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After a busy tone, a voice finally came, “I am Minister Mills. What is your report?”

Thomas held the phone with one hand and said in a low voice, “I am Thomas from Base XXX. I have something to report now. The military’s investigation results about the Qi and Blood Body Refining Technique on the test paper a few days ago have been released, and it is completely true. Moreover, it has been discovered that the examinee’s other test papers also have information of great research value. The military value of the information is extremely high…”

Thomas briefly explained the matter and finally said everything.

“This information is all very valuable. I hope that we can seal off this information and completely block the information from spreading out.”

After that, the silent person on the other end of the line went silent. After a long while, the Minister on the other end of the line finally said, “Now, I will go to the President to apply for a ban. Your first priority is to find this candidate and bring him back to the military district before everyone else!”

What happened next was not something Thomas could decide. Such information could not be spread on the internet.

Thomas did not care about these researchers, called the guards and others around, and said: “You immediately go to bring that student over… No, invite him to come!”

The guard saluted and turned to leave when Thomas’ voice came again.

“Forget it. Go and get the helicopter ready. I’ll ask him myself!”

At the same time, just as everyone was discussing the zero-point test paper, it reached its peak.

“Eh? I can’t find the video just now…”

“Why can’t the zero-point test paper that I could see just now refresh? Is my internet speed too slow?”

At this time, the people realized that the original test paper that they could still see just now was all gone. At first, they thought that there was a problem with their internet speed, but later, they discovered that other websites could still be accessed, only these things could not be found. In the end, even the words ‘zero-point test papers’ had become banned words.

Then they remembered that the contents of these test papers were all decent.

There was no shortage of conspiracy theorists in the world. Therefore, people began to wonder if this candidate had been secretly controlled by the FBI or even the CIA for leaking state secrets.

The incident was called the ‘New Snowden Incident’ by some busybodies on the internet.

The netizens’ memories were always short, and the incident came to an end. In just one short hour, the incident seemed as if it had never happened.

There was no more information about the incident. It was as if a pair of invisible hands had erased all traces of it.

It was as if the news had just started, and it had come and gone quickly.

Just as everyone who had read the news was curious about why there was suddenly no more news, the military had suddenly added a piece of confidential information. The level of confidentiality was extremely high. Only officials of the same level as the Secretary of Defense or even the President had access to it.

The information was stored in an archive room with only a few documents. There was nothing on the documents, only the security level of SSS.

At Raymond’s home in Little Rock City.

“Raymond, I’m sorry, I can’t go to the prom with you.”

Raymond looked at the message on his phone and fell into deep thought.

This was a message from his prom date.

“Should I go to the prom or not?”

He had scored so ridiculously. What was the point of going to the prom? Raymond was struggling.

After pondering for a long time, Raymond finally made a decision.

“Forget it, let’s go! This is probably the last reunion anyway. It’s worth it to be able to meet my classmates and friends whom I haven’t seen for many years.”

He picked up his phone, tapped on it, and called his best friend, Ryder.

“Ryder, hurry up and come pick me up at my house. We’re going to the prom right now!”

Ryder: “Oh? Have you found your prom date?”

Raymond: “Lena rejected my prom invitation. I don’t have a prom date anymore!”

Ryder: “So you’re going to the prom alone? Then you’re really brave…”

After a while, his best friend Ryder finally drove the used car his father had bought for him to his house.

Raymond said goodbye to his parents and said that he was going to the graduation ceremony with Ryder.

Raymond came to Ryder’s second-hand car, stretched out his hand to open the car door, and bent over to sit in it.

“Raymond, I didn’t expect you to dare to go to the prom without a partner, and your SAT results are still so ridiculous.”

“I’m going to the prom just to meet my friends, and also to bid farewell to my student career! And to say goodbye to Teacher Tom and say sorry…”

“Indeed, you should apologize to Teacher Tom. You’re the student he cares about the most, yet you ended up taking the SAT like this…”

Seeing that Raymond was not in a good mood, Ryder did not speak anymore. The two of them drove silently all the way to the school’s prom hall.

At Raymond’s house on the other side.

The doorbell at the door suddenly rang. Raymond’s parents stood up and asked curiously, “Raymond? Did you forget something?”

The two of them went to the door and opened it. It was their neighbor.

“Hey! Charles, my friend, what’s the matter? Why did you suddenly want me to come?”

“Doug, my friend, I heard that Raymond’s exam results are out. Why don’t we have a family party tonight? Didn’t we already make an appointment? Lena and I can’t wait!”

“This…” Raymond’s father, Doug, was very hesitant. He knew that some of the neighbors had good intentions, but Raymond’s results were all zero. With such results, he had no interest in holding a party.

But this matter had already been agreed upon. Doug was a little hesitant about whether to agree or not.

At this time, Raymond’s mother heard these words. She went out and said to Charles, “Let’s do it today! Let’s have a good party today. Let everyone who is willing to come, come here. We welcome them all!”

When Charles heard this, he immediately took his daughter and left.

When he heard his wife’s words, Doug looked at her in confusion. He did not understand why they still held this party under Raymond’s circumstances.