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They could only trust Raymond now!

They believed that he could once again create a miracle and save the Q-01 nuclear submarine from fire and water!

“Activate maximum speed! Pull away first, it’s best to maintain a distance of 35 nautical miles from the enemy!” Raymond ordered.

“Yes! Professor Raymond, if we activate maximum speed now, the shell structure might not be able to withstand it!” Captain Shroff suddenly reminded.

Raymond shook his head. “There’s no other way. We can only do this now. According to my calculations, if we maintain the maximum speed, the shell structure can last for three hours. As long as we can end this battle within three hours, we will be fine!”

Captain Shroff wanted to say something but was interrupted by Raymond. “Captain Shroff, there’s no other way now. We can only take the risk.”

Captain Shroff sighed helplessly, then nodded heavily.

“Pass down the order. Maintain maximum speed, 35 knots! Hurry!” Raymond gave the order.

“Yes, Professor Raymond.”

The staff immediately transmitted the order to each post.

For a moment, the atmosphere in the control room became even more tense. Everyone’s expression was a little uneasy. Facing the pursuit of two Russian nuclear submarines, could the Q-01 nuclear submarine really win?

They didn’t know, but even if there was no hope of winning, they still had to follow Raymond unswervingly.

Even if the final result was still impossible to escape, they still had to pull one of the nuclear submarines into the sea! This was what they had decided in their hearts! Even if they were to die, they had to drag someone down with them! With this kind of conviction, everyone once again stared at the big screen.

An hour later.

“Professor Raymond, we have pulled away! Currently, the distance between US and the two nuclear submarines is 5 nautical miles and 40 nautical miles respectively!” the staff member said loudly.

After saying that, Raymond’s eyes flashed. “The torpedo weapon is ready. Is there a problem?”

“There’s no problem. Everything is ready!” the staff member quickly replied.

“Take the initiative to reveal our position!” Raymond ordered without any hesitation.


Everyone in the control room stared at the big screen with rapt attention.

Previously, Raymond had discussed with them the corresponding countermeasures.

The advantage they currently had was that they knew some data of the Russian-class nuclear submarine.

That was that the torpedo weapon’s range was up to 30 nautical miles, and the actual distance should be 25 nautical miles.

Of course, these data were previously exposed by the Russian nuclear submarine, and have not been confirmed.

The Q-01 nuclear submarine’s torpedo weapon range is up to 35 nautical miles, and the actual distance should be around 32 nautical miles.

In this way, as long as the distance is increased, the Russian nuclear submarine, because the torpedo weapon’s range was too short, temporarily could not attack the Q-01 nuclear submarine.

The Q-01 nuclear submarine’s torpedo weapon could try to attack the Russian nuclear submarine.

However, all of this was based on a gamble.

The gamble was that the two Russian nuclear submarines did not carry more advanced missiles or torpedo weapons that had not been exposed.

Once the gamble was won, the Q-01 nuclear submarine would have a chance to directly sink one of the Russian-class nuclear submarines.

Then the current crisis could be resolved a little!

But if the bet was wrong, the Q-01 nuclear submarine would be sunk by the enemy.

This was something that couldn’t be helped. This was the most perfect solution that Raymond could think of.

After the President and Professor Hoppes learned of Raymond’s plan, they also frowned and felt a little uneasy.

This was completely testing the waters on the edge of danger!

If they followed Raymond’s plan, it was indeed possible to resolve the current crisis.

However, once the country loaded the latest torpedo weapons on the Russian nuclear submarine, the Q-01 nuclear submarine would once again face a certain death situation.

Moreover, this certain death situation could not be resolved. In other words, they would really die.

“Professor Raymond, the enemy has detected our exact location!”

At this moment, the staff member exclaimed.

“Has the enemy’s exact location been detected?” Raymond asked.

“Currently detecting.”

Everyone in the control room held their breaths as they waited for the result anxiously.

Their palms were full of sweat.

Next, it was time to witness their guesses.

Whether or not they could break out of the current situation depended on the following time!

“One of the Russian nuclear submarines has locked onto our position. The enemy has increased their speed! They are approaching us! The current distance is 34 nautical miles!”

After hearing the message, Raymond did not respond immediately. He was still waiting.

“Found the exact position of one of the Russian nuclear submarines! They are at the southwest corner, 510 meters underwater!”

Raymond clenched his fists. He had finally found the enemy’s position! He immediately ordered, “Lock onto the position immediately! Slow down and maintain 30 knots!”


“Locked onto the exact location of the enemy nuclear submarine. Torpedo weapons are ready!”

“Very good. Continue to wait and be ready to attack at any time!”

Raymond’s heart was so tight that it almost jumped out of his throat.

From the current situation, the enemy’s torpedo weapon’s attack range was also limited, temporarily unable to attack them.

Therefore, this was also the reason why the Russian nuclear submarine suddenly increased its speed.

“Current speed 30 knots, distance with the enemy… 38 nautical miles.”

The staff compared the data, and his forehead was already covered in cold sweat.

The news kept reaching Raymond’s ears, but he still did not give an order. He just stood there quietly and waited.

“Distance with the enemy: 36 nautical miles… 31 nautical miles!”

Upon hearing the data, Raymond’s eyes flashed. This was his chance! He waved his hand. “Use the torpedo weapon immediately! Attack the Russian nuclear submarine!”

“Locked onto the enemy’s target. Attack immediately!”

With Raymond’s order, the staff hurriedly transmitted the order. At the same time, they pressed the red button to launch the torpedo weapon.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

Immediately after, three-fifths of the torpedo weapon on the Q-01 nuclear submarine flew toward one of the Russian nuclear submarines behind the Q-01 nuclear submarine the moment the button was pressed.

This was also calculated by Raymond. He had to use three-fifths of the torpedo weapons in order to break the shell structure of the Russian nuclear submarine.

At the same time, everyone was nervously watching these torpedo weapons. As long as these torpedo weapons could hit the Russian nuclear submarine, then the current crisis could be resolved! The possibility of survival would also become greater!

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