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When Raymond finished his sentence, the entire command center was silent for two seconds. Suddenly, there was an incomparably intense cheer!

“Too! Too good!”

“Professor Raymond, too strong! Simply too powerful!”

“Oh, my god! Professor Raymond can actually do such a thing!”

Professor Hoppes also looked at Raymond excitedly on the screen. The tension in his heart had finally subsided. He let out a long sigh. Professor Hoppes took off his glasses and wiped his tears. “Professor Raymond, that’s great. Thank god you’re here!”

Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap!

The President was the first to clap.

Immediately after, the Secretary of State and the military officers also joined in. The entire command center followed closely behind, and there was thunderous applause.

“Professor Raymond, thank you for resolving this crisis. Thank you for saving the entire team!” the President could not help but praise as he clapped.

Professor Thorpe was still in shock. The cold sweat on his forehead dripped down bit by bit. He also let out a deep breath. “I really thought they were going to die just now. I still haven’t recovered.”

At the side, a follower wiped his cold sweat and said, “Professor Raymond can really surprise us. Under such circumstances, he can actually be so calm. If he didn’t come up with such a solution, if he didn’t have such a state of mind, we would have already died. It’s not easy to have such a state of mind.”

“Indeed. Professor Raymond is so young, yet he has such a state of mind. It’s really rare!”

“Indeed, we really have to thank Professor Raymond for his calmness. Otherwise…”

The followers’ evaluation of Raymond had reached a very high level.

It was indeed the case. Under such circumstances, when everyone was close to despair, Raymond still did not choose to give up.

It was really not easy for Raymond to stand up and do this series of operations.

Moreover, Raymond didn’t disappoint them in the end. Raymond had created a miracle in the end!

A miracle that no one had expected!

“The crisis is only temporarily resolved. When the nuclear submarine reaches 500 meters, the crisis will be completely resolved.”

Raymond’s tone didn’t relax.

From the big screen, he could see that he was indeed a little tired.

Although it had only been a short ten minutes, during these ten minutes, Raymond could be said to have pushed his brain to its limits.

His computational ability had been developed to its peak. Only then did he finally complete the entire system.

The result was very good. The crisis was temporarily averted, and the control of the nuclear submarine was regained under Raymond’s command.

“The water seepage in all areas has decreased!”

A piece of good news came through the walkie-talkie.

“The current depth is 500 meters, and the shell structure has not changed.”

The staff also brought good news.

After hearing this news, Raymond leaned back in his chair and wiped the cold sweat off his forehead.

He let out a long sigh of relief.

The nervousness in his heart had also eased at this time.

If the new system could not control it, then they would really die!

“Professor Raymond, you can program?”

“I saw your programming just now. You are really awesome!”

At this moment, an engineer’s eyes lit up as he asked. The other engineers were the same. They looked at Raymond as if they were worshipping a big shot.

They had all seen Raymond’s programming before. It was indeed very impressive. Even if his level was not above theirs, it was definitely higher than theirs.

Although they could also rewrite such a program, in such a short period of time and under such circumstances, they, as engineers, felt that they could not do it.

This was also the reason why they admired Raymond very much.

Raymond smiled. “I only know a little about it. I’m not a big shot.”

“Professor Raymond!”

At this moment, Captain Shroff pushed the door open and entered.

Raymond stood up and looked at Captain Shroff. “Captain Shroff, the crisis has been resolved.”

At this moment, all the people following the Q-01 nuclear submarine returned to the control room from various positions.

Captain Shroff stood in front of Raymond.

He raised his hand respectfully and saluted, “Professor Raymond, on behalf of all the followers, I would like to express my high respect to you. If it weren’t for you, we might have died again today. Thank you for allowing us to live!”

Captain Shroff’s expression was solemn. His eyes were filled with excitement, but his tone was a little choked up.

The people who followed Captain Shroff…

Everyone’s faces were filled with admiration, and they had the highest respect for Raymond in their hearts.

Today’s crisis was resolved entirely because of Raymond!

Raymond was their savior.

Raymond smiled and said, “That’s too serious. I’m just trying to save myself. To survive, we have to rely on our cooperation.”

After saying that, everyone laughed. This time, it was a happy smile, the happiest smile. It was the smile after surviving a great disaster.

Then, Raymond turned around and looked at the big screen. “President, Professor Hoppes, the Q-01 nuclear submarine test has been completed. Permission to return!”

Logically speaking, the voyage test would only end in five days. However, after the matter just given, the Q-01 nuclear submarine had to undergo a major repair, and the control system had to be perfected as soon as possible in order to prevent similar things from happening again.

The Q-01 nuclear submarine was now in the center of the open sea, thousands of nautical miles away from the United States.

At the current speed of the Q-01 nuclear submarine, it would take at least ten days, and this was at full speed.

But the Q-01 nuclear submarine’s shell was severely damaged, and its speed could not be guaranteed. Therefore, the time would be relatively longer, and the exact time Raymond could not be sure.

Therefore, in order to avoid further damage to the hull of the Q-01 nuclear submarine, it was the best choice to return now.

“We agree to return, Professor Raymond. Come back as soon as possible! We are all waiting for you!” Professor Hoppes shouted excitedly.

The President also said firmly, “Professor Raymond, every member of the team, we are waiting for your triumphant return!”

After saying that, Raymond nodded heavily.

“Everyone, gather your emotions. We are going back!”

Raymond waved his hand and ordered!

“Go home! We are going home to see our children!”

“This is great. We can finally eat the food cooked at home!”

“Professor Raymond, this is the best!”

Then, everyone returned to their respective posts and busied themselves with their work.

And Raymond was commanding the Q-01 nuclear submarine to quickly return!