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When Lieutenant General Bart heard this, he immediately raised his hand and said, “Yes! Secretary of Defense!”

He naturally understood the meaning of this.

If that nuclear submarine was really the new generation of American nuclear submarines, and it also had the same underwater stealth ability as the Russian-class submarine.

If it was allowed to return to the United States, it would be a moderate threat to the Russian-class submarine.

It would also have a significant impact on the future actions of the Russian-class submarine.

This kind of impact was huge. It was very easy for this small matter to cause many things to happen in the future.

The Secretary of Defense had to directly nip this kind of thing in the bud.

Moreover, this was high seas. If the two nuclear submarines met, there was a possibility of a battle, a battle between the nuclear submarines! Even if the United States retaliated later, they could find an excuse. After all, this was high seas. Whatever happened could be resolved through the means of a press conference.

At this moment, Lieutenant General Bart immediately ordered, “Order Morris to quickly head to the location of the suspected American nuclear submarines! Form a pincer formation with our side. We can’t let the American nuclear submarines escape!”

Then, he continued to add, “Immediately get ready for battle! What is the current distance? Can we determine the exact location of the enemy nuclear submarine?!”

“Unable to determine the exact location. The current distance is 50 nautical miles. It has not reached the torpedo weapon’s attack range!” the staff quickly replied.

Because they were in the deep sea, the anti-ship missile’s effect was extremely small. Under the circumstances where they could not determine the enemy’s location, they could not be used easily. They could only settle for the second best and use the torpedo weapon.

The maximum attack range of a Russian nuclear submarine torpedo attack weapon was also 30 nautical miles. The actual distance was 25 nautical miles. Only then could it accurately hit the enemy’s target.

Lieutenant General Bart pondered for a moment and ordered, “Move forward immediately. Once you reach the attack range, directly attack the suspected American nuclear submarine!”

“Yes, Lieutenant General Bart!”

The staff received the order and quickly began to operate.

For a moment, the atmosphere in the control room became exceptionally tense.

But what Lieutenant General Bart and the Secretary of Defense did not expect was that at this time, the Q-01 nuclear submarine had already started combat preparations, waiting for this Russian nuclear submarine to move forward at any time. As long as it reached the attack range of the Q-01 nuclear submarine, the nuclear submarine would immediately launch an attack on it!

At the same time.

In the control room of the Q-01 nuclear submarine.

Raymond and Captain Shroff stood upright in front of the control panel, their brows tightly knitted together.

“The structure of the shell is fine, the degree of damage is acceptable.”

“The torpedo weapon is ready.”

“The sonar detection system is normal.”

“Everything is ready, ready for battle mode at any time.”

Voices came from the walkie-talkie.

Raymond listened to the news and asked seriously, “Can you confirm the enemy’s exact location?”

After a series of knocking sounds, the staff replied, “Professor Raymond, I can’t confirm the exact location.”

Raymond was not surprised.

After all, the enemy was a Russian-class nuclear submarine and had underwater stealth technology.

In terms of underwater stealth technology, the Q-01 nuclear submarine only caught up to the Russian submarine and did not surpass it.

However, it was not a bad thing.

Since the Q-01 nuclear submarine could not detect the exact location of the Russian nuclear submarine, then the Russian nuclear submarine would not be able to detect the exact location of the Q-01 nuclear submarine.

Moreover, the Q-01 nuclear submarine held a secret weapon in its hands.

Raymond firmly believed that as long as there were no accidents, once the two nuclear submarines met, the final victor would most likely be the Q-01 nuclear submarine!

“Professor Raymond, there’s a situation! There should be more than one Russian nuclear submarine!”

At this moment, the sonar detector exclaimed.

Raymond was stunned and asked loudly, “There’s another one?”

The sonar detector said seriously, “Yes, Professor Raymond, we found another bright spot. It seems to be similar to the Russian nuclear submarine!”

“It’s heading in our direction. It looks like it wants to surround us!”

It was actually two Russian nuclear submarines! This was something Raymond never expected. In order to intercept them, Russia and South Korea actually sent another Russian-class nuclear submarine! This was a huge investment! They planned to directly kill the new generation of American nuclear submarines, the Q-01 nuclear submarine!

Professor Hoppes and the President in the command center were also shocked when they heard this news. They also didn’t expect that there would be two nuclear submarines intercepting them here.

However, the two of them were unable to provide any help and could only be anxious here. After all, only Raymond, who was on the Q-01 nuclear submarine, understood the current situation the best.

If they were to rashly come up with a plan, it might very well backfire and make Raymond unable to find a better solution.

At this moment, in the control room.

“Professor Raymond, I suggest that we first deal with one of the Russian-class submarines. With our current state, if we were to face two Russian-class submarines together, we have no chance of winning!” Captain Shroff suggested.

What he said made sense.

Even if the Q-01 nuclear submarine was not damaged, it was basically impossible to face two Russian-class nuclear submarines, not to mention that the structure of the Q-01’s shell was damaged.

Raymond nodded with a serious expression. “Let’s do it this way first! Find an opportunity to sink one of them first!”

“Immediately abandon the original route and move towards the nine o’clock direction. Make sure to put some distance between you and the second Russian-class submarine, and seize the time to determine the exact location of the enemy nuclear submarine!”

“Dive to 450 meters and maintain a speed of 30 knots!”

Raymond immediately gave the order.

“Yes, Professor Raymond!”

The staff immediately started operating.

Immediately after, the nuclear submarine shook for a while and changed its direction before continuing to move forward.

On the big screen, the two bright spots that were shown as Russian-class nuclear submarines were following closely behind.

“Professor Raymond, the enemy’s nuclear submarines have activated their combat forms and are detecting our exact position!”

At this moment, the staff member replied.

Raymond, who had received the information, gritted his teeth. “Have you found the enemy’s exact position?”

“Not yet!”

“If our side voluntarily reveals our position, can we detect the enemy’s exact position?!” Raymond asked again.

The staff member was stunned. “Theoretically, that is indeed the case…”

When Captain Shroff heard this, his eyes widened. “Professor Raymond, this is too risky!”

On the screen, Professor Hoppes was also shocked. “Professor Raymond, if this is the case, it is very easy for you to fall into danger! That is two nuclear submarines!”

The President also hurriedly advised, “Professor Raymond, although the method is feasible, this method is too risky. If you are not careful, you will be wiped out!”

Raymond clenched his teeth and shook his head, “Running like this is not the way. We must find a chance to break through! President, Professor Hoppes, everyone, please believe me. I can solve the current crisis!”

Seeing Raymond’s determined gaze, the President and Professor Hoppes did not speak.

Because they believed that Raymond would create another miracle from this crisis!

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