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After a moment of silence.

The President raised his hand respectfully with tears in his eyes.


He wanted to raise his hand to salute these heroes for the peace and freedom of America.

Behind him, the Secretary of State also raised his right hand with difficulty with tears in his eyes.

They did not want to salute at this time, because this salute meant that all the people on the nuclear submarine would die for their country.

This salute was a little too heavy.

The people in the command center stared at the big screen with tears in their eyes.

Some people were even unwilling to look. The moment they turned their heads, tears had already fallen.

In the control room of the nuclear submarine.

Everyone looked at each other with a forced smile on their faces.

This was the smile when they faced death, and it was also the last smile they thought they would have in this world.

At this time, a strange sound was heard. Everyone looked towards the source of the sound.

They saw Raymond sitting in front of the control panel. His fingers were rapidly tapping on the keyboard. Every line and every tap was very fast. He did not stop at all.

A line of code was completed in just one or two seconds.

Raymond did not have any expression. His hands were moving so fast that people could even see the afterimages on his fingers.

At this time, Captain Shroff walked over and patted Raymond. He smiled bitterly and said, “Professor Raymond, give up. It’s too late now. Sigh…”

When everyone saw this scene and heard Captain Shroff’s words, their forced smile turned into a bitter expression. Despair gradually appeared in their eyes.

Of course, it wasn’t that they didn’t want to work hard. On the contrary, it was because they wanted to work harder than anyone else. The current situation was already certain death. It wasn’t something that could be changed with just a little bit of hard work.

“I have a way, and I won’t give up easily!”

Raymond didn’t raise his head. His voice was firm as he continued typing on the keyboard. His eyes were focused on every line of the code.

He could not make any mistakes in this quick typing of the code, so he typed out the code at the same time.

There was no time for him to hesitate, so he could not turn back!

But this was the hope of survival!

Raymond’s words made the faces of everyone in the control room change.

Then, they looked at Raymond with a bitter face.

It was a sure-death situation. Even Professor Hoppes had no way out. What could Raymond do?

“Professor Raymond, do you really have a way out?” Captain Shroff asked tentatively, his face hesitant.

Now, everyone was desperate. There was indeed no way out. The shell structure of the Q-01 nuclear submarine had been damaged. Soon, the Q-01 nuclear submarine would explode, and they would turn into bloody mist.

At this moment, Professor Raymond actually said that there was another way. This made everyone a little incredulous.

They were afraid that Raymond would give them hope, but in the end, if there was no other way, it would become even deeper despair!

At this moment, Raymond suddenly stood up and faced the people in the control room and said seriously, “I have a way to break this dead end in front of us. Do you believe me?”

The people in the control room looked at each other. The bitterness on their faces turned into confusion.

At this moment, Raymond added, “Anyway, this is the time. Isn’t it better to try one last time than waiting here for death? Of course, this is also for our families who are waiting for us to go back.”

Then, one of the followers raised his hand. “Professor Raymond, can we really survive?!”

After saying that, Raymond nodded. “Yes, as long as everyone works hard one last time, then we have hope to survive!”

At this time, the President’s heavy voice appeared on the communication device.

Raymond turned around and faced the screen. He looked at the President and said, “President.”

The President took a deep breath. “We, together with the people in the command room, have chosen to believe in you. We are waiting for your triumphant return.”

“Professor Raymond, we are waiting for your safe return!” Professor Hoppes said in a trembling voice.

Raymond smiled slightly. “Please rest assured, President. I will definitely bring the Q-01 nuclear submarine. All the members have returned safe and sound!”

At this time, Captain Shroff stood beside Raymond and raised his hand in a solemn salute. “Professor Raymond, if there is anything that you need help with, please tell me. I, Shroff, will entrust my life to you today!”

As soon as these words were said, everyone in the control room was moved and their bodies trembled.

In the next moment, everyone in the control room raised their hands in unison.

“Professor Raymond, please give us your orders. We will hand our lives over to you!”

Everyone shouted in unison, their voices reverberating throughout the control room.

Raymond swept his gaze across everyone present, and a hint of joy appeared in his eyes.

“Good! Everyone listen to my command. Three engineers, go to the data control immediately. Empty all the data and wait for orders. Two engineers, go to the control center and wait for my orders!”

“The remaining engineers, get ready and wait for my orders!”

As soon as Raymond gave the order, five engineers immediately stood out. Everyone had adjusted their emotions, and the air of despair disappeared in an instant.

After saying that, the five engineers immediately ran to the location that Raymond had ordered, and the rest were on standby.

“The control system is out of order, and it’s very likely that other equipment will also have problems. The rest of you, other than the engineers, quickly go to every corner of the nuclear submarine and observe the real situation. Report to the right general in a timely manner!”

Captain Shroff shouted loudly and commanded to immediately leave the control room.

Immediately after, Raymond returned to his original position. “The remaining engineers, take your positions first!”

“Yes, Professor Raymond!”

The remaining engineers quickly returned to the mountain and waited for orders.

Raymond directly sat down on the chair. His forehead was already full of sweat, and he let out a long breath.

Raymond placed his hands on the keyboard, starting to type again.

Instantly, lines of code appeared on the big screen!

Seeing this scene, the engineers in the control room were stunned.

Raymond actually knew how to write code. Wasn’t he a scientist?

How could Raymond know how to do the work of a programmer?

Just how capable was this person? Just what kind of person was he?!

On the big screen, the President stood where he was, his face grim.