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Not long after.

The face of the Secretary of Defense appeared on the big screen.


“Bart, Morris, what’s the situation? Have you found any traces of the American nuclear submarine?”

His expression was somewhat solemn.

Lieutenant General Bart raised his hand. “Reporting to the Secretary of Defense, there are no traces of the American nuclear submarine on Route No. 1’s return route.”

Morris followed closely behind. “Reporting to the Secretary of Defense, there are no traces of US nuclear submarines on Route No. 2.”

The Secretary of Defense nodded. “Then continue to wait. We must wait until the arrival of the US nuclear submarines.”

Then… The Secretary of defense continued to add, “Remember, the purpose of this mission is to detect the extent of the US nuclear submarine technology. If there is a major technological breakthrough or if there is a threat, we can eliminate it immediately. We must not allow the rise of the US nuclear submarine technology. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Secretary of Defense!”

Then, the Secretary of Defense Hung up the video conference.

Lieutenant General Bart lost interest in communicating with Morris. He turned his head and ordered, “Activate the omni-directional sonar system and start cruising mode. The US nuclear submarine should be arriving soon.”

“Yes, Lieutenant General Bart,” the staff immediately replied.

At the same time.

In the open sea about 250 nautical miles away from the American waters, at a depth of 400 meters underwater.

The American Q-01 nuclear submarine was slowly heading toward the American waters.

At this time, in the Q-01 nuclear submarine control room, Raymond and Captain Shroff were in front of the control panel.

The staff was all busy and nervous.

The data on the big screen was changing steadily, there was no abnormal situation.

After experiencing the last crisis, Raymond and the follow-up staff were even more steadfast in their posts and did not dare to relax for even a moment.

During this period, Raymond and a few engineers worked together to strengthen the system, checking the degree of repair of the system from time to time.

The repair of the system caused everyone to not have a good rest.

But even so, no one dared to rest.

At this moment, everyone’s faces were covered with thick dark circles.

“What is the current speed and how far are we from the American waters?”

Raymond crossed his arms in front of his chest and spoke with a serious expression.

“The accommodation is 30 knots. There are still 248 nautical miles left from the American waters. It is estimated that we will reach the American waters in about a day’s time,” the staff member immediately replied.

Raymond nodded after hearing it. He thought for a while and said, “Send this data to the command center.”

“Yes, Professor Raymond.”

The staff quickly began to operate.

Soon, Professor Hoppes’ image appeared on the big screen in the operation room.

“Professor Raymond, the command center has made preparations. They have cleared all the US waters today. They have also conducted surveys in the nearby waters. There is no threat.”

When they were predicting that the Q-01 nuclear submarine would return, Professor Hoppes ordered the strong liquor to conduct a strict survey in the US waters and the 200 nautical miles of the US waters on the original return route in order to allow the Q-01 nuclear submarine to return safely, they had conducted a strict survey.

As long as it was a target 500 meters below the surface, it could be detected by specialized anti-submarine warplanes.

It was precisely because they were afraid that the Q-01 nuclear submarine would encounter an interception on the way back. The current condition of the Q-01 nuclear submarine was not good, and its shell structure could not withstand any large fluctuations. Once it encountered an enemy situation, it was very likely that it would cause damage to the nuclear submarine.

Therefore, Professor Hoppes and the President were very concerned about this.

Hearing this, Raymond heaved a sigh of relief. “That’s good, Professor Hoppes. Then we will proceed according to the original return route.”

“Good, Professor Raymond. We are all waiting for the triumph of the Q-01 nuclear submarine!”

Professor Hoppes’ face was full of excitement as he said this.

In about two days, the Q-01 nuclear submarine would enter the United States’ waters. As long as it entered the United States’ waters, the Q-01 nuclear submarine would be safe.

Even if it encountered the last incident where the Russian nuclear submarine invaded the United States’ waters.

Professor Hoppes was also confident that they could go head-to-head with a Russian nuclear submarine!

The two of them were full of confidence in the Q-01 nuclear submarine!

It was an existence that was comparable to a Russian nuclear submarine in terms of shell structure, diving depth, and other technical aspects. In terms of anti-navigation missiles, torpedoes, and other weapons, it even surpassed the existence of a Russian nuclear submarine!

If one day they encountered a Russian nuclear submarine, the Q-01 nuclear submarine would definitely be able to beat the Russian nuclear submarine into a pulp!

At this moment, Professor Hoppes’ expression turned serious. “Raymond, the President’s video conference.”

Raymond was stunned and nodded heavily. “Connect it, Professor Hoppes.”

Before long, the screen flashed and split into two.

The President and the Secretary of State appeared on the big screen.

Over the past few days, the President had taken some time to call the command center for a video conference with the Q-01 nuclear submarine.

The return of the nuclear submarine was not a small matter. On the high seas, once something happened, it was impossible to explain it clearly.

Only when the Q-01 nuclear submarine entered the United States’ waters would the Q-01 nuclear submarine be truly safe.

“Professor Raymond, how’s the situation today?” the President asked with a smile.

Raymond raised his hand and immediately said, “Reporting to the President, everything is normal. Nothing abnormal has happened.”

“Very good. Then I’ll wait here. When the time comes, I’ll be ready to welcome your return!” The President nodded.

“Don’t worry, President. We’ll definitely lead the Q-01 nuclear submarine and the all-listening members back safely,” Raymond said seriously.

“Professor Raymond, there’s a situation!”

At this moment, the sonar observer stared at the dashboard in front of him and spoke with a frown.

On the dashboard, there were countless spots of light, big and small. Most of them were schools of fish or sharks and whales.

When he said this, not only Raymond, but also Professor Hoppes and the President’s expressions on the screen changed, and their brows furrowed.

“What happened?” Raymond asked, and then his eyes stared at the dashboard.

The observer pointed at a light spot on the dashboard. “Professor Raymond, this light spot is a little abnormal. The frequency of his blinking is slightly faster than the other light spots. Not only that, but this light spot is also slightly different.”

Then, the observer projected the entire dashboard onto the big screen.

At the same time, he marked the abnormal light spot.

On the big screen, the frequency of the light spot that was not marked was indeed a little too fast, and the light spot was indeed a little different.

The image was synchronized to the command center and the President’s side.

For a moment, everyone’s eyes were focused on it.

Professor Hoppes frowned and asked, “Professor Raymond, what do you think that light spot is?”

Raymond frowned and said, “Professor Hoppes, you should have guessed it, right?”