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“This new aviation fuel completely abandons the previous way of fuel utilization and synthesis. If such research can be verified, it will even change the fate of the petroleum countries and the existing energy companies. This may be the future of mankind…”

“Just like how Einstein and Bohr overthrew Newton’s traditional mechanics, this research may overturn the existing order of the energy countries… Such research can only be called great! …Great!” the professor muttered as he looked at the data in his hands.

Seeing the professor’s reaction as if he had received a secret, Thomas gave up on communicating with him. Anyway, he already knew the importance of this data. Now, it was time to wait for all the data to be read and verified.

Just as the General continued to wait…

“Thomas, is this data from District 11? As far as I know, humans don’t have such technology!” A meteorologist stood up and asked loudly. In his hand was the weather control data calculation formula.

District 11 was the place where the United States studied extraterrestrial civilizations. It was said that there was the most advanced technology in the world. There were even UFOs and aliens. It could never be found in the United States. Everyone knew about the place, but no one admitted it.

“What’s wrong? Is this technology real? Or is there something wrong with this technology?” Thomas asked anxiously.

“There is no problem with this technology, it is even considered mature. And do you know what this technology means? In the military, in the civil affairs, there will be huge application prospects…”

“In the military, we will always be able let our Army maintain the weather advantage. Our paratroopers will never be discovered, our aircraft carrier will disappear in the radar of others… The opponent will always have to worry about whether their military operations will end because of the intense weather. We can maintain the advantage in war!”

“For the civilians, our crops will always grow in the right weather, do you know what this means? What diseases and pests will always be far away from us. We no longer need those damned non-biodegradable pesticides, and our products will be a hot commodity on the market! There will never be an economic rival! No country in the world can afford to fight a trade war with us! We will be innately invincible!”

The professor did not look at Thomas at all. He just kept asking and answering himself. However, his reaction let Thomas know the results of the data verification.

Thomas already knew the seriousness of this information. He was ready to call the Secretary of Defense and report this matter before the other results came out.

“Oh my god, in front of such an engine, our Lockheed Martin and the fighter engine produced by the company are simply a pile of steel trash. There’s no comparison at all! If our stealth fighter plane were to hit such an engine, it could even reach the ‘death zone,’ but the pilot selection will be conducted according to the standards of astronauts…”

“Thomas! I still want to ask you again, where did this information come from?!”

“This information came from the test paper of an examinee who took the SAT exam this year!”

Listening to the questions of these researchers, Thomas finally revealed something.

These materials were all copies of the answers on that examinee’s test paper from the few SAT test papers.

He had specially distributed the information to the researchers and professors in order to verify whether the theoretical knowledge recorded in the papers was correct or not.

Now that the researchers and professors had verified it, it was very likely to be realized.

Although they were all theories on paper, many scientific research results started from theory!

It could be said that with relevant theories, there would be a direction for research, and then it would be possible to achieve the goal!

Thomas felt that he absolutely could not wait any longer. He had to act immediately!

This candidate was extremely important to their military and to the United States!

No, this was simply a genius!

Professor Hans heard Thomas’ words and exclaimed, “This was really written by an SAT candidate? This information… do you know how much logic is needed for this kind of research? Are you really not joking with us?”

The meteorologist also had an incredulous look on his face. “Thomas… This was written by an SAT candidate? It can’t be fake, right? To be able to deduce such a rigorous process, such a person has probably been immersed in chemistry for more than 20 years!”

All the researchers and professors present were dumbfounded as they looked at Thomas.

They thought that it might be NASA or the extraterrestrial technology that had spread from District 11, but they had never thought that the information in their hands would actually be written by an SAT candidate!

This was simply unbelievable!

Could an SAT candidate really write such information? Did he really understand it?

Even some university professors might not be able to understand all of the information contained in it!

Although Thomas did not really believe it, he still nodded firmly and said, “Yes, it was written by a student who took the SAT exam this year.”

These materials and drawings were written by an SAT student on the test paper. This couldn’t be changed.

At this time, a researcher held a cell phone and said seriously, “I’m afraid this is true. and many people have already seen it on the internet.”

After saying this, the other professors and General were stunned.

The researcher turned the phone screen and displayed the content in front of everyone.

Countless netizens gathered under the exposed test papers and commented crazily. TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms had news about this test paper. The entire internet was discussing this matter.

Thomas saw the news and thought of the professors’ previous words. His expression changed and he thought to himself, ‘Not good!’

The contents of the papers were definitely of research value. Once these papers were spread out and ended up in the hands of others, it would be a huge loss for the country and the military!

Thinking of this, Thomas’s face changed. He finally took out his phone and made a call.

“This is General Thomas from Base XXX. Connect me to the Secretary of Defense. I need to report to the Secretary of Defense and even the President immediately.”

“There is an important situation regarding the future military strength. I need to apply for authorization immediately and block all information on the internet…”