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Professor Hoppes’ face immediately darkened.

“But previously, when we were scouting, we didn’t detect anything unusual. How did it suddenly appear?!”

He was anxious and sad at the same time.

This matter was obviously not something that Raymond and the others should be worried about. Who would have thought that it would still put them in danger!

“If I’m not wrong, they must have been waiting for quite some time. Moreover, regardless of this, they have also done a lot of preparatory work. They said that they would give us a fatal blow before we get close.”

Raymond shook his head and said, “This is not your problem.”

After being said that, the President looked at Raymond in puzzlement.

Then he seemed to have realized something and asked, “What are you two talking about?”

“President, we may have encountered a local nuclear submarine. If I’m not wrong, it should be the nuclear submarine from before!” Raymond suddenly said.

Professor Hoppes also expressed his agreement.

For a moment, everyone was stunned.

This wave was not over yet. Another wave had come!

The Q-01 nuclear submarine had just escaped from the crisis, but now it had encountered a Russian nuclear submarine.

Raymond and his entourage were indeed a little unlucky.

“This means that this Russian nuclear submarine has long had a premeditated plan!” the President said with a solemn expression.

Two months ago, the Q-01 nuclear submarine encountered a Russian nuclear submarine during a test run.

Due to its lack of strength, the Q-01 nuclear submarine was forced to return. After that, Russia and the South Korean nation were even more arrogant. They did not treat the invasion of the United States’ waters as a very important matter.

However, at that time, the United States had no choice but to endure because it did not have the capital to fight against the Russian nuclear submarine.

Now, under Raymond’s leadership, the latest generation of the United States had caught up with the Russian nuclear submarine and the Q-01 nuclear submarine had successfully returned after testing the waters.

Unexpectedly, Russia and South Korea were still thinking of intercepting them halfway.

At this moment, Professor Hoppes gritted his teeth. “Russia and South Korea are planning to make us sick and take our lives!”

“Now that the shell structure of the Q-01 nuclear submarine has been damaged, the consequences of taking a stake in the Russian nuclear submarine are unimaginable!”

After saying this, the President also frowned. “Professor Hoppes, what are the chances of winning?”

Professor Hoppes said with a bit of a dilemma, “Obviously, the enemy came prepared. If the enemy knows that our shell is damaged, it will be extremely disadvantageous to our side. Moreover, the current situation of the Q-01 nuclear submarine is not conducive to fighting at all. If we fight forcefully, the chances of winning may not even be 50%.”

With that said, the faces of the President and the Secretary of State darkened.

“If we take a detour, will we be able to avoid this interception?”

Professor Hoppes’ eyes were bloodshot as he asked.

At this moment, Raymond stepped forward and calmly said, “President, we can give up on returning!”

At this moment, his tone was filled with an indomitable aura. Even if he had to perish together with the enemy, he would no longer run away with his head held high!

Giving up on returning was equivalent to giving up on going home!

After saying this, the people in the command center, their superiors, and Professor Hoppes were all silent.

They could quite understand what Raymond meant.

For a moment, everyone’s mood was somewhat gloomy.

Russian and South Korean nuclear submarines!

They were really haunting, actually coming to intercept the Q-01 nuclear submarine at this time!

If the Q-01 nuclear submarine was intact, Raymond and Professor Thorpe would not be afraid of this interception.

After all, the Q-01 nuclear submarine already had the ability to fight with the Russian nuclear submarine.

Moreover, Raymond was also confident that he could finish off the other party as soon as possible.

But now, the structure of the Q-01 nuclear submarine’s shell had been damaged. It was absolutely impossible to engage in a long-term battle. It was better to finish off the other party as soon as possible, finish off the other party in time, and then return quickly.

However, the problem was that it would be difficult to finish off the enemy in the current state of the Q-01 nuclear submarine.

Otherwise, they would have to deal with the enemy. The final result would definitely not be satisfactory.

Both of these methods were dangerous.

No one knew how long the Q-01 nuclear submarine could hold on, and no one knew what kind of sudden changes would happen before the battle.

All of this was unknown.

“President, we can choose not to return and fight to the death with the enemy!”

At this moment, Captain Shroff stood beside Raymond. He raised his hand and saluted with a very serious expression.

“We give up on returning and fight to the death with the enemy!”

Follower A also made a decision.

The last time the Russian nuclear submarine invaded the United States’ waters, the act of the United States retreating was still vivid in their minds.

The humiliation and helplessness were deeply imprinted in everyone’s hearts.

This time, they must not be as timid as the last time!

Russia and South Korea were too arrogant!

“Professor Raymond, if necessary, you can give up the nuclear submarine. Your lives are the most important!” the President said after a moment of hesitation.

“Everyone, it’s up to you. You are the heroes of the United States. I am in the United States, waiting for your triumphant return!”

The President did not want to put the people on the Q-01 nuclear submarine at risk.

However, the situation down there did not allow for much consideration. There was no other choice but to fight!

Professor Hoppes and the staff members also looked at the big screen and expressed their high respect.

Raymond had already followed the staff and gave up on returning. He only wanted to fight to the death with the enemy. He wanted to let Russia and South Korea know that the United States was not a hot country. At this station, Raymond and the staff members had to face an extremely difficult task.

They were willing to risk their lives to fight for it!

In the control room.

Raymond’s tone was bold and calm. “President, please rest assured. We guarantee that we will complete the mission. The Q-01 nuclear submarine will use this battle to shock the world!”

“The Q-01 nuclear submarine will definitely shock the world!”

Then, the men also shouted. Their eyes were filled with determination.

Their voices were like thunder that echoed in everyone’s ears. In an instant, everyone’s blood boiled, but they also felt a touch of sadness.

“Let’s go,” the President said in shock.


Raymond took the lead and shouted.

Then, Raymond turned his head and looked at the followers. “Everyone, get ready. Let them see the power of the American nuclear submarine!”

After saying that, the followers quickly returned to their posts and made ample preparations.

The entire control room was also bustling with activity. Everyone was making preparations for this sudden battle.

Raymond kept giving orders. Only the Q-01 nuclear submarine would enter combat mode. They would be prepared for the battle!

A great battle was about to break out!

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