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[It’s reported that the Russian nuclear submarine’s technological breakthrough this time is a brand new way of operating. This way, the nuclear submarine can enter deeper waters…]

[And they have the hope of producing the latest nuclear submarine within five years. This incident has caused a global shock…]

This was the morning news, and the number of people watching it could be said to be quite large.

Especially after the people saw this news, they all started discussing it online.

“Oh my god, the latest technology of the nuclear submarine can actually be put into use in just five years. The world isn’t going to change owners again, right?!”

“Our country’s nuclear submarine technology, to be honest, is really not good. I still remember reading enough magazines before. It said that we still need at least 50 years to catch up to the Russian nuclear submarine.”

“I wonder if our country has made any breakthroughs in the past few years. Otherwise, it would be very troublesome.”

“Russia is indeed worthy of being a famous warrior. Just based on this point alone, it has a very strong hegemonic position. At the very least, we are still very weak at the bottom of the sea. Does the country have any tricks up their sleeves?”

At the moment, if one were to say that the most advanced nuclear submarine technology in the world was Russia.

They had been developing nuclear submarines since World War II.

At that time, Russia had not disintegrated, so the speed of development was beyond imagination.

But as time went on, the technology of nuclear submarines was gradually mastered by all countries.

Especially the United States, where Raymond was located.

The technology of its nuclear submarines was no less advanced than that of Russia.

And after this news report, Russia’s technology was once again ahead.

In itself, this was not a very new thing.

They had studied nuclear submarines for so long. It was normal for them to make a breakthrough again.

But was is not appropriate to tell the world this news.

You know.

Now, who had the most advanced weapons, who would stand up and speak? Russia’s news was telling everyone that they were ready. Who could stop their progress?

Even the United States with Raymond could not stop them.

This was a method of violence, and even in the eyes of the public, it was very normal news.

However, in Raymond’s eyes, this was a confrontation between scientists and countries, as well as research on weapons and nuclear power.

Once the sea was no longer in a dominant position, then there would be even more problems to face.

Before he could think about it, Sherry suddenly stood up.

“General, the Secretary of Defense called. Do you have time?”

However, the phone was a little slow, finally, he said, “General Raymond, hello. If, I mean if it were you, do you have any means to let us develop a new nuclear submarine? Russia used five years. If we can develop it in ten, no, fifteen years, that would be very good.”

When the Secretary of Defense said this, he did not have much confidence.

After all, things like nuclear submarines needed to be innovated, modified, or a new model.

They were all facing a huge obstacle to overcome.

In the view of the Secretary of the Department of Defense, even Raymond would need a lot of time to achieve it.

Fifteen years was already giving Raymond very little time. Their nuclear submarine technology was fifty years less than the other party’s. Now, they needed fifteen years to shorten the gap.

He did not dare to think that other than Raymond, who else could do it.

When the other party spoke, he was terrified. He was afraid that he would not agree if he gave Raymond too little time.

After listening to him, Raymond understood the other party’s intention. He said without hesitation, “Hmm? Fifteen years?”

“No need. One week is enough. I have already studied it before. I will start manufacturing it next week.”

The Secretary of Defense was stunned when he heard this.

One week?

Only one week?

Not to mention researching a nuclear submarine, he couldn’t even come up with a blueprint for a tank.

The Secretary of Defense hung up in shock.

The Secretary of Defense was in shock for a long time. A few minutes later, he called the President’s office.

An hour later.

Raymond arrived at his research institute.

It was the first time that he had held a meeting.

Raymond had considered this kind of meeting before. He would only hold a meeting when he really needed to study it. The rest of the time, they would do their own research.

After all, the development of technology was too weak to rely on him alone. He knew this better than anyone else.

Ten minutes later.

Raymond sat in his private office and had a video call with all the researchers.

This was what he had already mentioned before. There was no need to meet.

He only needed to hold a video conference in every research institute.

This could save a lot of time. The time of scientists was dozens of times more precious than that of others.

“Today should be the first official meeting of our research institute. I won’t talk too much. I need fifteen people to research the latest nuclear submarine with me. If anyone has the time, you don’t have to participate if you already have a project on hand.”

After briefly stating his purpose, Raymond waited for their answer.

“The latest nuclear submarine technology?! I really want to participate, but I’m still working on the project of the mechanical arm…”

“Professor Raymond, I want to participate in this project. I’m Berson from the Third Science and Technology Group. Previously, my main project was related to nuclear submarines.”

“And I, Professor Raymond, am researching new energy technology. Although I have a project now, please let me participate. I can take care of both. My name is Saab. Please let me research together.”

“In that case, the project I’m currently researching doesn’t conflict with Professor Raymond’s project. Instead, I can check the data of my current project from Professor Raymond’s data. With the parameters, I can definitely research faster!”


Seven hundred scientists and professors recommended themselves one after another.

The scientists who had their own projects almost cried when they heard that Raymond wanted to research a new project.

After all, the most fundamental reason they came here was to do research with Raymond.

Now that they finally had the chance to do research together, it was unacceptable for them.

Raymond found more than a dozen scientists.

The relevant subjects they chose were also related to submarines.

It had to be said that at their level of scientists, their research projects were very simple. Math, physics, and chemistry were just standard.

And they were the pure things. To the nuclear submarine research, it was a little help.

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