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Mavis chuckled at this question.

“If walking underwater is considered a superpower, we still have the ability to temporarily advance into the future. However, this has long disappeared in our generation. In other words, we are also constantly evolving. No, perhaps it’s called degeneration…”

She was not wrong.

Originally, the Morsians had a lot of lifespan and could develop all kinds of abilities in their brains.

High thinking, photographic memory, prophecy, great strength, and so on.

To put it bluntly, it was the embodiment of the limits of human beings.

However, there were very few people who still had such abilities.

Raymond understood Mavis’ gaze and did not continue asking.

Because this might have something to do with saving their Morsians race.

They moved from the nutrition cabin to the place where their roots were deep.

Ten minutes later.

Atlantis’ central and western location. This was the home of the wise men.

“Our people are still using the oldest method of governing the country, that is, the wise men and the village chief are managing it together.”

“If it is divided by you humans, it should be the same as the president and the general. In fact, there is not much difference. This is the home of the wise men, I will send you here. I just went to the mainland, I need to restore myself in the nutrition cabin.”

After saying that, Raymond nodded.

Since it was the other party’s invitation, he must have known that he was invited. No one would stop him.

After Mavis left, Raymond sat in a small oxygen cabin and entered the home of the knowers.

During this process, Raymond had already roughly understood their culture.

To put it bluntly, the technological capabilities of both sides were actually similar.

However, the Morsians race focused on biotechnology, while humans focused on electronics.

Their technology seemed to be a little more powerful, but with Raymond’s current speed of leading human research, electronics could achieve the same result in less than three years.

Therefore, it didn’t surprise Raymond much.

On the contrary, it gave him more inspiration. Electronic biotechnology might really be a good choice.

The combination of the two would definitely result in a stronger power.

After a simple thought, Raymond had already passed through the hall and reached the deepest part.

The lights here were a little dimmer, and the sound of breathing could be heard from inside.

“Hu… Hu…”

“Huff… You must be Raymond. Huff… I am the Sage of the Morsians race. Welcome… Huff!”

As soon as the small oxygen chamber came to a stop, a heavy sound came from the place where there was no light.

At this moment, all the lights were turned on.

Raymond saw that this was a special large room. There were no decorations, only a big bed, and the old man sitting on the bed should be the sage of the Morsians race.

The man’s face was dry as if he had received some kind of mass injury. His whole body was filled with tubes, and it was obvious that he was suffering.

“Don’t panic… phew.” The sage looked at Raymond’s shocked eyes and said, “I am Moka, which means wise man in our tribe’s language. I am old, so I have to do this to maintain my life.”

“So you called me here to chat with me, right?” Raymond nodded. He still needed to understand the situation as soon as possible.

The wise man laughed and said happily, “I haven’t talked to humans for a long time, and I’m still a little happy. Hahahaha. Chat? Of course not, I’m going to sponsor you. We want to return to our home…”

“We’ve been wandering outside for too long. Now, we only want to return to our own planet. You don’t know yet. Nearly 100 children have already started to lose their lives. This is a fatal blow to us.”

“But as long as you can build an interstellar spaceship, we can return to our own planet, maybe there’s still a chance…”

The wise man paused, waiting for Raymond’s answer.

Because he knew that the only one who could break through these technologies was Raymond.

Their technological development route was no longer enough for interstellar travel.

“You can, but in order to ensure safety, and to entrust your people, I promise you three years. This is something I can do. One year is indeed risky.”

Raymond was not without confidence. The blueprint of the interstellar spaceship was in his head.

However, creation and use were two different concepts.

He did not want the Morsians to disappear into the universe after leaving the universe.

“Yes, we can wait for five or ten years. As long as our people can return to their homes, we are willing to wait no matter how long it takes. I have more than ten years of life to reach the end. At this time, it is great to meet you. At least our people can be saved. In the future, if you need any funding, just contact Mavis. She can give you everything you want.”

“Today is the happiest day I’ve had in the last hundred years. Thank you, Raymond…” As he spoke, the wise man fell asleep again, and the lights in the room dimmed.

After coming out of the room, Mavis was already waiting for him.

“From now on, your words will be the words of the wise man. As long as it’s your call, I’ll be the first to reach it.” Mavis made a gesture that only her clansmen would make.

This meant that she had already acknowledged and respected the other party’s intentions.

An hour later, Raymond returned home.

Mavis did not follow him this time. Instead, Raymond returned on his own, using Mavis’ fighter jet.

When he returned home, Sherry was pacing back and forth in the living room, her gaze solemn.

“What are you doing?” Raymond asked casually.

Sydney was stunned and immediately went forward. “General, you’re finally back. I was worried about you. I didn’t know if I should report this to the country. I was hesitating… And you came back…”

“Well, it’s good that you didn’t report it.”

Raymond didn’t care about this matter at all. If the other party really did report it, it meant that she was completely a member of the country. She was hesitating now and even told him the truth, showing that she still had trust.

There were some things that Raymond could not say, but Sherry could not do it.

When Sherry heard Raymond’s words, her eyes lit up. She was grateful for her wit and honesty. Otherwise, the person who would leave would definitely be herself.

At this time, Raymond turned on the television, and Sherry brought a glass of milk.

This was something that he did every day. He looked at the national news and paid attention to what was happening around the world.

Although he could not get complete information from the news, he could deduce a lot of things.

[Yesterday, Russia’s nuclear submarine had a new breakthrough again. Before that, they…]


Raymond looked at the news and fell into deep thought…