the people below the stage and smiled faintly.

Rhode was just a clown, and he was only slightly punished.

He believed that after he went back, Rhode would at least suffer for a while, and perhaps he would be severely punished by the family!

After all, from the surface, that order was indeed ruined because of Rhode’s foul mouth!

The Roosevelt family was indeed one of the best in the steel business.

If it wasn’t for Rhode, Raymond might really have chosen the Roosevelt family as his partner!

Of course, the Roosevelt family had already been eliminated!

Raymond didn’t care about the current messy rankings!

After all, he wanted to build an interstellar spaceship. The materials needed to build such a spaceship weren’t something any family or company could produce!

This was one of the technologies that Raymond needed to break through!

In other words, what Raymond needed was only a foundry. Their current technology was trash!

It was simply unqualified!

After everyone quieted down, Raymond directly opened his mouth and laughed.

“I’m sorry, I was just joking with everyone. Who asked Mr. Rhode to speak ill of me behind my back!”

A wave of friendly laughter came from below the stage.

Raymond’s frank attitude actually made some people feel relieved.

In business, it was normal for people to play tricks on each other.

What a despicable person. On the contrary, it was more reassuring than a hypocrite!

After all, under the drive of profit, anything could happen.

If Raymond was the kind of person who looked calm on the surface but was an old silver fox behind his back, the people present would probably hesitate even if they wanted to get involved in Raymond’s research institute.

“Alright, let’s get back to business.”

“Raymond Research Institute has officially started its operations. The research institute is not a charity organization. I believe everyone has heard of our background.”

“The amount of research funds we receive every year is beyond everyone’s imagination!”

“Therefore, I would like to talk to everyone here about business and investment.”

Raymond paused and continued.

“I don’t really know much about business, but the Raymond Research Institute is a gold swallowing beast! Any industry has the possibility of doing business with the Raymond Research Institute. As long as the quality of your goods is good, we will not reject it. To put it bluntly, on that future spaceship, even plastic bags might be a very attractive business.”

“However, business is business. I don’t want to get involved in other things! I’m just a pure researcher, and the Raymond Research Institute is also a pure research institute, I don’t want everyone’s hands to reach into the research institute. I swear to everyone, if what you reached out is a hand, what I cut off must be your upper body!”

When Raymond said this, his face had always been smiling.

But when the audience heard this, they suddenly remembered Raymond’s background!

The military!

Who dared to reach into the military’s research institute?

Seeing Raymond’s domineering speech, General Eric, who was in the middle of the crowd, also nodded in satisfaction.

This iron-blooded style was his favorite style!

Raymond was right. If you dare to stretch out a hand, I will chop off your upper body!

No one in the audience opened their mouths and quietly listened to Raymond’s words.

Raymond continued.

“The second point is investment.”

“I believe that all of you are people with insight and knowledge. You may not have seen the future of Raymond Research Institute clearly enough, but you still feel that it is profitable!”

“Indeed, it is profitable. You can rest assured about this!”

“Furthermore, I can tell you that this benefit is definitely the kind that you can not refuse!”

He paused and said seriously, “Outer space!”

When everyone below the stage heard this term, their expressions changed slightly!

That’s right, this is indeed a benefit that they can not refuse!

Just how many unknown things were there on the outer planets? Just how big was the benefit of these things?

Putting everything else aside, just taking some of the rare minerals on Earth as an example, these minerals were extremely expensive. However, on some planets, it was very likely that they could easily dig up countless of them!

This kind of benefit was something that no one could refuse!

Everyone looked at Raymond with a fiery expression. He had hit the nail on the head.