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To be honest, they didn’t know if Raymond’s method would work, but at this moment, at this moment, someone stood up. He had a way, and this person was Raymond!

This was a hope that everyone could believe in.

Raymond had brought too many miracles and hopes to the United States!

This time, he would definitely, definitely bring a miracle to the Q-01 nuclear submarine.

At this moment, the president and the Secretary of State were all staring at the serious and nervous big screen.

The few of them clenched their hands tightly, the uneasiness in their hearts had already spread to their faces.

They must succeed!

They must succeed!

Professor Raymond was the person who would definitely succeed. He was a person who kept his word!

Professor Hoppes was the same at this moment. He clenched his hands tightly, and a drop of blood fell from his hands to the ground.

Professor Hoppes did not notice that he was staring at the big screen with his eyes wide open.

“At the current depth of 600 meters, the structure of the shell has not increased, and the water seepage has not increased. The water leakage in the area is stable.”

The voice of the staff came again, and everyone’s hearts tightened again.



You must succeed!

Inside the Q-01 nuclear submarine’s control room.

Raymond was still typing away at the code.

The walkie-talkie placed beside the keyboard kept ringing.

“Serious water leakage in Area No. 1. The water depth is already five centimeters.”

“Area No. 2, the water depth is three meters.”

“Area No. 3, the water depth is four meters.”

“…There’s water seepage in the zone!”

Hearing the message, Raymond’s forehead was full of sweat. His hands were almost unable to exert their strength due to the rapid typing of the keyboard!

“Professor Raymond, what do you need us to do?!” an engineer asked in a low voice.

As he spoke, he turned his head and glanced at Raymond’s screen.

Instantly, his expression became suspicious!

“Professor Raymond!”

“Are you… rewriting the program?!” the engineer asked in astonishment.

Rewriting a program, as the name implied, was to rewrite a program that could replace the original level, then empty the original program and replace it with the program that had just been written.

This kind of situation would often happen between engineers.

But in this kind of situation, wasn’t rewriting the program too slow!?

Raymond’s gaze was cold as he stared at the computer screen. “Well, come and help me. I’ll immediately send each of you a set of code. You’ll immediately perfect it. Hurry up!”

With that, Raymond operated the computer and sent the code to a few engineers.

Then, Raymond continued to write the code.

Then, the engineers received the code sent by Raymond.

Suddenly, they were shocked!

The code sent by Raymond was almost complete,

The overall framework structure had been completed. As long as they filled in the remaining parts, they could use it!

Seeing this, the engineers did not have time to think too much. Now was not the time to exclaim. They immediately threw themselves into editing the code.

“The current diving depth is 610 meters. The damage to the shell structure is relatively serious. The water seepage has increased, and the water leakage in the area has gradually increased.”

The staff’s voice came again.



Along with the staff’s voice, the shell structure emitted an ear-piercing sound due to the pressure of the hands.

For a moment.

Whether it was the people in the command center, the President, or even one of the people in the nuclear submarine, all of them kept swallowing their saliva!

Their hearts were beating violently!

Everyone’s hearts were restless, and the tension in their hearts had not subsided for a long time.

Everyone’s eyes were focused on Raymond in the control room.

Now, they could only believe that Raymond really had a way to turn the current situation around and save everyone in this situation!

However, only Raymond could achieve this.

At this moment, everyone’s hope was focused on him alone!

Whether the people on the nuclear submarine could survive depended on Raymond!

At this moment, Raymond was still typing on the keyboard, focusing on the computer screen.

“The current diving depth is 670 meters. The structure of the Q-01 nuclear submarine’s shell is seriously damaged, and the water leakage is getting worse. The water leakage in the area is getting worse, and it’s about to collapse!”

Beep! Beep! Beep!

This time, the staff’s voice was accompanied by the sound of the alarm.

In an instant, everyone’s heart was in their throats.

Could it still not work?!

Could it be that the followers of the nuclear submarine were going to disappear into the vast deep sea together with the Q-01 nuclear submarine?!

The President and the Secretary of State held their breaths. Their eyes were bloodshot as they looked at Raymond on the screen in front of them!

They had to be fast!

They had to be faster!

He had to be faster!

Raymond, who was sitting in front of the computer, kept typing on the keyboard. Suddenly, he said, “I’m done here. How’s your programming going?!”

Hearing this, the engineers were stunned.

“Professor Raymond, I’m done here!”

“I’m done too!”

“It’s done, Professor Raymond!”

After hearing the simple answer, Raymond nodded. “There’s no time to do the tests. We can only do this for now!”

“Send the written code to me immediately!” Raymond ordered.

Logically speaking, after a program was edited, it had to go through multiple tests to find the bugs in the program and then fix it.

However, the current situation was special. There was no time to do tests for Raymond. He could only brace himself and go.

“Data center, clear all the data now. Restart the system after clearing it!”

“Data center received!”

“Control center, cut off all equipment connections. Try connecting again in five seconds!”

“Control center received!”

“Electronic control center, cut off all shop assistants except for the control room. Emergency start of backup power supply!”

“Electronic control center received!”

At this moment, Raymond gave several orders consecutively!

Raymond turned his head and prepared to replace the program he had just written.

“Let’s see if the program works!”

Raymond took a deep breath and began to operate it.

Time passed by minute by minute, and everyone was extremely nervous.

The nuclear submarine was about to explode, so there wasn’t much time left.

It could be said that once Raymond’s method didn’t work, what awaited these people, as well as the Q-01 nuclear submarine, was destruction!

Beep! Beep! Beep!

The alarm continued to sound.

In the command center.

Professor Hoppes was staring at the big screen.

At this moment, the screen of the Q-01 nuclear submarine on the big screen suddenly turned black!

The reason why the big screen turned black was because of the switching of various shop assistants. After the data was emptied, it was the result.

Professor Hoppes also knew this, but he still clenched his fists tightly and gritted his teeth as he waited.

Five seconds later.

The big screen suddenly flashed, and the screen of the control room appeared on it again.

The moment the big screen lit up, everyone looked over!

They didn’t know if Raymond’s method had succeeded or not.

In the screen, Raymond was sitting in a chair, motionless, and the expression on his face couldn’t be seen clearly.

The remaining engineers were also staring at the computers in front of them.

It was as if the time in the Q-01 nuclear submarine had been stopped.

Professor Hoppes was stunned and asked, “Professor Raymond?”

The President quickly asked, “Professor Raymond, how is the situation?”

“The current water depth is 600 meters, and it is rising at a speed of 0.5 per second. The shell structure is seriously damaged, and the water seepage situation is gradually improving. The water leakage in the area is under control.”

The voice of the staff member sounded, and his voice was trembling with excitement.

At this moment, on the big screen, Raymond raised his head and looked at the screen with a smile.

“Success. The crisis is temporarily resolved.”