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At the same time.

America’s largest social media platform was also in a heated discussion.

“A new generation star, Brad has released a new song!”

In less than half an hour after it was released, a piece of news immediately reached the top of the hot search rankings.

This piece of news had tens of millions of views and millions of reposts!

In an instant, it caused a huge discussion on the American internet.

“A new song has been released! Sisters, let’s go!”

“Let’s go for Brad!”

“Brad is the best and the hardest-working. We won’t accept any rebuttal!”

“This era has really changed. An actor releasing a new song can cause such a huge discussion. Those old scientists have passed away, and you guys didn’t say a word.”

Soon, voices of objection appeared.

But the moment this comment appeared, Brad’s fans collectively surrounded them and attacked.

For a moment, the users of this comment were directly blasted by the fans, and they didn’t see any more comments from this user.

“Independence Day special program, those people behind the scenes who silently contribute to the United States!”

At this moment, all the official media of the United States, big and small, unanimously passed on a message.

“Under the current appearance of peace and freedom, in places where the public can not see, the American researchers are fighting on the front lines and have made a huge contribution to the development of the United States.”

There were also a few pictures below.

In the pictures, there were people in scientific research clothes lying on the ground to rest. Some were wolfing down food and were in a hurry to eat the food in front of them. There were also people who were fighting on the front lines of scientific research at three in the morning.

These people were all wearing the same clothes. They were all wearing scientific research clothes. There were heavy dark circles under their eyes. Their faces were full of fatigue.

These pictures were taken by the Project Records Department of the Q-01 Nuclear Submarine Project.

Of course, these pictures did not reveal any scientists or the progress of the scientific research project.

Everything related to scientific research projects was not exposed. There were only a few photos of the scientific research workers resting and eating.

This was the Independence Day Farewell Program, a tribute to the scientific research workers on the front lines!

Once this news was reposted, it immediately caused a heated discussion among the netizens!

Ten minutes later, this news reached the top of the hot search rankings!

The number of reposts suddenly increased by tens of millions!

The number of views even reached over a hundred million!

“Thank you for the hard work of the scientific researchers! Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today!”

“What about Brad’s fans?! Don’t you love to blow up others?! Blow up this one today, blow up that one tomorrow. Come on, do you want to blow up this one again?”

For a moment, the heated discussion on the internet reached its peak.

Following that, the special program released a video on the internet.

“Independence Day Farewell Program, A Suicide Note.”

It was just a simple sentence, without any embellishment or foreshadowing.

All the official media immediately reposted it.

This video caught the attention of all the netizens and they all clicked on the video.

In the video, an experienced director was standing on the podium with a letter in his hand.

“Hello, everyone. Welcome to today’s special program, A Suicide Note.”

The experienced director had a serious expression as he held the envelope in front of him with both hands.

“Today is different from the past. What I am holding in my hand is a suicide note. It is a suicide note from a scientific researcher who is working hard at the forefront of scientific research.”

“He is going to participate in a very important and dangerous scientific research project. If anything goes wrong, this will will be his last.”

After a simple opening.

The veteran director put on the white gloves that he had prepared beforehand, opened the envelope, and carefully took out the will.

Immediately after, the veteran director’s hand that was holding the will in the video suddenly trembled.

No one had opened this suicide note before, so it was naturally the first time the veteran director had seen it.

The next second, tears appeared in the veteran director’s eyes.

Without much hesitation, the veteran director briefly adjusted his state of mind and began to read the suicide note aloud.

“Mom and Dad, I didn’t expect to use this kind of method to say goodbye to you. When you see this letter, I am probably already gone. I couldn’t be by your side. Forgive your son for his selfishness, and forgive your son for not being able to give you retirement.”

“But your son is still your pride. He has always been. I have been thinking about how to say goodbye to you. There are too many things I want to say to you, but how should I put it? When I write, I don’t know how to say it.”

“Mom, take care of your body. Do the laundry and cook every day. Go to work early and go home late. I feel sorry for you when I see your busy body, but when I want to give you a hand, you reject me and push me into the room to let me study hard.”

“Dad, don’t drink too much. You have fatty liver, so you can’t drink too much. Also, spend more time with my mom at home in the future. Don’t always be away from home. She’s scared at home alone. In the past, I was at home with my mom. Now, I can only rely on you.”

“I’m sorry, Mom and Dad. Your son is unfilial and can’t spend the rest of the time with you two, but I don’t regret the decision I made.”

“Besides, I’m not too far away from you. As long as you look up at the sky every day, the brightest star is me.”

“The name of this star is freedom!”

Five minutes later.

The veteran director read the will aloud. The moment he put down the will, he couldn’t help but turn his head and wipe away the tears that had just flowed out of the corners of his eyes.

Within ten minutes after this video was released.

It was no surprise that it had reached the top of the trending search rankings!

Even the top of the trending search rankings on all the major social media platforms was also the keyword ‘A Suicide Note’.

For a time, the American internet was flooded with this news.

“Salute to the American scientific researchers! Thank you for your silent efforts!”

“The brightest star. When this sentence came out, I instantly burst into tears!”

“After watching the video, I felt very sad. I had a thousand words in my heart, but when it reached the tip of my tongue, I couldn’t say anything. I could only express my gratitude to the scientists who were fighting on the front lines. Without them, there wouldn’t be peace and freedom in America. Without them, we wouldn’t have such a good life!”

“What’s the use of time being peaceful? It’s just that someone is carrying a heavy load and moving forward. Salute, scientists!”

“You must come back safely! We are waiting for you!”

“I order you to come back safely. America cannot do without you! We need you too!”

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