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“There are a lot of things on their test papers that make sense. Do you think they are just scribbling in their brains? Regardless of whether it’s true or not, it’s already very impressive that they can understand so much…”

“And you don’t know? There is no longer any search for the contents of those test papers on the internet. Some people said that it was probably done by the country, at least at the level of the FBI headquarters. It might even be more than that. After all, the FBI is only monitoring and clearing. They don’t have the power to do such a thing.”

Richard frowned when he saw that Raymond had robbed him of his attention the moment he entered. However, he did not speak directly because he did not have any reason to ridicule him.

He just looked at Raymond because he knew that someone would not be able to stand it and give him a legitimate reason.

Soon, just as everyone was paying attention to Raymond, a discordant voice was heard.

A middle-aged bald man with a big belly stood on the stage and spoke into the microphone.

“I was very happy today because this is the XX graduation party of our high school. This means that our school has sent away the XX class of students. Some of these students chose to continue their studies, and some of them became famous physicists and chemists… Some end their careers, some end up as business tycoons, Union Reps…”

“Some people just get by, but I’m still proud of them because they are indispensable to society and have never given up on their lives, but today I learned that one of us has a boy who scored a shameful score on the SAT…”

Richard saw the Principal in front of the microphone and heard what he said. He felt that the opportunity had come, so he grinned.

He raised his hand and said loudly, “Mr. Principal, I think what you said is wrong. Although I got a better result in the SAT exam and my little invention was adopted by the military, it doesn’t mean anything. Does it mean that my future will be more successful than Mr. Raymond, who got a zero in the overall exam?”

Richard looked around, then he said, “Although I may get a higher score than you in this exam, it doesn’t mean anything. I believe that everyone here will definitely have some achievements in the future, maybe even better than me…”

Many people around started clapping when they heard Richard’s words. They were not clapping because Richard was speaking up for Raymond, but because they were sure that they would end up clapping harder for Richard in the future.

When the Principal standing in front of the microphone saw that Richard had refuted his words, the scolding that was already on the tip of his tongue was withdrawn. He just looked at Richard and smiled.

“Yes, Richard’s words also have a certain amount of truth. I might have been blinded by that kind of news just now. Thinking about it, I still have to thank Richard.”

Although the Principal said that he had said something wrong just now, he only spoke to Richard without even looking at Raymond, as if he was not criticizing Raymond just now.

After these words were said, everyone at the scene began to look at Richard with admiration and approval.

Richard, who had returned to the ‘center of the world’, felt the gazes around him and felt very satisfied. Although the main character of Richard’s words just now was Raymond, he didn’t even look at Raymond like the Principal.

Raymond had already guessed that this would happen before he came, so he didn’t take it to heart at all.

Seeing that Raymond didn’t seem to care, the onlookers around him were a little angry. They thought to themselves, ‘Richard helped you so much. Why don’t you go and say thank you to him?’

Richard also looked unhappy, but after a while, he turned his eyes and went straight to Raymond.

“You’re that Raymond who scored zero in every subject on the SAT, right? Don’t worry. Although you didn’t do well in the exam, you didn’t succeed only when you went to college. Your imagination is so rich that you can write novels. I remember that many novelists didn’t go to college… ” he said to Raymond with sympathy.

“Yeah, don’t feel inferior. Didn’t you just get a zero on all of them? It’s not a big deal. Didn’t you hear what Richard said? You have a way out. Although you might have a hard time finding a job…”

“A zero is nothing. Don’t take it to heart. In the future, you…”

Although these guys seemed to be comforting Raymond not to be upset about the SAT exam, their comforting tone and every sentence would mention the combination of zero points. In the ears of others, it might seem like they were comforting him out of kindness, but in Raymond’s ears, it would definitely be very jarring.

Just as these seemingly comforting words appeared next to Raymond’s ears.

“Forget it, don’t mention this to him anymore…” A middle-aged man wearing a woolen sweater came out and said. Although this man was very old, his figure was still maintained very well.

This middle-aged man was Teacher Tom. He had always taken great care of Raymond. A long time ago, he had written a recommendation letter for Raymond. He had even written a recommendation letter for Raymond to find his classmates at the University of California. It was so that Raymond could go to college.

In his previous life, Raymond’s SAT score was not ideal. It was Teacher Tom who had asked him to take the SAT again. Although he had given up on the idea of going to college for various reasons, Teacher Tom had also recommended a job for him. Although Raymond did not go to that job…

Raymond simply did not dare to look at Teacher Tom. He had hoped that he would have the opportunity to go to college, but his exam this time was direct…

Tom knew what was going on when he saw Raymond’s expression. He didn’t say anything because he was afraid that it would affect the students’ entertainment. He planned to leave halfway through the dance.

Raymond’s eyes were full of struggle as he watched Teacher Tom leave.

Ryder and Tommy, who were beside Raymond, patted his shoulder and said, “Go. You should at least say something to Teacher Tom.”

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