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At a distance of 37 nautical miles from the Q-01 nuclear submarine.

The Russian nuclear submarine under Morris’ command was moving at a speed of 35 knots.


The screen in the control room was divided into two parts. One was Lieutenant General Bart, and the other was the Secretary of Defense.

“Lieutenant General Bart, what’s the current situation?” the Secretary of Defense said coldly.

Lieutenant General Bart’s expression was solemn. “We have locked onto the enemy’s exact position! The distance is 32 nautical miles. The torpedo weapon’s attack range is not enough. We are temporarily unable to attack!”

The Secretary of Defense said thoughtfully, “Our attack range is 25 nautical miles. According to our prediction, the attack range of the American nuclear submarines should be around 20 nautical miles. Lieutenant General Bart, speed up! Shorten the distance as soon as possible!”

“Once you reach the attack range, attack immediately! Don’t hesitate at all!” the Secretary of Defense ordered.

Lieutenant General Bart nodded. “Yes!”

“Morris, you too. Speed up immediately. Make sure to stop the enemy nuclear submarines. Don’t let them escape!” the Secretary of Defense continued to order.

Morris raised his hand and saluted. “Yes, Secretary of Defense! I guarantee that this mission will be completed!”

Following that, Morris raised his head and asked, “Secretary of Defense, is it necessary to attack an American backward nuclear submarine?”

When the Secretary of Defense heard that, he said impatiently, “There’s an old American saying that when a rabbit is anxious, it will bite. Be careful.”

Morris nodded in agreement and did not say anything else.

Of course, he was disdainful in his heart.

An American backward nuclear submarine was not necessary for the two Russian nuclear submarines to attack together?

Moreover, when the American nuclear submarine saw the two Russian nuclear submarines, it turned around and ran without any intention of fighting back.

This made Morris look down on the United States even more.

With one look, it was obvious that the United States did not have much strength and wanted to escape as soon as possible.

Morris was not interested in chasing after an enemy that was several times weaker than him.

However, since the order had been given, he could not refute it.

“Lieutenant General Bart, we have been locked on by the enemy. The enemy has activated battle mode!”

At this moment, the voice of a staff member came from the screen of Lieutenant General Bart.

“Oh, so it’s to lock onto our exact location.”

Lieutenant General Bart’s voice came at the same time, and a smile appeared on his lips.

Upon hearing this, Morris and the Secretary of Defense were both stunned.

“Your side has been locked onto?” the Secretary of Defense asked in confusion.

“Yes, Defense Minister. The enemy has also activated battle mode,” Lieutenant General Bart said casually.

“But don’t worry. The enemy’s move is very likely to confuse our side and make us stop attacking. They are just making a final struggle,” Lieutenant General Bart added.

He didn’t care about this at all.

The most advanced technology that could be loaded into a nuclear submarine was the Russian nuclear submarine they commanded. It had a range of up to 30 nautical miles.

As for the United States, it was not ranked at all.

The Secretary of Defense nodded in agreement.

That was indeed the case. The United States’ torpedo weapons posed no threat to Russia at all.

Moreover, to be able to develop underwater stealth technology in two months was already very impressive for the United States.

If other technologies could make progress, then wouldn’t the United States be thinking of this? The Secretary of Defense asked, “What’s the current distance?”

“31 nautical miles,” Lieutenant General Bart quickly replied.

As soon as he finished speaking, a staff member’s urgent and shocked voice could be heard on the big screen.

“Lieutenant General Bart, dozens of torpedo weapons are locked on our side! Our side can’t dodge in time!”

The Secretary of Defense and Morris were instantly stunned. Their mouths were so wide that they could fit an apple in them.

On the screen, Lieutenant General Bart was also extremely shocked.

What was going on? Why were there dozens of torpedo weapons locked onto their current distance?

Wasn’t it 31 nautical miles?

The range of the US nuclear submarine’s torpedo weapons was impossible to reach this distance!

“Defend immediately! Go, go, go!”

Lieutenant General Bart immediately panicked.

“It’s too late. Lieutenant General Bart, it has already…”

Before the staff member could finish his sentence, a few violent sounds could be heard coming from the large screen.

Immediately after, Lieutenant General Bart and the staff members on the screen of Lieutenant General Bart’s control room instantly turned into a bloody mist, and the entire control room turned blood-red.

Boom! Following which, a loud sound was heard along with the flames.

The next moment, the big screen turned black. All the sounds instantly disappeared.

“Lieutenant General Morris, our nuclear submarine has suffered a violent fluctuation! We must now avoid the explosion area!” the staff member hurriedly shouted.

Following which, the entire Russia nuclear submarine began to shake due to the shockwave caused by the explosion.

The entire control room also shook slightly.

Morris had not recovered from the shock just now.

He was completely stunned, and his eyes were filled with fear.

Lieutenant General Bart had turned into a bloody mist?!

The Russian nuclear submarine he was commanding had been hit by a torpedo weapon and exploded!

What the hell was going on?!

On the screen, the Secretary of Defense shouted loudly.

“I’m here! Secretary of Defense!”

Morris quickly regained his senses.

“Retreat immediately! Retreat immediately! Stay away from the explosion area!”

The Secretary of Defense quickly gave the order.

His face was also filled with incomparable shock.

Everything that had just happened was too fast. It was so fast that none of them could react in time.

The Russian nuclear submarine under Bart’s command had been hit and exploded!

All of this had happened too suddenly.

“It has been seriously affected. The shell structure has been damaged. Water seepage has occurred in Zone 1, Zone 3, Zone 5, and Zone 6 respectively!” the staff member shouted.

“We can not continue to operate. The torpedo weapon device has been damaged, and the anti-ship missile weapon device has been damaged!”

Bad news came one after another.

It was because the two Russian nuclear submarines were very close to each other, only about five nautical miles away.

And the fluctuation caused by the explosion of the nuclear submarine was extremely great, so Morris was affected by it at the first moment.

Morris suppressed the shock in his heart and replied, “Yes, yes! Secretary of Defense!”

“Float to 400 meters, activate maximum speed, 15 o’clock direction, quickly leave the explosion area! Quick, quick!” Morris shouted. He was already panicking at this moment.

He still did not understand what was going on!

Could it be that the US nuclear submarine torpedo weapon technology had already surpassed their Russian nuclear submarine? This was impossible, this was impossible!

Clearly, the US nuclear submarine torpedo weapon technology only had a 20 nautical mile attack range!

But now, how could it be able to attack them from 31 nautical miles away!? The US nuclear submarine shouldn’t have such technology!