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The so-called quadrangle sonar positioning method was the first method that the United States created to prevent foreign nuclear submarines from invading.

It was a method that used anti-submarine aircraft and anti-submarine destroyers to drop sonar equipment in the sea area to form a quadrangle square sonar.

The range was huge and could reach up to 300 nautical miles.

As long as a foreign submarine entered the square-shaped range, it could be detected. Even the most advanced submarine stealth technology would lose its effectiveness in the square-shaped range.

Moreover, because of the huge size of the nuclear submarine, its speed would be relatively slow. Even if the United States went to have afternoon tea first, the foreign nuclear submarine would not be able to leave the square-shaped range of 300 nautical miles.

However, this sonar positioning method also had its drawbacks.

It needed to be arranged in advance, which was very inconvenient. Moreover, the sonar equipment was too worn out, and its endurance was seriously insufficient.

It was impossible to arrange for a long time, so it was usually used only for acting or when the captain was the real captain.

Then, the scientist changed the topic and said, “But now we have no shot to confirm when the nuclear submarines will arrive.”

Almost everyone present had a rough understanding of this drawback.

Therefore, after the senior officer proposed this method, everyone fell silent.

“Now that we are thinking of a way to equalize the nuclear submarine technology, is there no better way?!” the President said in a deep voice.

The scientist was silent for a moment and nodded heavily.

There was no other way. They could only buy investment research and strive to catch up to the world’s top level of nuclear submarine technology one day earlier.

Now, the 50-year technological gap had been filled by Raymond. What they needed to do was to research on their own.

However, it was easier said than done to catch up to the world’s top level.

The nuclear submarine technology that the United States had developed for more than 20 years had no effect at all. If it were not for Raymond’s appearance, it might have been eliminated by the times.

Even though the nuclear submarine blueprints based on Raymond’s Q-Series were developing rapidly, none of them dared to stop. Countless scientists and researchers worked day and night to develop it. It would take at least more than a decade to reach it.

At that time, the top foreign nuclear submarine technology would be upgraded once again, and the United States would never be able to catch up.

Now, just because they were a generation behind the international nuclear submarine level, they were restricted by Russia and completely suppressed. No one would feel good about this feeling.

However, there was no other way. After all, the United States’ nuclear submarine technology itself had a gap of nearly 50 years.

At the thought of this, the entire meeting fell into an extremely depressing situation.

At this moment.

In Raymond’s private office at the Raymond Research Institute.

He was looking at the blueprints in front of him with a serious expression, thinking about how to solve the problem.

Raymond’s previous design for the Q-Series had already been successful at the moment of testing the waters.

The 50-year gap had been compressed back by him.

But he realized that 50 years was completely not enough. He still needed to increase the gap by at least 30 years before he could do it.

Although he did not know the content of the meeting… he knew how important this matter was to the country.

Especially after witnessing the shortcomings of the United States with his own eyes.

Moreover, this shortcoming was now being used by the enemy, tightly strangling your neck and making you unable to move.

This feeling was really unpleasant.

With the current blueprint of the old American nuclear submarine, the method to improve it was already the limit. It should be said that the only thing that this submarine could continue to strengthen was its weapons.

However, there was no way to improve the performance of the nuclear submarine itself.

Therefore, he was thinking whether there was such technology in the system store!

The current gap between the United States was still quite big. Although it was only a generation difference, it was still a gap of several years or even more than a decade.

One of the top nuclear submarines in the world could face three old models of nuclear submarines. Under favorable conditions, it was possible to annihilate more.

It could be said that to face today’s Russian nuclear submarine, the United States would need to deploy no more than five Q-Series nuclear submarines. They would also need to deploy warships on the surface of the sea to deal with the fighter jets dedicated to nuclear submarines and so on.

This was the serious consequence brought about by the difference of only one generation.

Raymond, who understood all of this, could not sit still anymore.

They had to do it as soon as possible.

As soon as possible, they had to perfect the shortcomings of the United States in this aspect and pull back the gap of this generation!

The system interface in front of him was invisible to the others.

There were many different types of goods on it, and everything was available.

“Isn’t this already available?”

At this moment, Raymond looked at the interface calmly. The interface of the system store stopped at the ‘Information on new titanium alloy composite materials for nuclear submarines’.

Then, Raymond looked at the price at the bottom of the information.

He bought it without hesitation.

For a long period of time, Raymond had been studying by himself. Whenever he had the time, he would use it to study.

He knew that only more course points could make him stronger. No matter where he was, as long as he had the time, he would study.

In just a few months, he had accumulated tens of thousands of course points. Now, he could definitely afford to buy a new composite material.

As soon as he clicked buy, Raymond felt a huge amount of knowledge rush into his mind.

All the information related to the new composite material was stored in his mind.

Then, Raymond continued to search.

“Supersonic gravity anti-navigation missile.”

“Anti-submarine torpedo.”

“Nuclear submarine’s seven-blade propeller propulsion system.”

In the following period of time, Raymond found no less than five percent of the information.

This information was the current weakness of the United States’ nuclear submarine technology, and it was also the relevant technology that urgently needed to be solved.

With these materials, as long as they could be developed, Raymond was confident that the U.S. nuclear submarine technology could catch up to the world’s top level, or even surpass it!

Raymond looked at his course points and felt a little helpless.

After buying all these materials, he had less than a few thousand course points left.

Just these materials alone cost Raymond nearly 30,000 course points. These achievement points were obtained after much effort by Raymond. Now, the cost was also easily paid out.

These were not even considered as high-end shops.

Previously, he had seen the high-end system shop. The items in the shop could easily be started with 100,000 course points. For advanced technology like nuclear submarines, there were hundreds of thousands of course points. Needless to say, skill points… Basically, it was started with hundreds of thousands of course points.

Raymond could wait, but the United States could not wait now.

Others were driving their nuclear submarines in front of the door. The United States could not tolerate this!

Thinking of this, Raymond directly entered into their conference room.

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