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At this moment.

Even on the way, Raymond was studying the ‘New titanium alloy composite materials for nuclear submarines’ that he had just bought at the system mall.

[Course Points+1]

[Course Points+1]


A notification sounded in Raymond’s mind every two minutes.

Because he used to do the same thing for a long time, Raymond only gained a little course points every two minutes as long as he was studying.

During this period of time, he realized how important course points were.

One random technology required tens of thousands of course points, which made it too late for him to slowly study. Moreover, he couldn’t study every moment.

Therefore, Raymond didn’t want to waste time when he was preparing the equipment.

Even if he had to go back to school to study for a while, it was very important for him to come here!

Now, he had to have a little more time, so he would devote himself to study.

He couldn’t let go of the time he had to hurry.

Soon, three hours passed.

Raymond opened his eyes and rubbed his slightly tired head.

Thirteen consecutive hours of study and research had made him a little tired.

After all, a minute of study in the institute was equivalent to an hour of study in the outside world. This learning efficiency was simply unparalleled.

But at the same time, it also consumed a lot of spiritual power.

Without hesitation, Raymond returned to the school.

He could be said to be familiar with this place. Without thinking, he ran straight to the classroom.

During the time he was in school, Raymond had experimented. Only by studying in a place like the classroom would he be able to obtain the most course points.

Even if Raymond didn’t study, he would still gain 1 course point per minute. In addition to studying, he would gain 2 course points per minute.

If he added in the brain research institute’s study, he could gain 3 course points per minute. This was the result of Raymond’s experiments.

Moreover, this was the most ideal method. The research institute in the brain couldn’t be opened 24 hours a day.

But even so, Raymond studied 24 hours a day, so he had 144 course points a day.

So now, no matter how much time Raymond studied, it wasn’t enough.

He had to seize all the time to study.

As soon as he walked into the classroom, the teachers and students were all shocked.

Raymond had actually come to the school for class?!

He was now a professor-level figure. He could be said to be a super scholar.

It was already good enough for such a student not to be captured and sent to the fifth military region to do research. How could he come back to class now?!

When the teacher saw Raymond coming to class, he was afraid that he would be pointed out by Raymond when he was teaching.

“Raymond, are you here?” the teacher asked in confusion.

“I’m here for class.”

Hearing this, the teacher and students were shocked. He was really here for class?

“Is this the thinking of a top student?! I’ll never be able to catch up with his thinking and realm!”

“That’s Raymond. I didn’t expect him to come to class. He’s really my role model!”

“I worship the Big Boss. If I were as hardworking as Raymond, perhaps I could also start a scientific research project!”

When the teacher heard this, he smiled and said, “You can even give me a lesson. Hahahahaha, come in.”

All the students burst into laughter.

Indeed, with Raymond’s current knowledge, he could be a teacher.

But he naturally wouldn’t say that.

“A teacher’s learning is endless. Even I have some things I don’t understand. What the teacher is talking about now, I can learn well,” he said humbly.

The teacher nodded and smiled with satisfaction. “Alright, then it’s my honor today.”

Soon, the class ended and the teacher left the classroom.

After a while, another teacher arrived.

“Class is starting now. All the students have returned to their seats.”

“Students, class is starting. This class is electronic information science.”

The teacher raised his head and scanned all the students. His gaze stopped at Raymond’s seat and he was stunned.

The teacher pointed at Raymond and asked in puzzlement, “This student seems a little unfamiliar. What’s your name? Are you from the physics class?!”

Raymond was stunned. He looked left and right, and finally pointed at himself with his finger. He asked faintly, “Teacher, are you talking about me?”

“It’s you. Are you from the physics class? How come I’ve never seen you in class before?” the teacher asked suspiciously.

It was true that he had never seen Raymond in class before because Raymond had never attended his class before.

This class was about electronic and information science, and there weren’t many classes to begin with. When he was in class, Raymond was either doing scientific research or studying something that was covered, so he just happened to miss this class.

At this moment, Raymond slowly stood up. “Teacher, I am a student of the physics class. My classmates can prove it to me.”

As he finished speaking.

The students spoke one after another.

“Teacher, he is Raymond, our classmate!”

“That’s right, Teacher. He is our classmate, the famous Raymond.”

“Teacher, we can prove that he is Raymond.”

The students all proved that Raymond was himself.

The teacher was stunned. He quickly asked, “You are Raymond?”

He had heard of Raymond, but Raymond had never been in class with him before. It was normal for him not to know him.

“I am.” Raymond was slightly surprised.

He emphasized it once.

Then, the teacher directly walked down from the podium.

Then, he came to Raymond’s side and said with a smile, “As expected, heroes come from the youth. Raymond, hello, I am the physics class’s electronic information science teacher, Williams. It is a pleasure to meet you, Raymond.”

As he spoke, Williams stretched out his hand.

Raymond held his hand back and said, “Hello, Teacher Williams.”

“Don’t, don’t. Don’t call me teacher. With your standards, I’ll call you teacher.”

Williams was a practical person. He would say whatever he thought in his heart.

“Don’t say that. I’m just here for class.”

When he said this, Raymond felt a little uncomfortable.

Williams laughed out loud. “Alright, Professor Raymond. After class, I’ll look for you to have a good chat. Let’s discuss some academic knowledge together. Maybe I still have some questions I need to ask you.”

“Teacher, academic discussion. There’s nothing to ask,” Raymond said hurriedly.

Williams looked at Raymond happily and said, “Then let’s go to class first.”

As he said that, he returned to the podium.

This wave of actions by Williams and Raymond had truly shocked the entire physics class.

They were shocked that they were going to befriend Raymond so quickly. It looked like if they weren’t in class, the two of them might have continued chatting like this.

There was really no one else who could be a straight a student to such an extent!

For a moment, everyone once again felt the blow that came from the depths of their hearts.

These top students were nothing in front of Raymond. They were not even bad students.

The happy class time quickly ended.

Raymond saw that his course points were increasing and smiled with satisfaction.