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It was morning.

Raymond went to the control room as usual.

Captain Shroff looked over with a brick and looked at Raymond. “Professor Raymond, you’re here.”

“Yes, Captain Shroff, you should go back and rest. Leave this to me.”

Raymond nodded.

Captain Shroff yawned. He had not slept for almost a day and a night. He was indeed sleepy now.

“Then I’ll leave it to you. I have to go back and have a good rest. I’m dead tired.”

After Captain Shroff left, Raymond asked, “How’s the data? Is there any change?”

The staff member stared at the data displayed on the big screen in front of him and replied, “The data is normal. There’s nothing abnormal.”

Hearing this, Raymond nodded.

At this moment, the staff member said softly, “Eh!”

Raymond frowned and asked in puzzlement, “What’s wrong?”

“Professor Raymond, this data seems to be… seems to be a bit wrong…”

The staff member pointed at data on the big screen. This data was rapidly fluctuating. Anyone who looked at it would know that something was wrong.

As soon as he said this, Captain Shroff, who had just left, immediately returned.

“What’s wrong? What’s wrong?”

Beep! Beep! Beep!

At this moment, the entire control room sounded an urgent alarm.

Raymond’s expression changed, and he hurriedly asked, “What’s going on?”

“Professor Raymond! There’s a problem with the transmission control system. The nuclear submarine’s control system is out of order. We’ve lost control of the nuclear submarine!”

A crew member in the cabin shouted loudly.

In the Q-01 nuclear submarine’s temporary command center at Raymond’s private research institute in the United States.

Professor Hoppes stood in front of the command desk. He stared at the big screen without blinking as he stared at the thick dark circles under his eyes.

In the entire command center.

Most of the old scientists and researchers who participated in scientific research projects had come.

In order not to disturb Professor Hoppes and the staff, they just sat quietly in their seats and did not speak. They just watched.

Today was the 11th day of the ocean-going water test for the Q-01 nuclear submarine.

During these 11 days, Professor Hoppes and the staff in the entire command center did not have much rest.

After all, they were the backers of the Q-01 nuclear submarine. They had to ensure that the Q-01 nuclear submarine could safely carry out the ocean-going water test.

The workload was also very huge.

As the commander-in-chief, Professor Hoppes naturally had to stand on the front line.

“Professor Hoppes, the President’s video conference.”

At this moment, the staff member turned his head and looked at Professor Hoppes.

After Professor Hoppes heard it, he tidied his clothes. “Connect the President’s video!”

“Yes, Professor Hoppes.”

Soon, the screen flashed on the big screen.

The President, the Secretary of State, and the military officers gathered in the conference room.

“Professor Hoppes, you’ve worked hard,” the President said with a smile.

The President attached great importance to the test of the Q-01 nuclear submarine in the open sea. Today, he took the time to call a video conference to see how the process was going.

After all, the Q-01 nuclear submarine was too important to the United States.

Moreover, the safety of the people who followed them was also a concern of the President.

They were the heroes of the United States and the pillars of the United States. Nothing must happen to them!

“For the peace and freedom of the United States, we will not hesitate no matter how hard we work,” Professor Hoppes said with a serious face.

The President nodded and asked, “Professor Hoppes, today is the eleventh day of the Q-01 nuclear submarine expedition. Is there any problem?”

“President, there is no problem!” Professor Hoppes shouted.

Then, Professor Hoppes changed the topic and said with a smile, “President, not only is there no problem, after the conversation with Professor Raymond these few days, the Q-01 nuclear submarine test has made great progress!”

“The secret weapon that was installed on the Q-01 nuclear submarine has been tested by Professor Raymond these few days. It is a perfect success!”

The President and the Secretary of State on the big screen were immediately interested.

Then, the President asked curiously, “Secret weapon? Professor Hoppes, why haven’t I heard of it before?”

The Secretary of State also looked at Professor Hoppes with shining eyes.

Nothing was more important than the Q-01 nuclear submarine now.

The Q-01 nuclear submarine was the lifeblood of the United States Navy. It was also the most crucial step in the strength of the United States Navy.

When they saw the Q-01 nuclear submarine catching up to the world’s top nuclear submarines in some areas, the President and the Secretary of State thought that it was the ceiling.

After all, it had only been two months!

In two months, the US had created three technologies to catch up to the world’s top nuclear submarines, whether it was the diving depth, the underwater noise, or the displacement!

No country in the world dared to say that they could catch up with a generation of military weapons in just two months with this speed of scientific research!

But they had done it. The scientific research team led by Professor Raymond had done it.

Moreover, as long as there were no problems with the ocean-going test, the Q-01 nuclear submarine would be launched!

But now, Professor Hoppes said that there was a secret weapon, and everyone was very curious about this secret weapon.

Could it be that this secret weapon was another technology that could equalize the world’s top nuclear submarines?!

“I’ll have to let Professor Raymond Report this to you, President.”

Professor Hoppes smiled.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

As soon as he finished speaking, an urgent alarm sounded in the command center.

“Professor Hoppes, there’s a situation with the Q-01 nuclear submarine!” the staff member hurriedly shouted.

Professor Hoppes’ expression changed and he shouted, “What’s going on?”

The faces of the President and the Secretary of State on the big screen also changed instantly. They were full of astonishment.

“Contact Q-01 immediately and ask them what’s going on!” Professor Hoppes urged.

Then, the screen changed.

The Q-01 nuclear submarine, the scene of the control room in the cabin immediately appeared in front of everyone.

Everyone in the control room looked a little flustered and the atmosphere was not right.

Raymond sat at the side. In front of him was a large pile of information.

The others did not come forward to disturb him. They gathered in front of the control panel and looked at it nervously.

In front of the control panel, a few engineers were hurriedly repairing the data with serious expressions.

Professor Hoppes turned on the communication device and asked hurriedly, “This is the command center. What’s going on?”

“Reporting to the command center. There’s a problem with the Q-01 transmission control system. The control system of the nuclear submarine is out of order. We’ve lost control of the nuclear submarine! We’re currently repairing the data.”

The voice of the nuclear submarine staff was heard very quickly.

The staff of the command center immediately said, “The current situation is that the nuclear submarine is sinking at a speed of 0.2 meters per second. The current depth is 500 meters.”

As soon as these words were said, the expressions of all the staff members in the command center, including Professor Hoppes, changed drastically.

“How can this be!?”

Professor Hoppes’ eyes were filled with shock.

The Q-01 nuclear submarine worker in the video call said, “Before the control system fails, the last command sent is to dive…”

“Find a solution immediately! Use the remote terminal control system to try to control the nuclear submarine!” Professor Hoppes immediately ordered!

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