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As soon as Raymond finished speaking, everyone in the command room looked at Raymond in shock.

Raymond was the future hope of the American scientific research community. With Raymond’s current status and popularity, even if he didn’t say these words, there would definitely be no rumors.

The entire Q-series nuclear submarine research project needed him, and the entire research project was led by him.

Such a professor, commander, and general actually wanted to personally go into the water to command!

How much courage was this!?

One had to know that once something happened to the nuclear submarine underwater, it would be a major event! It was very likely that Raymond would never be able to return. Even so, Raymond still had no hesitation in requesting to personally go into the water to command. Such boldness and courage made everyone involuntarily feel admiration for Raymond.

At this moment.

The Secretary of Defense shouted and took a few steps forward. “President, I request to join the Q-01 nuclear submarine test crew!”

After saying that, the Secretary of Defense took the initiative to stand behind Raymond and stared at the big screen.

Following the Secretary of Defense’s shout, many voices rang out.

“President, I also request to join the Q-01 nuclear submarine test crew!”

“I also request to join!”

“I also request…”

More than a hundred people stood out and shouted loudly.

These people stood behind Raymond without any hesitation after saying that they wanted to join.

The team behind Raymond gradually grew larger, and there were more and more people.

Among them, there were researchers, military officers, and even some old scientists who had requested to join the team.

Every step they took had a look of death on their faces, and their eyes were filled with determination.

They knew that they were in danger, but they still asked to join the team.

They didn’t know what would happen when they tested the water, and they didn’t know if they could come back.

They didn’t think about it.

They only wanted to make a contribution for the sake of the United States and the scientific research of their own country.

Raymond risked his own life and requested to personally go into the water to command. How could they back down? Everyone put down their great determination at this moment.

The mission this time was incomparably difficult. The difficulty was even comparable to World War II. Because this mission carried too many things and carried the hopes of everyone.

However, even if there was darkness ahead, they would advance fearlessly. Furthermore, they would not regret their choice and would not regret it.

At the moment they raised their hands, they had made this crucial choice in their hearts. They had also made the choice that they were most proud of in their lives.

Raymond turned his head and looked at the fearless crowd. He smiled and said, “Everyone, thank you!”

The Secretary of Defense laughed. “Professor Raymond dares to risk his life to go into the water to command. We will follow Professor Raymond to overcome the difficulties!”

“Yes, we believe that Professor Raymond will definitely solve everything and ensure our safety!” a senior executive suddenly said loudly.

Raymond nodded and said, “Then let’s overcome the difficulties in front of us together!”

“Okay! Professor Raymond!”

Everyone replied in unison.

The President and the other Secretaries of State finally looked at the group of people who had requested to join them with a complicated expression.

They also knew that the Q-01 nuclear submarine’s test was filled with uncertainty and danger.

But even so, these people were fearless and rushed to the front line. These people were the heroes of the United States and the pride of the United States!

It was precisely because of the existence of such people that the United States had its current international status!

They were the guardians of the pillars of the United States!

In a safe country, ordinary people would never imagine that it was built on the bones of a group of selfless people!

The President and the Secretary of State stood up with very serious expressions.

Immediately after, everyone in the command center stood up. Even the staff members put down their work and stood up one after another with very serious expressions.

On the big screen, the President and the Secretary of State looked at Raymond and a group of people who had requested to join them with respect in their eyes.

At this moment, the President said solemnly, “Professor Raymond, everyone, thank you for everything you have done for the scientific research of the United States. On behalf of the United States, I would like to express our highest respect for your selfless dedication!”

As soon as he finished speaking…

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Everyone raised their hands in unison and saluted the crowd!

For a moment, the atmosphere immediately became solemn!

Raymond and all of his followers also saluted in response. Everyone’s faces were filled with solemnity.

“Contributing to the scientific research of the United States is our mission that we should complete!” Raymond said.

Everyone followed Raymond’s words and shouted together.

“We await your good news and look forward to your triumphant return!” the President said solemnly.

Then, the screen suddenly turned black.

At this time, Raymond said, “Professor Hoppes, I’ll leave this side to you.”

Professor Hoppes’ expression was solemn. After hesitating for a moment, he said, “General Raymond, you must not get into any trouble.”

Then, Professor Hoppes turned his head and said, “Prepare the nuclear submarine to surface!”

The staff started to operate the submarine after catching a cold.

Raymond turned around and looked at the team behind him with a smile on his face. “Everyone, the time when the United States needs us has come. Let’s go back and make all the preparations. Everything is ready. Follow Q-01 into the water!”


Within the command room, everyone’s shouts shook the sky. There was an indomitable momentum in their voices, as if they were going to break through the sky and soar into the clouds.

Following that, the group of people who followed the Q-01 nuclear submarine into the water left the command room under Raymond’s lead.

They had to do something more important.

Write a will and adjust their mentality.

This mission was extraordinary.

The danger was too great, and they might never come back.

Therefore, before the expedition, the followers would leave a suicide note for their families. If they really couldn’t come back, the note would come in handy.

Then, everyone went back to adjust their mindset and the suicide notes.

Raymond went back to his office, picked up a pen and paper, and paused for a moment, not knowing what to write.

He didn’t know how to write, nor did he know how to write this suicide note!

If something really went wrong in this water test, then what awaited him was death!

Raymond wasn’t afraid of death, nor was he afraid of the risk.

He didn’t know what his parents would be like if something really happened to him.

Would they cry, or would they complain about god’s unfairness.

Would they be heartbroken and depressed?

Raymond didn’t know.

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