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Cole’s face instantly turned pale!

When Harris said these words, it almost meant that he had decided to give up on Dorothy and the others, and there was a high chance that he would be implicated!

Cole shook his head bitterly, his voice hoarse.

“Director, Officer Dorothy will not betray…”

He was just repeating this sentence.

However, Cole also knew that this sentence was not convincing at all!

If the spy did not die before he was captured, then if he really fell into the hands of the enemy, not many people would be able to withstand it!

Even if the United States was a country that respected human rights, so what?

Some soft knives could wear down one’s willpower even more!

Cole understood that the situation was over. He helplessly lowered his head and chose to accept his fate.

This was the fate of being a spy!

In one scenario, he would retire peacefully and live comfortably for the rest of his life. However, he would not have any achievements left behind.

Otherwise, he would die in a foreign land…

There was almost no third choice!

This was something that Cole clearly knew before he became a spy!

But for the country and for the things that he insisted on, Cole still chose to become a covert spy without hesitation!

“Cole, get ready. From now on, you don’t have to work as a spy anymore.”

Harris’ tired voice came from the front.

Cole nodded and turned to leave.

Looking at Cole’s lonely back, Harris sighed in his heart.

How could he not know that Dorothy and the others were loyal.

But they had already fallen into the hands of the United States. Was loyalty still so important?

The fact that the United States chose to send this official notice to them instead of directly initiating revenge had already explained a lot of problems!

Even Harris had to take responsibility for this matter!

Not long after, a call came to Harris’ office.

After receiving the call, Harris had a calm expression. He took off his hat with both hands, stood up, and walked out of the office.

This was a private condition for the U.S. side. As the KGB director, he had to resign.

Of course, if it was a country that wasn’t strong enough, the people in his position would have already died!

Russia was strong enough, so even if there was any evidence, the United States could not bring up the punishment for the people!

Russia must also bear the other compensation. This was the consequence of exposing its actions and being caught by others!

Countries were not child’s play. In this kind of open confrontation, if you lost, you had to admit it. If you were beaten, you had to stand up straight!

Just as Harris was dismissed from his position and Cole was stripped of his spy status, the fighter plane carrying Raymond was whistling through the sky from over 10,000 meters high!

Raymond looked at the numbers on the fighter plane’s instrument, and his face was solemn.

The speed displayed on it was one item.

It was 7,600!

What kind of concept was that?

Currently, the world’s most powerful and fastest fighter plane was the XU-45. Its highest speed was 5,700!

And this unknown fighter jet, which Raymond did not even see any signs of, actually reached an astonishing speed of 7600!

This level of improvement was not something that any technology could explain!

This was a situation where every component had a difference of at least two or three generations. Only then could it happen!

In other words, the force that Mavis was in actually controlled technology that was at least two or three generations higher than the world’s most technologically advanced country, the United States!

Even though Raymond had long expected it, he was also shocked by the strength displayed by this fighter jet.

When Mavis was piloting the fighter jet, she was even in the mood to turn her head around and look at Raymond’s expression. She smiled sweetly and said, “How is it, Raymond? Is our fighter jet fast enough?”

Raymond pursed his lips and sighed.

“It really gave me a big surprise!”


A silver-bell-like smile came from the earpiece.

Raymond smiled slightly. Although this result surprised him a little, it also made him even more excited!

If he said that the person he had used such a radical method to attract had not even mastered the world’s top technology, then he would be too disappointed!

“How much longer?” Raymond said.

“Raymond, 10 minutes!”

Mavis’ excited voice came from the earpiece.

Raymond could not help but be a little speechless!

The distance between the United States and France was about 7,000 kilometers!

At this time, he had been on this fighter plane for less than an hour!

Under the enhancement of speed, it was as if the distance had become something that could be easily kneaded!

7,600 kilometers per hour was really quite terrifying!

This was almost six times the speed of sound!

Looking at the graceful figure in front of him, Raymond suddenly opened his mouth and asked, “Mavis, what is the name of your organization?”

Mavis smiled and blinked his big eyes. She did not hide anything and directly said, “Dawn!”


“That’s right! The dawn before the dawn! The dawn that the darkness will pass!”

“How long has your organization been passed down?” Raymond could not help but ask curiously.

“Probably thousands of years!” Mavis said playfully. After replying, she immediately said again, “Alright, you can’t ask me anymore! I can’t tell you anything else. When we arrive, someone will naturally tell you!”


Raymond shrugged. Since he was already here, no matter what he had to face, he would accept it!

At Raymond’s house.

Sherry and Raymond’s parents woke up one after another.

Sherry immediately realized that something was wrong!

Firstly, she had been sleeping for too long. Secondly, through her keen observation, she realized that someone who should not have appeared in this room had appeared!

But the next second, a note caught Sherry’s attention.

It was a message from Raymond.

“Sherry, I have something to do outside. Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon!”

The handwriting was Raymond’s, Sherry did not doubt it.

However, she was thinking about whether to report this matter to the country!

In a sense, her current employer was Raymond, but in reality, Sherry was still an employee of the US Department of Defense!

With such a relatively complicated relationship, Sherry didn’t know whether she should report the news of Raymond’s whereabouts!

If she did, Raymond might change her if he felt uncomfortable…

To be honest, Sherry quite liked this job.

At least, Raymond was handsome and didn’t have any perverted requirements.

And she knew very well that as long as she stayed close to Raymond, even if she was a secretary in the future, her position would be very high!

This could be seen from the cocktail party last night!

Almost everyone would subconsciously greet her when they saw her.

Of course, this was all for Raymond’s sake.

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