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After receiving the order, the staff quickly got busy.

After a moment of panic.

The staff looked back anxiously and said, “Professor Hoppes, the distance is too far and the depth is too deep. The remote terminal system is not effective. Even the remote repair system cannot do it.”

Then, Professor Hoppes immediately leaned in front of the communication device and said anxiously, “Professor Raymond, how is the situation on your side? Did anything else happen to the Q-01 nuclear submarine?”

In the picture, Raymond did not even raise his head and replied very seriously, “Professor Hoppes, I am looking for the situation and the reason why nothing happened. Please wait a moment.”

When the President saw this situation, he quickly stood up and asked, “Professor Hoppes, what happened?! What does it mean that the control of the Q-01 nuclear submarine has disappeared?!”

After Professor Hoppes calmed down, he said, “President, it’s like this. The internal members of the Q-01 nuclear submarine have lost control of the nuclear submarine. They are unable to control the nuclear submarine to surface, dive, and launch an attack. All the orders issued by the internal members are invalid.”

“And now, because the control system has failed, the last command sent is to dive. If the control system can not be repaired in time, then the Q-01 nuclear submarine will continue to dive until the shell of the Q-01 nuclear submarine cannot withstand the underwater pressure and explodes.”

After saying that, the expressions of the President and the Secretary of State changed drastically.

A Secretary of State immediately asked, “Can we abandon the nuclear submarine and let Professor Raymond and his followers escape?”

Professor Hoppes shook his head and sighed. “We can’t do that. The depth of the water is 500 meters. It’s impossible for a person to withstand this pressure. Even if they put on a special diving suit, they can’t withstand it.”

The Secretary of Homeland Security also stood up and asked anxiously, “Then what should we do? We can’t watch the Q-01 nuclear submarine explode, right?”

Professor Hoppes looked up at the big screen, wanting to say something but stopping.

A moment later, he sighed.

The President looked a little panicked and slightly clenched his fists. If one looked carefully, one could see a layer of sweat on his forehead.

“We must do everything we can to not let anything happen to the people on the nuclear submarine!”

The President directly gave the order!

Professor Hoppes’ face was full of embarrassment when he heard this. He said helplessly, “Yes, President!”

At this point, there was no good way to solve this problem. Professor Hoppes had already used all the problems that could be used.

However, there was no way to solve any of the problems.

“At the depth of 500 meters, the shell structure is trembling slightly. There is a water leak in Area No. 1.”

The voice of the staff was heard.

Hearing the news from the Q-01 nuclear submarine staff, the hearts of the people in the command room could not help but tighten. Everyone’s palms were full of sweat and their fists were tightly clenched.

Professor Hoppes’ eyes were bloodshot, and he hurriedly shouted, “Have you found a way?!”

All the staff was extremely busy. After hearing Professor Hoppes’ words, they all shook their heads.

“It still can’t be done. There is no solution.”

Professor Hoppes was extremely anxious because his fists were clenched tightly. His nails had already pierced through his skin, but Professor Hoppes did not feel any pain.

His attention was now completely captured by the Q-01 nuclear submarine.

‘Please be okay!’

‘It’s gonna be okay. It’s gonna be okay!’

‘Nothing must happen!’

Professor Hoppes prayed in his heart, again and again and again.

But his prayers weren’t answered when the Q-01 went down to 600 meters.

“The shell structure has been damaged and is making strange noises. Areas 1, 2, 3, and 5 are leaking.”

As soon as the staff member said this, everyone’s expression immediately became terrified.

Professor Hoppes shouted, “How can the shell structure be damaged so quickly!?”

The President asked, “Professor Hoppes, what kind of consequences will this cause?”

Professor Hoppes said with difficulty, “If the shell structure of the Q-01 nuclear submarine is completely damaged, then after the underwater pressure, everyone inside the nuclear submarine will immediately turn into a bloody mist. Not even bones will be left, and then the nuclear submarine will explode.”

After saying that, everyone fell silent. The President and the Secretary of State looked at the screen in shock.

“Is there really no other way?!” the President asked once.

Professor Hoppes lowered his head and pondered for a long time, then shook his head with difficulty.

After a long time, a sigh expressed everything.

Hearing this sigh, the higher-ups and the Secretary of State understood what it meant.

For a moment, everyone fell silent.

“Currently, the depth of the water is 600 meters. The outer layer of the shell structure has been damaged, and the situation has worsened. The shell has been leaking water, and the pressure in many areas has increased dramatically.”

The staff members’ voices came one after another, and when they heard it, it was like a life-threatening charm.

Everyone clenched their fists, and their faces were filled with grief and indignation as they looked at the big screen.

However, they could do nothing. There was nothing they could do. They could only watch helplessly as the submarine continued to sink. The shell structure continued to be destroyed and the water seepage increased.

In the end, everyone inside the nuclear submarine would first turn into a bloody mist, and then the nuclear submarine would explode!

On the big screen.

The face of the middle-aged man in the cabin of the Q-01 nuclear submarine was a little stiff. Most of the light in his eyes had faded away.

“President, I would like to request for a suicide note to be sent to my home. I hope that you can help me send a message that I died for the peace and freedom of the United States. I have sacrificed my life for the future!”

At this moment, in the control room of the nuclear submarine, one of the working staff stood up. His expression was complicated, helpless, sorrowful, and disappointed.

After he said that, the faces of the people around him instantly turned dark.

There was no other way. There was no other way. In a short while, the shell structure of the nuclear submarine would be damaged. Their mentor and everyone else here would die.

“President, I also request to send a suicide note to my home.”

“President, my family, please.”

“Please tell my child that his father sacrificed his life for his country!”

For a moment, everyone in the cabin raised their hands in unison and saluted the big screen.

However, at this moment, everyone had an expression that said they were ready to die. No one showed any fear. It was as if what awaited them was not a big deal, but rather a very normal thing.

Before they boarded the nuclear submarine, they had already been prepared to die. Now, however, their determination to die had become even stronger.

On the big screen, the President looked at the expressions of the people on the Q-01 nuclear submarine and their words. He felt his heart suddenly shrink into a ball!

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