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On the other side of the high seas, in the waters of South Korea.


A nuclear submarine dived to a depth of 500 meters and quietly entered the waters of South Korea.

At this time, the Russian nuclear submarine that was docked in South Korea also entered the water at the same time!

The commander of this Russian nuclear submarine docked in South Korea was Lieutenant General Bart.

In the cabin, Lieutenant General Bart was looking through the periscope at the scene outside.

This time, South Korean, General Park, was following beside him.

“Lieutenant General Bart, our side has already entered South Korean waters. We can move out at any time.”

A cold and solemn voice immediately came from the communication device.

Lieutenant General Bart heard this and waved his hand. He replied, “Lieutenant General Marcus, don’t be anxious. There are at least ten days before the American nuclear submarine returns. During this period of time, we will be good anchors!”

The new generation of the American Q-01 nuclear submarine went into the open sea for testing. This news had been known to Russia a few days ago.

Immediately, Bart was anxious and called an emergency meeting of the military upper echelons of the various countries.

The United States had just tested a new generation of nuclear submarines two months ago. Now, just over two months had passed, and the United States had already developed a new generation of nuclear submarines. This speed was comparable to that of a pregnant bunny. The higher-ups realized that this might be a test by the United States. The nuclear submarines should not be much different from the previous ones.

After reaching this conclusion, Russia immediately contacted South Korea, wanting to take this opportunity to do something.

The whole world knew that the Russian nuclear submarines had entered the United States’ waters.

Russia and South Korea also vented their anger during this operation.

At the same time, Russia also used this opportunity to solidify its position as the world’s overlord.

This time, they heard that the United States actually stood on a new generation of nuclear submarines and was even conducting ocean-going water tests.

If Russia and South Korea didn’t participate, this was completely not in line with their personalities!

They had been bullied so badly by the United States, and Russia had lost all its face. No matter what, Russia had to regain its lost face.

So, after some discussion.

Jackson immediately ordered another Russian nuclear submarine to go to South Korean waters.

Then, both of them went to American waters.

They wanted to intercept the new generation of nuclear submarines that the United States was testing and humiliate the United States once again.

This series of events led to this scene.

Of course, this operation was very secretive.

This time, they would not enter American waters. After all, the previous invasion of American waters had made the United States prepare in advance. Their two Russian nuclear submarines were a little dangerous.

Therefore, this time, they decided to directly intercept the nuclear submarines tested by the United States in the high seas!

Moreover, they had predicted the two return routes of the American nuclear submarines in advance and made a lot of preparations the day before yesterday.

Lieutenant General Marcus’ voice came from the communication device again. “Lieutenant General Bart, then I will listen to your command. I also want to see the results of the United States’ research and development in the past two months.”

Hearing this… The corners of Lieutenant General Bart’s mouth curled up into a sneer. “Two months. Even if we, Russia, stop our research for ten years, the United States’ nuclear submarine will not have a chance of catching up to the Russian nuclear submarine we are currently on. It’s only two months. What results can they have?”

Immediately after, Lieutenant General Bart changed the topic. “If you ask me, this time, Commander Jackson sent you over. It’s unnecessary. I alone can solve it.”

“That’s right. Not to mention two months, even if they were given ten months, they might not be able to develop a top-notch nuclear submarine that is comparable to our Russian nuclear submarine in ten years!”

General Park stood next to Lieutenant General Bart and spoke with a smile.

Lieutenant General Bart looked at General Park meaningfully and did not say anything.

In the communication device, Lieutenant General Morris chuckled. “Lieutenant General Bart, you’re right. However, I’m looking forward to seeing if the American nuclear submarines can bring us any surprises. For example, they can last for a minute under our hands.”

“Hahahahaha, Lieutenant General Morris, you’re really cunning. Alright, let’s go to the high seas and wait for them to reach the American waters,” Lieutenant General Bart replied.

“Yes, Lieutenant General Bart!”

Morris replied and then turned off the communication device.

Lieutenant General Bart put his hands behind his back and sneered, “Let’s go! Head to the high seas!”

Then, under the control of the staff.

The Russian nuclear submarine that Lieutenant General Bart was on slowly went over the surface of the water.

Then, it headed straight for the high seas.

Then, the same thing happened to the Russian nuclear submarine that had just arrived.

The two Russian nuclear submarines went to the two routes that the American nuclear submarine might return to and waited.

Time flew by, a hundred days later.

There were still 200 nautical miles of the high seas from the United States, and the depth was about 510 meters.

A Russian nuclear submarine was moving slowly in the sea.

At this time, the nuclear submarine that Lieutenant General Bart was on.

They had been waiting here for seven days, and today was the eighth day.

There was still no news about the latest generation of nuclear submarines in the United States.

At this time, in the cabin, Lieutenant General Bart stood in front of the control panel and pressed on the communication device. “Marcus, what’s the situation on your side? Have you found any traces of nuclear submarines?”

Not long after, Morris’ voice sounded. “I didn’t find anything. There are only fish here.”

Immediately after, Morris changed the topic. “Could it be that the United States knew that we were ambushed here and took a detour in advance or that we were detected?”

Lieutenant General Bart retorted, “Impossible. This operation can not be leaked. Moreover, in order to avoid the United States’ anti-submarine detection, we have already dived down to 510 meters. It is impossible for the United States to detect our presence.”

Morris said impatiently, “Then the American nuclear submarine hasn’t arrived yet. Really, I suddenly feel a little regretful for coming to carry out this mission.”

Lieutenant General Bart frowned. “Since that’s the case, you can apply to return to your country at any time. I can settle this myself. It’s just an American nuclear submarine.”

“I don’t mean that either. I just feel that it’s too boring. After waiting for so many days, there’s still no sign of the American nuclear submarine. It’s like having strength, but there’s no place to use it,” Morris said with a smile.

Lieutenant General Bart snorted coldly. “In that case, you can start searching around. At the same time, you can take the initiative to reveal your location and let the American nuclear submarine find you. That way, you won’t be bored anymore.”

“Lieutenant General Bart, the National Defense Chief’s video conference!”

At this moment, the staff member reminded him.

“Connect it immediately!” Bart glared in the middle.