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Actually, Raymond’s idea was very simple. As long as he could complete the research and development of the second generation of the Q-Series nuclear submarine, he didn’t care no matter how hard he worked.

As long as he could make the United States’ nuclear submarine field level up to the world, everything he had done was worth it. This was his mission as an American scientist!

It was also an idea that he had been carrying out all along!

At this moment, he was in his own independent office.

Raymond was looking at the data he had written.

He wanted to make sure that there were no mistakes in the data.

He thought that if there were any mistakes, it would have a huge impact on the progress of the entire scientific research project.

Time was tight.

So, every piece of data he wrote had to be perfect.

This way, he could ensure that there were no problems.

From the first day, there were five project teams, and today, there were sixty-six project teams.

And all of the sixty-six project teams carried out the orders, and Raymond was the only one to inform and hand over the data.

These researchers all ridiculed themselves for a moment. If there were so many Raymonds, it would only take a week for the nuclear submarine to go into the sea.

At this time, he had finished writing all the 66 project documents.

Then, he gathered all the scientific researchers’ team leaders.

Now, whenever they saw Raymond, in their eyes there was a kind of worship.

One had to know that these 66 projects covered a lot of areas. The various laboratories interacted with each other, but even if they interacted, it was impossible for one person to complete it.

They had never heard of Raymond involving so many areas before.

Moreover, this was not something that one person could do!

But now, Raymond had actually come up with six sets of plans that could already be put into production.

“The plans in your hands now have one main plan and six backup plans. If there are problems that can not be solved, go from the order of the plans to the bottom.”

After saying that, all the researchers were stunned. Then, they started to look at their own data.

One of the scientists was in charge of the research project for the Q-Series second-generation anti-navigation missile.

He looked at the cover of the data and saw the words ’01-Supersonic Gravity Reentry Missile’.

Although he had told them to start production, Raymond found that they still didn’t know what they were doing after they were divided into groups.

He simply wrote the data.

The curious scientist opened the data.

“An axisymmetric four-inlet configuration with an oblique cut of the inlet. The inlet is arranged around the body of the missile with a sub-combustion ramjet engine. The low-altitude ballistic range can be up to 100 kilometers, and the high-altitude ballistic range can be up to 300 kilometers!”

Seeing this data, the scientist suddenly raised his head. “General Raymond, can your plan really reach the ideal?!”

In the field of anti-ship missiles, the international top technology would belong to the 38 missile and the Brahmos missile.

And the various data of the anti-ship missiles proposed by Raymond were close to these two international top anti-ship missiles.

It was possible for them to be at least one or even two generations stronger than the anti-ship missiles currently used by the United States!

If they could really be developed, it would be a major advance in the development of anti-ship missiles!

Raymond nodded and said, “These are all theories, but I can make them come true!”

Hearing Raymond’s words, the scientist also nodded.

Indeed, it was not that easy to improve it to such an extent.

“General Raymond, this new composite material of titanium alloy can really reach a thickness of 100 millimeters! I think the design of making a single layer can really guarantee the hardness? And this manufacturing process…”

The scientists in the field of new composite materials asked in surprise.

A single layer design, with a thickness of 10 millimeters, this was completely on par with the world’s top nuclear submarine shell structure!

The new Russian submarine used a new type of titanium alloy composite material, and the process was extremely complex, reaching an astonishing 100 millimeters.

Using a single-layer design, the underwater sturdiness was extraordinary.

But with the current manufacturing process in the United States, could it really be achieved?

He couldn’t help but have some doubts in his heart.

Raymond looked at the scientist and said, “This needs to be proven during the experiment process. I can now guarantee that there is absolutely no problem with the research plan.”

After hearing this, the scientist continued to look at the information with a skeptical expression on his face.

This information had given him quite a shock. There were many light spots and many knowledge points that he had not thought of before.

He had also prepared a plan before, but he had also continued the double-layer design. It was precisely because of the gap between the American manufacturing technology and the German technology.

But Raymond’s plan could be said to have opened a brand new door for him.

At this point, as the leader of the entire scientific research project, Raymond still decided to give it a try.

At this moment, the Secretary of Defense swept his gaze across the scientists present.

Everyone had a complicated expression on their faces.

There were doubts, shock, and surprise. There were also some older scientists who didn’t know what they were thinking.

“Alright, everyone. General Raymond has given the plan to everyone. Time is of the essence. You can discuss all the problems with General Raymond during the experiment. Let’s start working first,” the Secretary of Defense said seriously.

The scientists nodded one after another. They all stood up and walked out of the meeting room.

Everyone’s information was in their hands, and they didn’t talk to each other. They were all carefully reading the information given by Raymond.

This was the plan they were going to study next. They might not have paid much attention to it.

Although they were a little suspicious of this information, it did not stop them from patiently looking at the information.

Once they felt that there was something unreasonable, they would immediately point it out and discuss it with Raymond to resolve it together.

After everyone left…

Only the Secretary of Defense and Raymond were left.

The Secretary of Defense’s eyes flashed as he looked at Raymond. “General Raymond, did you really come up with these plans by yourself?!”

Until now, he still couldn’t believe that Raymond came up with these plans by himself.

One had to know that a person’s energy was limited.

Raymond could do so in so many fields.

If this was true, then he was too strong!

He now felt that Raymond’s energy was unlimited. A person used a short day to think of six sets of 66 project plans. This was not something that a normal person could do!