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After resting for a few days, Raymond’s current condition could be said to be the best.

In the Raymond Research Institute, the Temporary Research Institute had been completely dismantled.

In other words, the Q-01 nuclear submarine had been completely handed over to the country, and the rest of the matters would be handled by them.

And Raymond had a good sleep these few days.

“General, you’re finally awake. If you didn’t wake up, I would have to contact the doctor.”

When Shirley heard that there was movement in the room, she immediately rushed into the room. She did not notice that Raymond was actually sleeping naked.

After all, this was the most comfortable way to sleep.

“Yes, I’m fine. I’m just a little tired. You go out first, I’ll change my clothes.”

Raymond nodded and didn’t mind.

When Shirley heard this, she immediately reacted and walked out with her head down and face red.

However, as she walked, she was still fantasizing in her mind. If she hadn’t walked out just now, would something else have happened?!

“What are you thinking about?! The General is a very gentlemanly man. He would never do that.” Shirley started to prepare Raymond’s breakfast and coffee after she went out.

Subconsciously thinking of these questions, she whispered, “But, if the General is willing… I’m willing too…”

“What are you talking about alone?!” Raymond had already changed his clothes and walked out.

His clothes were very simple. Jeans, short sleeves, and standard work clothes were his most common clothes.

“Ah! It’s nothing, it’s nothing.” Shirley was a little shocked when she was interrupted.

But she quickly reacted and handed him jam, bread, and milk.

“General, Professor Thorpe and Professor Hoppes asked me to give you a message.”

“In the future, if you have any problems, you can contact them at any time. They will do their best to help. Also, the commendation ceremony that Mr. President said might be delayed for a few days because there has been a lot of public opinion in the country these few days, and he needs to solve it.”

Hearing this, Raymond raised his eyebrows.

One had to know that the president had a lot of things to resolve, but for him to personally resolve them, it was definitely not a small problem.

“Did the President say what it was about?” Raymond asked.

Shirley was stunned for a moment before nodding. “Even if the president didn’t say it, everyone would know.”

“General, do you know about intelligent artificial limbs?”

Intelligent artificial limbs?

Raymond nodded.

Intelligent artificial limbs, also known as neural artificial limbs, were bio-electronic devices.

They referred to doctors who used modern bio-electronic technology to connect the human nervous system to cameras, microphones, motors, and other devices for patients to replace the artificial devices that were missing or damaged parts of the body of this group of people by embedding and listening to the instructions of the brain.

It could be said that this was the motivation of the disabled people.

Without this thing, many things could not be done.

“When you were developing the nuclear submarine, the outside world had already gone crazy.”

“At the beginning, it was the Japanese artificial limbs that were relatively cheap and had a certain durability. After they entered the American market, they seized a large portion of the market.”

“With the control of the market department, although they had been suppressed a lot, they still proved their absolute advantage in the price war.”

“These few days, because the United States had put too much pressure on them, they took a step back and directly announced their withdrawal from the market for the destruction of their country. This aroused the dissatisfaction of many American buyers.”

“In their opinion, if the United States government continues like this, they won’t be able to buy goods that are cheap and durable.”

“Especially in the past few days, this matter has become more and more serious. Some people have even started to march.”

“The regulators are also lobbying, but I don’t know what the structure is…”

Shirley told him everything that she knew.

Raymond listened while eating and turned on his computer to look at the information.

According to his understanding of artificial intelligence, this aspect covered a lot of technical aspects. Biology, electronic technology, bioelectronics, movement prediction, neurology, and so on.

After looking through the information on the computer, Raymond learned that these American companies had been suppressed in recent years by the Japanese artificial limbs technology company, Kazda.

Not to mention making money, it was already lucky that they didn’t go out of business.

And the frequent negative news caused the buyers to curse.

But in the end, the technology of artificial limbs was also at the stage of testing and development.

The only way to do that is to hold a teacup in your hand and grab an object.

It takes a lot of time to predict the actual actions of the customizer to a smoother level if you want a more advanced mode of action.

The reason why many people like to buy things like Kazda is not only because it’s cheaper to buy their equipment, but also because of the database they built before they buy their equipment.

Unlike previous smart prosthetic companies, they would first create a customer file. This file before you bought your prosthetics forecast for three days or even ten days to test, until the AI technology predicted needed some instructions.

These instructions and the file could be updated at any time, and these were free of charge.

This was very important for people in need.

And these domestic smart prosthetics companies, although they also had this data, they would charge extra, and the service attitude was extremely bad.

After long-term accumulation, not only could they not make a profit, but also the industry had become a company that no one was willing to invest in domestically.

Some of the companies that wanted to take the smart prosthetics seriously would eventually be destroyed by this environment.

Therefore, the American prosthetics companies were basically in a situation of bankruptcy.

After Raymond learned about these things, he also finished his breakfast.

For him, this situation was not something he could mobilize. Once he stepped in to help save the market, or improve the situation, it would not change anything.

The industry would still be swept up and destroyed.

Moreover, it was not beneficial to Raymond, so he just wanted to understand it. Unless the President really came to him for help, this was how he understood the situation.

At this moment.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

A phone call rang.

“Hello, I’m YX Intelligent Artificial Limb Company’s boss, Josta. May I ask if this is Professor Raymond?!”

Hearing the call from the other end of the phone, Raymond was suddenly stunned.

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