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“There’s no need to be so polite. Let’s cut the small talk. Let’s see the results of the experiment as soon as possible.”

After Raymond finished speaking to the other party, he didn’t want to waste any time.

After all, time was money. This matter had already been going on for a week. If there was still no success, it would be too much of a failure.

The scientist hurriedly nodded.

Then, all the personnel returned to these two places and continued with their work.

Meanwhile, Raymond followed the scientist around the acting institute.

It seemed that the country really took this matter seriously.

This research institute that was temporarily built in his own research institute actually used the most advanced equipment that other research institutes in the United States didn’t have.

Looking at these advanced equipment, Raymond nodded.

This was his attitude towards scientific research.

He had only learned the knowledge of the nuclear field from the materials purchased from the system and had not really practiced it.

Some of the equipment was indeed something that even Raymond had not seen before.

“If all the preparations are complete, let’s begin the experiment.”

The previous nuclear power experiment had already been completed.

However, to be on the safe side, the scientist did not immediately report it to Raymond and directly started the application test.

This time, Raymond’s arrival was to carry out a few experiments.

After confirming the stability of the experiment, they also wanted to see if Raymond could find a better matching method in the experiment to improve the nuclear power system, even if it was just a little improvement.

When the scientist heard this, he nodded heavily and said, “Then let’s start preparing for the experiment, Professor Raymond.”

“Okay, let’s get ready to start.”

Raymond nodded.

As soon as he said this, the scientists in the laboratory quickly got busy, but everyone had excited expressions on their faces.

To be able to carry out the experiment with the famous Professor Raymond, their mood could not be more excited!

This was a good opportunity to learn. No one wanted to miss this opportunity.

Following that, the scientists turned around and threw themselves into the experiment.

In the blink of an eye, the afternoon passed and the sun gradually set.

“There shouldn’t be any problems now.”

The scientist heaved a long sigh and spoke in a relaxed manner.

In the morning, the scientists and Raymond carried out no less than five experiments.

During the process of the experiment, Raymond controlled all the processes and all the data of the instruments.

The scientists watched in surprise.

It could be seen that Raymond had never used this kind of instrument before, but after a few simple operations, Raymond became proficient, as if he had been in this research institute all the time.

As expected, a genius was a genius. Raymond even pointed out a few small problems in the experiment.

In the end, after five experiments, there was no problem with the stability. The entire experiment was a perfect success.

“Yes, there are no more problems.” Raymond said faintly, “You can begin the test.”

The nuclear power system experiment had no more problems. The next step was to directly apply it to the latest generation of nuclear submarines.

The scientists in the research institute were also looking at Raymond excitedly.

At this time, a few tower crane machines pulled out the huge nuclear submarines that had been built previously.

The scientist stood in the command room and said, “This is the latest generation of the Q-Series first-generation attack nuclear submarines that Professor Raymond designed.”

All the workers below were sitting and evacuating, placing their positions, and other work.

“High-strength single and double-hybrid shell structure, AC/DC power generation and high-efficiency rapid energy storage technology, 3-D 3-D synthetic aperture sonar system, displacement of up to 950.”

The scientist looked at Raymond with admiration. “On board the newly developed third-generation miniaturized power reaction pusher, this nuclear submarine is definitely the crystallization of technology. Only a genius like you can design it!”

“I really have to thank you, Professor Raymond, for being able to design such a powerful thing!”

Just as the scientist finished speaking, the dozen or so scientists beside him also said, “Genius! Professor Raymond, I have questioned you countless times during this process, but in the end, it was your data that convinced me. I really admire you!”

“I also want to thank you, Professor Raymond. Thank you for opening the door to a new world. I thank you!”

One voice after another appeared. Their voices were so excited that they were trembling.

“This is the result of everyone’s hard work. Let’s continue the experiment.”

At this moment, everyone was deeply attracted by this nuclear submarine.

This was already the most advanced generation of nuclear submarines in the world. There were also self-developed propulsion systems, anti-missiles, fish, and so on.

This showed that the United States’ nuclear submarine technology, just with this one submarine, had already surpassed the world’s most advanced level, even surpassing that of Russia.

With the passage of time, the assembly was completed.

“Begin testing,” Raymond said on the walkie-talkie.

Everything was ready, and after some necessary testing…

This latest generation Q-Series first-generation offensive nuclear submarine could be tested.

Two days later.

10 am.

The whole preparation work was successfully completed.

The first generation of the latest Q-Series attack nuclear submarine was officially assembled.

At this time.

On the shore.

Raymond, the scientists, the Secretary of Defense, as well as hundreds of staff and researchers…

Were watching and testing the water.

The 190-meter long and 20-meter wide nuclear submarine was docked on the shore. Under the nuclear submarine, there was a 200-meter long slide.

They were ready to test the water at any time.

The command center was silent. Everyone was focused on the big screen.

Raymond stared at the screen and asked, “Is the data normal?”

“The power reaction is normal.”

“The propulsion system is normal.”

“The sonar system is normal.”


“Everything is normal!”

When Raymond heard that the data was normal, he immediately said, “Test the submarine!”

With an order, the chute began to operate.

This time, the first generation of the latest generation of the Q-Series, the first-generation of the attack nuclear submarine, used the gravity-type longitudinal oil-coated chute sewer method.


A huge splash sounded, and the first generation of the latest generation of the Q-Series, the first-generation of the attack nuclear submarine, officially fell into the water!

“Successfully fell into the water. All the data is normal. Begin the shallow water testing.”

The voice of the nuclear submarine commander rang out again.

He heard the response.

Everyone in the command center still had a huge rock hanging in their hearts.

Falling into the water was only the first step. The next step was the main event!

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