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After Raymond said this, everyone couldn’t help but tremble with excitement.

It was a success!

The diving depth reached 450 meters!

The displacement had already reached about 1100 decibels, completely surpassing the record set by the old model.

It was a very significant breakthrough for the United States.

Although there was a gap of 50 years before, and this gap left scientists completely helpless, Raymond’s appearance had allowed them to completely overcome this hurdle.

Next was the long-distance water test, which was also the last test.

“Depth 200 meters, water pressure 20 bar, water temperature 19.”

“Speed 28 knots.”

The commander’s voice was heard again.

The images on the big screen changed one after another, and the data on the screen kept changing.

The experiment was still going on, and it was not over yet.

Five minutes later.

The data was transmitted back to the hall again.

Everyone’s expression had become very excited. From the data on the screen, it seemed that everything was going smoothly, and there was no abnormal situation.

Other than Raymond, the other scientists and researchers could not hide the excitement in their hearts.

At this moment, a scientist shouted loudly, “The diving depth has reached 200 meters. The underwater displacement is 1,092 decibels.”

“We’ve succeeded!”

His voice was even a little shaky.

After he said that, the entire command center erupted in cheers.

“We did it! We did it!”

“We tested the water successfully!”

“That’s great!”

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

At this moment, an urgent alarm suddenly sounded, breaking the celebratory atmosphere.

“What’s going on?!”

“What happened?!”

The Vice-President looked at the video and asked.

The President looked at the screen with a serious expression.

“Reporting to the command center, reporting to the command center, an unidentified nuclear submarine has been discovered 100 meters in front of us, conducting a survey in our sea area! An unidentified nuclear submarine has been discovered conducting a survey in our sea area!”

The commander’s voice came from the big screen, and his voice was very urgent.

All the scientists and the defense minister were shocked, and their faces immediately changed. They looked at the big screen in disbelief!

With a whoosh, the group of military leaders also stood up. The joy on their faces instantly disappeared and was replaced by a serious expression.

“What’s going on? Why would an unknown nuclear submarine appear in our waters?”

The Secretary of Defense did not dare to think about it and asked first.

What was going on? Before testing the waters, this area of the sea had already been cleared, but there was no blockade.

Even so, the testing place was in the waters of the United States. If nothing went wrong, it was impossible for other countries’ nuclear submarines to come here.

Moreover, the Secretary of Defense was the Minister of National Security. His position once again, and now the President and Vice-President were still watching. There was actually someone lurking in their own country’s waters. This was simply his dereliction of duty.

However, nuclear submarine technology was considered one of the more advanced technologies in the world. There were only a handful of countries that had the ability to develop nuclear submarines.

Recently, only Russia had appeared on the news regarding nuclear submarines.

And now, a nuclear submarine of unknown origin had appeared in the waters of the United States. What could they say?

Someone wanted to make a move against the United States!

“Find out which side’s nuclear submarine is!” the Defense Minister ordered.

“Call the command center. The location cannot be detected. The enemy’s tracks have disappeared.”

The nuclear submarine commander’s voice sounded.

The defense minister was stunned. “The sonar system cannot detect it?!”

“Yes,” the commander replied.

At this time, the Defense Command Center came to Raymond’s side and asked, “Professor Raymond, what’s going on?”

“It’s very simple. The enemy’s nuclear submarine is a little more advanced than ours,” Raymond replied directly.

He already had the answer in his heart.

“It can be even more advanced than the first generation of the Q-Series of attack nuclear submarines!”

“Then doesn’t that mean…”

The eyes of the Defense Minister turned solemn.

“Yes, you don’t have to doubt yourself. It should be the latest generation of Russian nuclear submarines.”

Raymond said, “The most advanced nuclear submarines can make underwater noise up to 95 decibels, and the Q-Series designed by me can make underwater noise as low as 102. In other words, we can’t detect the enemy, but the place can easily detect our position.”

“It seems that the news said that it would take five years to cover their tracks. In other words, they started developing this latest nuclear submarine five years ago.”

The President, Vice-President, Secretary of Defense, scientists, researchers, and workers’ faces instantly darkened.

The entire command center was silent, and the atmosphere was very gloomy.

“Calling command center, calling command center, detecting the position of the enemy nuclear submarine, 500 meters away from our side! Take the form of an attack!”

The commander’s voice sounded again, and it was very urgent.

Everyone’s expression was shocked again.

500 meters, this was already a very close distance!

One had to know that the nuclear submarine carried torpedoes, anti-navigation missiles, and other military-style weapons, with a maximum range of 2,000 meters. Even the range of torpedoes could reach 1,000 meters.

500 meters, it was completely a direct confrontation. But from this point, it could be seen that this was probably the Russian nuclear submarine that had no intention of attacking.

And this time, it was able to detect the location of the unknown nuclear submarine. This nuclear submarine must have deliberately revealed its whereabouts. It could be seen that this nuclear submarine was here to cause trouble.

They were deliberately provoking the United States!

“Professor Raymond, if our Q-Series first-generation offensive nuclear submarine encounters a place, how much chance is there of winning?” the Minister of Defense asked with a gloomy face.

“The nuclear submarine is not equipped with ammunition…”

Before Raymond could say anything, the scientist beside him explained with a cold face.

“We can only retreat.”

The Minister of Defense was unwilling to give up, and his teeth were clenched so hard that they creaked.

In fact, they were all clear that even if they had ammunition, it was impossible to defeat the other party. Even if they detected the other party, it was the other party who had gone easy on them. If they really went to war, what chance did they have of winning?!

The President and Vice-President’s faces darkened as they clenched their fists.

Without ammo, they could only passively take a beating. It was impossible to win.

“Prepare to retreat.”

The Secretary of Defense gritted his teeth and gave the order.

At this moment, the faces of everyone in the command center changed.

Anger rose in everyone’s hearts, but there was nothing they could do.

There was nothing they could do. If they fought, it would only increase the casualties. Moreover, this newly developed Q-Series first-generation offensive nuclear submarine would also fall, and everyone on the nuclear submarine would also die.

This was something that no one wanted to see.

Now, for the sake of the big picture, they could only retreat. There was no other way.

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