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At this moment, Raymond closed a book and handed two USB drives to Sherry.

“Send it back. These are the blueprints and formulas for the supersonic gravity anti-navigation missile. Two days should be enough for so many people.”

At this moment, Sherry took the USB drive.

She was dumbfounded.

When had Raymond calculated and completed the drawing?

He had indeed drawn something in front of the school’s computer, but wasn’t this speed a little too fast?

One hour or two hours?

This wasn’t even the time needed to calculate the formula for the anti-navigation missile.

Just now, Raymond seemed to be writing down some things as if he was writing on a draft paper. He was still on the phone and reading a book.

He was doing three things at once, and then the calculation was over. Finally, after the calculation was over, he gave the two USB drives to her.

In other words, these were all drawn and calculated at the last minute.

It only took half a day.

Although she didn’t really understand these things, with her understanding of anti-aircraft missiles, a simple formula would take at least three to five days to calculate, and it was under extreme circumstances.

When Raymond was done, he immediately wrote it down with a pen and paper.

Very soon, Sherry recovered from her daze and quickly left the place.

Every step and every plan had been calculated so accurately. In Sherry’s opinion, only Raymond could do it.

At the same time, the Secretary of Defense hung up the phone.

He told the researchers about this.

“What?! He’s not coming back for three days? What the hell is going on?!”

“So many of us need to calculate the formula for three days?! What the hell is going on? Isn’t he underestimating us a little too much?!”

“Such a huge project gathered so many people just to save time. Now, they’re all here and they want us to start studying the parameters. I don’t even think we can finish it in two months.”

“In that case, I want to see how big of a problem General Raymond has given us. It will take three days!?”

The scientists there were all emotional. To them, this matter seemed to be an insult.

Not only did he not see anyone, he even said that it would take three days to complete it.

One had to know that two months was sixty days. A calculation would take three days. Wasn’t this a waste of time?!

Although the Secretary of Defense wanted to say something, it was useless to say anything until he saw the USB drive.

Soon, Sherry sent the USB drive back.

At this time, all the researchers returned to the temporary research institute’s conference room.

There was a hint of disdain in their eyes. They wanted to see what kind of design drawing and calculation formula Raymond could come up with.

“The General said that this is only the data of the anti-navigation missile. If you can’t calculate it in three days, it will affect the progress. He is doing the calculation and design of the anti-submarine torpedo at the school. When the time comes, he will directly bring the finished product back and then we will study the other parts together.”

At this time, Sherry had indeed conveyed this news.

She clearly told them not to affect the progress.

This had instead stimulated the tempers of these researchers. Some of them had spent most of their lives doing research, and had even reached the age of sixty.

Wasn’t it very easy for them to do the calculations?

Moreover, with such a large number of people and extremely helpful assistance, they actually calculated for three days for an anti-navigation missile?

“Hmph, I even feel that Professor Raymond did it on purpose. Everyone knows the design of an anti-submarine torpedo. It’s much more difficult than an anti-navigation missile. He actually didn’t give us the calculations and drawings to measure, but instead gave us an anti-navigation missile? Is he looking down on us?”

At this moment, a 90-year-old man stood up.

He was a researcher in the field of weapons, especially weapons in the sea.

Naturally, he wasn’t satisfied with this distribution method.

“Even Professor Hoppes said so. I also feel a little strange.”

“Sigh, I keep feeling that Professor Raymond is a little too boastful this time.”

Dissatisfied voices appeared one after another. They were no longer as enthusiastic as before.

At this moment, the lights in the conference room were all extinguished.

On the big screen, the supersonic gravity anti-navigation missile blueprints and the calculation formula stood on each side.

The scientists who had been complaining earlier turned their gazes over.

They didn’t think much of it.

They looked over with disapproval at the start of the meeting.

They even thought that the scientists on the scene would directly calculate this formula.

There were three formulas, which were the most important operations, execution, and anti-control calculations.

But after they looked at it…

There was silence.

Ten minutes.

Twenty minutes.

They just stood there in a daze. A huge computational war broke out in their heads, but no one could calculate it. They didn’t even have any clues.

“Well, Professor Raymond has already guessed this result, so he asked me to say it while you were in a daze for twenty minutes.”

Sherry looked at her watch and confirmed the time, then said, “The next three days will be your work. If you have the time to be in a daze, quickly go and calculate.”

As soon as she said this, all the researchers’ faces turned red.

The people who were clamoring a moment ago wanted to find a drilling machine.

This was more than one person could calculate.

And there were three of them. There was no way to solve them.

What shocked them even more was that the correct answer had been written on the next question.

That was to say, Raymond just wanted them to do a double-check.

If the difference between the parameters and this was too big, there would definitely be a problem on one side.

They did not dare to imagine that this was something that could be calculated by one person!

Furthermore, it did not seem like it took much time.

“This formula, General Raymond was able to calculate it by himself?! Genius, this is definitely a genius among geniuses!”

“Is it still appropriate to call it him genius now? Even if I’m a genius, I wouldn’t be able to do this. This already makes me feel a little afraid.”

“This calculation formula is so huge. Didn’t the message say that General Raymond wants to calculate the anti-submarine torpedo formula alone?! If it’s the same as this anti-aircraft missile, can he finish the calculation alone?”

“Then isn’t the gap between us a little too big? We need five days to calculate the current formula together…”

Because from what Sherry had just said, it could be understood that Raymond had calculated that the formula was less than three days, and there were so many of them… Raymond had given them three days.

It was not that Raymond looked down on them, but that Raymond thought so many people could do it.

At this time, the hearts of the researchers had been ignited.

One by one, they left in silence, but their faces were full of excitement.

They had to calculate it in three days’ time!