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Only 40 nautical miles away from the Q-01 nuclear submarine.


The Russian nuclear submarine under the command of Lieutenant General Bart was still diving to a depth of 510 meters.

Under the command of Lieutenant General Bart, the sonar equipment was fully switched on and cruising mode was activated.

At this moment, in the control room, Bart had his hands behind his back as he looked coldly at the big screen in front of him.

The big screen displayed all kinds of data.

“Have you found a suspected American nuclear submarine?” Lieutenant General Bart said coldly.

After observing the heat source for a while, he replied, “Reporting! Lieutenant General Bart, we haven’t found the target for the time being.”

Lieutenant General Bart frowned and muttered in a low voice, “Could it be that the United States hasn’t arrived yet?”

Logically speaking, as long as an American nuclear submarine passed through the sonar detection range of a Russian nuclear submarine, it would definitely be discovered!

That was because the underwater noise of the American Q series nuclear submarine was 102 decibels. Even if it was the latest generation, it would not be possible to make much progress.

At the very least, in the direction of underwater noise, the United States would definitely not be able to make significant progress in less than two months and reduce such a large scale.

Russia’s decibel was 95 decibels, which was currently the world’s most advanced decibels technology. Russia would definitely be able to discover the United States’ nuclear submarines.

Thinking of it this way, other than the reasonable explanation that the United States’ nuclear submarines were on their way back, the rest of the explanations did not make sense.

“Immediately ask Morris about the situation there,” Lieutenant General Bart instructed.

Not long after, the call was connected.

“Lieutenant General Bart, have you discovered the American nuclear submarine?”

Lieutenant General Bart said in a deep voice, “Not yet.”

“According to the estimated time, the American nuclear submarine should be coming soon. Strengthen the alert and do not let go of any suspicious targets,” Lieutenant General Bart continued to add.

“Yes, Lieutenant General Bart,” Morris replied impatiently.

“Lieutenant General Bart, we have found a suspicious target!”

At this moment, the staff member pointed at the bright spot on the big screen and exclaimed.

Bart’s expression immediately turned cold. He quickly took a few steps forward and came to the staff member’s side.

“Lieutenant General Bart, look at this bright spot. The flashing frequency is much faster than other bright spots. It doesn’t look like a marine creature. It’s very likely to be an American nuclear submarine!” the staff member said seriously.

As soon as he said this, Lieutenant General Bart was immediately shocked. “The American nuclear submarine has finally arrived?!”

He didn’t know how long he had been waiting for the American nuclear submarine.

“It’s very likely, but…” the staff member quickly replied.

When Bart heard this, he immediately asked, “But what?! Quickly say it.”

“But… If this is a real American nuclear submarine, then their underwater noise technology is very likely to have made progress!” the staff member stammered.

Lieutenant General Bart was puzzled.

The staff member said seriously, “Lieutenant General Bart, right now we don’t dare to determine whether the bright spot is the real reason for the American nuclear submarine. The sonar equipment has detected the bright spot, but it is not stable. Look here.”

After saying this, the staff member pointed at another bright spot on the screen that was very far away and said, “This is the Russian nuclear submarine under the command of Lieutenant General Morris. His bright spot is slightly faster than the frequency of the bright spot that we have previously discovered.”

Lieutenant General Bart naturally knew the meaning behind this and said in a deep voice, “This means that the underwater stealth technology of the nuclear submarine that has been discovered is somewhat more of a trap than the nuclear submarine that was tested two months ago.”

“Yes, Lieutenant General Bart,” the staff member said with a shocked expression.

As soon as these words were said, Lieutenant General Bart’s eyes darkened.

According to the scientific research level of the United States, they were actually able to make progress in the underwater stealth technology of the nuclear submarine within two months.

It wasn’t easy. Lieutenant General Bart thought that the nuclear submarine tested by the United States this time was almost the same as before.

After all, there was only two months’ time. No matter which country it was, it was impossible to develop a certain technology.

But now it seemed that the American nuclear submarine still had some progress in terms of technology.

Lieutenant General Bart thought that the American nuclear submarine test this time should be almost the same as before.

But now it seemed that the American nuclear submarine technology still had some progress.

“Contact the Secretary of Defense,” Lieutenant General Bart ordered.

The staff members hurriedly began to operate.

Not long after, the screen changed and the face of the Secretary of Defense appeared.

“Lieutenant General Bart, is there anything important?” the Secretary of Defense asked with a serious expression and a frown.

Lieutenant General Bart raised his hand and saluted. “Secretary of Defense, we discovered what is suspected to be a new generation of American nuclear submarines. Their sonar technology can rival the sonar technology of our Russian nuclear submarines in just two months!”

“What do we need to do now? Are we going to destroy it directly?”

After saying that, the Secretary of Defense did not say anything. Instead, he was thinking.

At first, he was a little shocked. There was actually a better sonar technology than Russia’s?!

This kind of technology was actually developed by the United States in just two months?

The Secretary of Defense could not believe it, but considering the current Bart, he definitely would not joke around at this time.

He was even more shocked.

Russia’s newest sonar technology took nearly three years to develop. When it was actually put into use, it would take at least another year.

There was no one in the world who could compete with their sonar technology.

But what was going on now? They had fooled Russia’s sonar, and the technology was even more advanced than theirs?

It had only taken them two months, and this made the Secretary of Defense a little excited.

If such technology was in the hands of Russia, the technology of the nuclear submarine would be unrivaled, and it was not impossible to surpass it.

“Immediately go forward and inspect the United States’ nuclear submarine. Make sure to get all the data in your hands,” the Secretary of Defense said.

“Secretary of Defense, the US nuclear submarine technology should also have some kind of underwater stealth technology,” Lieutenant General Bart reported truthfully.

“The US nuclear submarine also has underwater stealth technology?!”

The Secretary of Defense was stunned. It was obvious that he had not expected this.

Lieutenant General Bart nodded affirmatively. “Our sonar detection equipment cannot accurately detect the exact location of the US nuclear submarine.”

“Interesting. The United States has made a breakthrough in the underwater stealth technology of the nuclear submarine.”

The Secretary of Defense frowned.

“Meet up with Morris. There’s no need to confirm whether or not it’s an American nuclear submarine. Directly sink the nuclear submarine! We can’t let them leave this area. Once they enter the national waters from the high seas, there won’t be any means to sanction them!”

Soon, the Secretary of Defense made a new decision!

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