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He had never expected that the domestic company would be able to find him so quickly.

Moreover, the other party really wanted to know, but he still came prepared.

The purpose was clear. It must be for the intelligent artificial limb.

“I’m Raymond. What’s the matter?” Raymond didn’t think too much and answered directly.

The other party was silent for two seconds, then suddenly said excitedly, “Professor Raymond, I know that this is a bit abrupt, but I have to come to you. I believe you also know the situation in the country these few days.”

“Yes, I have a general understanding,” Raymond said.

“Then the rest of the words are easy to say. Our YX company has always been committed to making the intelligent prosthesis accessible to the general public, but as you can see, in this market environment, we have no way to achieve anything.”

At this point, Raymond roughly understood the other party’s intention.

It was probably to ask him to develop a brand new artificial limb for the other party.

He couldn’t do it.

This was what Raymond had wanted to do before.

“I’m sorry, I can’t agree to your request. Even if I can develop it, in the current situation, it won’t be of any benefit to the United States or myself. In fact, because of my appearance, the competition in the entire industry will become more intense, and in the end, all the domestic artificial limb companies will go bankrupt.”

Raymond was not joking.

If he really designed it, it meant that his artificial limbs had definitely surpassed the current level of technology.

Since there was such technology, Raymond could even monopolize the global market.

Then who would be willing to develop new possibilities?!

The main task of scientists was to explore the unknown. If Raymond cut off this line, then science might even stop moving forward.

Sometimes, science and technology were so fragile. Once they found a way, they would spend a lot of time on this road. Even a scientist did not know how long this time would take.

Then the rest of the road would not be noticed by others.

In this way, the possibility would disappear completely.

“Professor Raymond, you may have misunderstood. We are not asking you to develop a new product. We have already developed a new product. We want to ask you to be a spokesperson and say that this artificial limb was designed by you.”

After a moment of silence, Raymond did not say anything. Josta continued, “You know the current market. If this continues, the domestic market will disappear. At that time, we will really have no way out.”

Hearing that the other party was about to cry, Raymond shook his head helplessly. “In the afternoon, bring your artificial limb to my research institute first. I want to see your artificial limb before making a decision.”

“Okay, okay, okay. Thank you, Professor Raymond.” After the other party finished speaking, he immediately hung up the phone.

Raymond also used the computer to search for some information about artificial limbs.

At the same time.


Kazda Intelligent Artificial Limb Technology Company Headquarters, 90th floor, Chairman’s Meeting Room.

At this time, the company’s boss, Takumi Miyamoto, who was also the chairman, was standing in front of the French window, smiling as he looked at the scene outside.

He was wearing a suit and his hair was combed neatly. His hands were behind his back, and his every move seemed to show that he was noble.

The white teeth of the bamboo shoot could even be seen under the sunlight, and the twinkling of the cross stars could be seen.

“Very good. The American market will soon be mine.”

Behind Takumi Miyamoto were hundreds of high-ranking officials. When they heard him speak, their expressions became excited.

“Congratulations, Mr. Miyamoto, you’ve finally achieved your wish!”

“Congratulations, Chairman!”

“Congratulations, Chairman!”

Everyone in their seats applauded.

After hearing the applause, Takumi Miyamoto seemed to be intoxicated as he turned around and opened his hands. “In this world, only future technology can give humans everything they want, and the only one who can control this is me!”

Although he sounded a little conceited, no one present questioned him.


Because Takumi Miyamoto was a super genius.

Before he set up a company, he was already famous in Japan and was hailed as a rare genius in a thousand years.

He only used a short two months to complete the development of the artificial limbs.

Then, he quickly opened a company, occupied the market, and even the business was ready to do this. Only then did he begin to learn.

And, in just a year’s time, Japan, the field of smart prosthesis technology, was unified and monopolized.

That was to say, there was only one smart prosthesis company in Japan now.

Under such a strong force, he quickly rushed into the United States market, with low price, high performance, considerate service, and in only three months, he achieved 80% of the United States’ market.

Recently, these operations had even directly killed the United States. However, they had to make some concessions.

Once this agreement was reached, it meant that Takumi Miyamoto would officially take over all the artificial limb markets in the United States.

At this time, a member of the board of directors stood up awkwardly and whispered, “Chairman, we seem to have encountered some trouble regarding this matter…”

“Trouble?!” Takumi Miyamoto’s expression changed. “At this point, what can stop me from moving forward?!”

With this question, all the members looked at this member of the board of directors.

“Previously, you asked me to monitor the movements of all the artificial limb companies in the United States. Then, we discovered the boss of a YX Intelligent Artificial Limb Company, Jostar. He seems to have contacted Raymond, who is known as a great scientist in the United States…”

“Raymond?!” Takumi Miyamoto’s eyes flickered as various images started to flash in his mind.

Then, he gritted his teeth.

If not for Raymond’s appearance, he would have been a scientist that everyone knew!

He would be someone that was recognized by everyone and worshipped by everyone.

And because of Raymond’s appearance, his artificial limb was only famous in certain circles.

Even though this was all in his imagination, now that he was involved in this matter, he blamed it all on Raymond.

So when he heard this name, he couldn’t help but feel angry.

“Now that things have come to this, what’s the use?!”

“Even Raymond can’t do anything about it. The artificial limbs will be developed at the council meeting next week. It’s not enough to be used as evidence.”

“Jostar is just a small company. I even know what this company wants to do.”

“Continue with the original plan. Don’t waste any more time!”

Takumi Miyamoto walked out of the meeting room with fury in his eyes.

At the same time, Jostar walked into Raymond’s private research institute with a box in his hand and his daughter in his hand.