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At this moment.

“Calling the command center, calling the command center.”

The commander’s voice sounded again.

The Secretary of Defense was stunned. “What’s wrong?”

“We received a message from the other party. They said…”

The commander stammered.

The Secretary of Defense panicked and shouted, “What did they say?!”

“Wait a moment, Minister,” the commander replied.

Then, an audio message appeared on the big screen.

The audio message was turned on.

A deep voice, which could not be identified, said in English, “Such a nuclear submarine dares to come out to test the water? Aren’t you afraid of being stranded?”

As soon as these words were said, the expressions of everyone in the command center instantly sank.

At this moment, at the Q-Series first-generation offensive nuclear submarine.

Around 500 meters away, Russia’s newest nuclear submarine was speeding through the sea.

This nuclear submarine was the latest type of nuclear submarine that Russia claimed to need five years to build.

In reality, it was a nuclear submarine that had been built long ago.

Here, this Russian nuclear submarine relied on its own advantages and was like a fish in water, not being stopped at all.

Previously, it had been detected by the first generation of the Q-Series attack nuclear submarine. It was indeed them who had deliberately exposed their whereabouts.

Otherwise, unless they were directly attacked in the face, the first generation of the Q-Series attack nuclear submarine would not be able to discover the existence of this new nuclear submarine.

At this moment, in the cabin of the Russian nuclear submarine.

A well-trained man, wearing a navy uniform, looked at the screen with a sneer on the corner of his mouth.

“Reporting, Lieutenant General Bart. The American nuclear submarines have retreated.”

The radar detector looked at the blinking dot on the radar dashboard spoke happily.

Lieutenant General Bart was the muscular man. He was the Lieutenant General of the Navy and the commander of this operation.

“The Americans are really scared. We only showed our attack form, but they actually retreated just like that. They are really brave, hahahaha!”

Lieutenant General Bart let out a burst of laughter. The sarcasm in his tone was very obvious.

Although they did not gain any benefits from their previous conflicts, they had finally regained face with the submarine this time. This Bart was very happy.

The workers in the shipyard also smiled. The pride in their hearts was greatly satisfied.

“The latest nuclear submarine of our Russia is really strong. The other side can not detect it at all, which is why they are so timid. This means that our Russian nuclear submarine technology is the best in the world!”

At this time, another officer echoed with a flattering look on his face. He was just one tail away.

“General Bart, now is a good time to seize the victory and pursue the attack!” the South Korean officer urged. His expression very excited.

When Lieutenant General Bart heard this, he was also somewhat moved, but he quickly suppressed the thoughts in his heart.

“Officer Han, there is an old saying in the world. Don’t pursue the enemy when they are at their wits’ end. Let them go this time.”

General Bart’s smile was somewhat cold.

“General Bart is wise. Next time, let the United States know the power of the Russian nuclear submarine!”

The South Korean officer said in the manner of a lackey.

“We’ve achieved our goal. Prepare to retreat!” Lieutenant General Bart ordered.

“Yes! General Bart!”

The adjutant immediately began to pass down the order.

The South Korean officer was stunned and quickly asked, “Lieutenant General Bart, are we just going to leave like this?”

“Or what?” The corners of Lieutenant General Bart’s mouth curled up.

Immediately after, he changed the topic. “However, before you leave, leave a message for the United States.”

Very quickly, the new Russian nuclear submarine sent a message and slowly left the United States’ waters, heading in an unknown direction.

The first thing that Russia received was the entire process of the battle. Immediately after, Russia held an emergency press conference regarding this matter.

The Russian president personally appeared in front of the media to tell the story.

“This time, the new generation of nuclear submarines developed by our country have entered the stage of being put into use. During the experiment, because the commander did not have a good understanding of the new nuclear submarines, and the operation was somewhat lacking, they deliberately went into the water for the experiment and accidentally entered the American waters.”

“Because our new nuclear submarines were too advanced, our operators mistakenly touched the attack button and assumed an attack posture, causing the United States to mistakenly think that our country was going to attack. Seeing this, the United States immediately retreated and forcefully interrupted the American nuclear submarines’ acting or testing process.”

“For this, our Russia apologizes.”

In front of the media, the Russian president did not have any apology on his face, and his words were filled with pride.

It was as if he was saying that the United States was afraid of the new generation of Russian nuclear submarines, so they forcefully interrupted the testing of the new nuclear submarines.

Moreover, they could not be blamed for Russia’s nuclear submarines being too advanced!

Russia’s submarine was also a new generation. They would also make mistakes in their operations, causing misunderstandings when they sailed into U.S. waters. Taking an offensive stance was also a misunderstanding. All of this was a misunderstanding!

Once these words were said, it immediately caused a huge uproar in the international community.

Immediately after, South Korea also held a press conference. Almost immediately after Russia had just finished, the United States continued to hold the same press conference.

“We condemn Russia’s action of piloting a new type of nuclear submarine into the United States’ waters.”

“But at the same time, we also sent out a request for help because we had already signed a purchase agreement with Russia. If they don’t send relevant operators now or help our country better understand the new type of nuclear submarine, they have the obligation to terminate the contract.”

“However, in view of the issue of establishing friendly relations between the two countries, and in order to prevent the recurrence of this action, as well as not to add other unnecessary troubles to the United States, we have also decided to continue to carry out joint operations with the relevant Russian scientific research experts and carry out launching experiments.”

“The scope of the experiment may involve the United States’ waters. Please forgive us, and please don’t worry, the United States will definitely wear a large-scale order and will not attack any American units. We will only test the new Russian nuclear submarine.”

Then, these two pieces of news were quickly transmitted to all parts of the world through the media.

For a moment, the entire world could smell the smell of gunpowder!

South Korea was obviously provoking them, and they definitely only dared to say this with the support of Russia. Their statement had already made their position clear.

Moreover, many people could also see that when South Korea said this, it meant that they would also drive the nuclear submarine around the U.S. waters next time.

Then, they would use the excuse of not knowing how to operate it to let them escape the next condemnation.

To put it bluntly, it was because they knew that the United States did not have the strength to resolve this matter that they dared to be so arrogant!

At the same time, everyone’s eyes were also focused on the United States.

They wanted to see what the United States side would say about this matter.