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Raymond’s private research institute.


Inside the temporary command center of the Q-01 nuclear submarine.

Professor Hoppes was still sitting in front of the big screen, observing the various data on the big screen with the staff.

In another ten minutes, the Q-01 nuclear submarine would arrive at the port and truly return home!

For the past two days, everything had been peaceful. The Q-01 nuclear submarine had not encountered any obstacles or dangers.

It was as if after experiencing two crises, the Q-01 nuclear submarine’s disaster was over. What followed was smooth sailing.

This made the President and Professor Hoppes heave a sigh of relief.

The Q-01 nuclear submarine had had a tough journey. Now that it was finally coming back, they were looking forward to it.

“Calling the command center. The Q-01 nuclear submarine is about to dock. Requesting instructions.”

Raymond’s voice came from the big screen.

“Received by the command center! It can dock!” Professor Hoppes immediately said.

Accompanied by a huge sound of water, a huge object appeared on the big screen.

It was really the Q-01 nuclear submarine that returned in triumph. Very soon, with the help of the staff and equipment, the Q-01 nuclear submarine returned to the port.

Then, Raymond and his followers appeared on the big screen.

Since they had appeared, they did not hesitate. They tidied up their clothes and went straight to the command center.

The moment they entered the command center.

Everyone in the command center stood up in unison and faced Raymond and the others.

Professor Hoppes walked up quickly with a face full of joy.

“Professor Raymond, everyone, welcome home!” Professor Hoppes said loudly. Although his expression was very serious, there was a lingering excitement.

Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap! All the researchers and staff in the command center clapped their hands and looked at Raymond and the others excitedly.

It was difficult for everyone to hide their excitement. Their eyes were filled with incomparable respect, and their tone was extremely excited.

They were welcoming the brave warriors.

They were welcoming these American heroes back home!

At this moment, all the words were obviously meaningless.

Raymond led the group of people forward and came to the operating table.

“Professor Raymond, you’ve worked hard.”

Professor Hoppes patted Raymond on the shoulder, his eyes full of praise.

Raymond smiled. “It’s indeed a little hard work. We can only do it after this trial. We can all have a good rest.”

Professor Thorpe laughed. “Professor Raymond, you’re really interesting.”

Then, Professor Hoppes changed the topic. “Oh right, the President has something important to deal with. He asked me to give you a message.”

“The award for you, Professor Raymond, is being prepared. In a few days, we will go to Washington together. At that time, the President will personally give you the award. You are the great hero of the United States this time!”

“It’s all thanks to the help of the seniors.” Raymond smiled.

“Don’t be modest. Go back and have a good rest. Leave this to me. Let me handle it,” Professor Hoppes joked.

Raymond nodded. He was indeed quite tired. He had never stayed in the sea for such a long time since he was young. His body, which was made of iron, was almost unable to withstand the various dangers along the way on the plane.

Even Raymond was like this, not to mention the other followers. Each and every one of them felt a little tired mentally.

“Then I’ll have to trouble you, Professor Hoppes.”

Raymond didn’t stand on ceremony either.

After greeting the other old scientists, he returned to his dormitory in the research institute.

On the other side, Professor Hoppes instructed everyone to immediately carry out a maintenance project for the Q-01 nuclear submarine. Then, he went to rest.

After so many days, everyone really couldn’t take it anymore.

At the White House in Washington.

After the Q-01 nuclear submarine had truly returned home, preparations had begun here.

What was going to be held here was the US press conference.

All the media gathered here as soon as they received the news.

At this moment, the entire venue was filled with reporters. There were cameras everywhere, all pointing at the podium in the center of the venue.

This press conference was just a regular meeting for the press. However, all the reporters present had received the news that today’s meeting wasn’t simple!

Just as everyone was puzzled, the American press conference, the President, the Secretary of State, and the others were all present.

In just a short while, the press conference was brought to the front of the stage.

Unlike in the past, Verus’ expression was very serious.

He came to the front of the stage.

“Thank you, friends from the media, for coming to attend this press conference. I am Verus, the press conference’s spokesperson.”

“The theme of this press conference is that we strongly condemn certain countries for deliberately targeting the United States in an attempt to stop the development of the United States’ military technology. They are even willing to use military strikes and other methods to forcibly block the development of the United States’ military technology.”

As soon as he finished speaking, all the reporters present were instantly dumbfounded.

This was such an explosive piece of news that they did not know what had happened in the high seas.

After all, Russia did not make any statement after the incident and did not hold a press conference.

They kept this news under wraps very well.

The main thing was that it was not a glorious thing.

They sent two Russian nuclear submarines to try to sink the Q-01 nuclear submarine of the United States and limit the development of the United States.

However, the final result was that the Q-01 nuclear submarine destroyed one Russian nuclear submarine, and the other Russian nuclear submarine was also severely damaged, so they could only choose to retreat.

If this were to spread, all the countries in the world would know about it. This was indeed too embarrassing.

Therefore, Russia directly chose to suffer a loss in silence as a tactic to preserve its face.

However, the United States was not to be trifled with. They directly used the opportunity of the Q-01 nuclear submarine’s return to hold a press conference and strongly condemned Russia’s actions.

At this moment, a female reporter raised her hand.

Verus’s face was stern as he extended his hand and gestured, “Question.”

The female reporter stood up. While reporting, she asked, “Verus, the real purpose of this press conference is whether the United States has a new generation of military technology, and whether the Russian nuclear submarine entering your national waters has anything to do with this matter.”

The female reporter immediately asked a very sharp question and immediately grasped the crux of the problem.

When Verus heard this, he pondered for a moment and said, “These two things are extremely related.”

The female reporter nodded and everyone’s eyes turned to look at the reporter, Verus!

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