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Jostar explained the purpose of his visit in short words.

He wanted to ask Raymond to help perfect the artificial limb.

Although he already had a clear research direction, in the course of several experiments, he still found that the artificial limb he invented was not perfect enough.

But no matter how much he studied it, he still could not find the root of the problem.

As a famous scientist in the United States, Jostar was almost at the top level in the field of prosthetics.

However, even he could not solve the problem. He really could not think of any way to solve the problem.

Until the appearance of Raymond, he saw hope.

He took his daughter to visit Raymond. After he told Raymond the purpose of his visit, Raymond looked at Jostar’s daughter overnight and agreed to the request.

But Ramon did not immediately work with Jostar on how to improve the prosthetic technology.

Because Raymond was ready to go home.

Speaking of which, he had been away from home for a long time.

During this period of time, he had experienced so many things and missed his family.

After explaining the reason to Jostar, Jostar also expressed understanding. Next time he came to visit Raymond, and left his contact information.

After Jostar left, Raymond finished explaining some things about the research institute and set off to go home.

The military knew that Raymond was going home, so they specially asked Officer Mike to escort Raymond home.

On the other side, in Little Rock City, the United States.

A military vehicle stopped and the door was opened.

A young man got out of the military vehicle.

The young man was only about twenty years old, but he was dressed in a straight military uniform with two bars and three stars on the badge. In front of him hung two medals that emitted golden light.

It was hard for others to imagine how much contribution this young man had made. He was able to become a General at such a young age!

“Mike, you can send me here. You can go back.”

Raymond greeted Mike who was driving.

Guard Mike looked at the neighborhood and smiled. “Okay, I’ll go back first. I won’t go up with you! Say hello to uncle and aunt for me.”

As he said this, Officer Mike stepped on the gas pedal and drove to the entrance of the neighborhood.

Meanwhile, Raymond took the gifts and walked to the neighborhood.

He had just arrived at his house.

This was a large group of grandparents who were chatting downstairs. When they saw Raymond, their eyes immediately lit up.

“Look! Isn’t that Raymond?”

“Hey, are your eyes playing tricks on you? Isn’t Raymond in the army?”

“Hey, it’s really Raymond!”

“Oh my god, Raymond is back.”

An old lady with a head full of silver hair stood up, squinted her eyes, and asked in puzzlement, “Is that Raymond?”

Raymond looked towards the source of the sound.

He knew this old lady.

She had a good relationship with their family, and Raymond had taken good care of her since they were in the same neighborhood.

He smiled and greeted her warmly, “Grandma Anna!”

“Grandpa Seeley, Grandpa Kaya, Aunt May. How are you guys?”

“Raymond, you joined the army. Aiya, I almost didn’t recognize you when you put on the military uniform. You’re so energetic.”

“Yeah, the young man was originally handsome, but now that he’s wearing the military uniform, he’s even more handsome.”

Everyone praised Raymond.

It made Raymond feel a little embarrassed.

Grandma Anna came to Raymond’s side and looked him up and down.

Grandma Seeley also fanned her fan. “That’s right. We’ve watched this kid Raymond grow up. He’s been good-looking since he was young. Now that he’s wearing the military uniform, heh, he’s even more energetic than before. He’s a good kid!”

“He even brought so many things back. Raymond is really filial. If that brat of mine can be half as promising as Raymond, then I’ll be satisfied!”

“That’s right. Raymond is developing in Washington now. Didn’t Raymond bring his parents over to play last year?”

Aunt May glared at him and scolded, “Raymond, you haven’t been back for such a long time. Last year during the New Year, we went to your house to visit, but you didn’t come back.”

Raymond scratched his head in embarrassment and said, “I’m really sorry, everyone. I was too busy recently and didn’t have time to go home. Now that I have time, I’ve come back.”

Then, without waiting for their response, Raymond waved his hand and said, “Aunt May, Grandma Anna, you guys continue chatting. I’m going back first. My parents are waiting anxiously at home!”

After saying this, Raymond entered the building where their house was located and was at the bottom.

Soon, the news of Raymond’s return spread like a whirlwind throughout the entire neighborhood!

People were talking about it.

After all, Raymond was a big shot.

Some people even discussed whether the mysterious young professor reported on the news last year was actually Raymond.

But after everyone finally discussed it and thought about it, they felt that it was unlikely!

After all, Raymond was really too young.

Raymond had just taken the college entrance exam not long ago, and at this age, everyone else was still in college.

But no matter what, Raymond had made it.

Entering the elevator, Raymond became excited.

After not going home for so long, Raymond really missed home. So after resting for a while in the Military District, he directly applied to the Military District to go home to visit his family.

The reason was because of Raymond’s identity.

Raymond was no longer an ordinary scientist. His importance was enough to affect the future of the United States.

He could be said to be the future leader of the United States in the field of science and technology. As long as Raymond was there, the United States could even make a great leap forward.

In the eyes of the military, Raymond’s importance was no less than that of Newton, Einstein, and other scientists who had opened up their own fields!

Let’s talk about Raymond.

This time, Raymond did not call home in advance. He wanted to give his family a surprise.

Presumably, once he opened the door, if his parents saw him standing at the door, they would be super happy!

Thinking of this, Raymond’s mood became even more impatient!

This matter, Raymond was home!

The family did not have the previous problem, but it was not chaotic.

Raymond’s parents were sitting on the sofa, in a daze!

The two of them looked like they had aged a lot, and their eyes were not as bright as before!

The whole house was no longer as warm as before!

Ever since they heard the suicide note on TV, Raymond’s mother had not been in a good state!

She would often wake up in the middle of the night and quietly went to Raymond’s room.

She would sit in the chair Raymond had been sitting in when he was in school, and she would stay there until dawn.

Raymond’s father would silently take a piece of clothing and put it on Raymond’s mother!

Then, he would walk to the balcony and smoke silently.

One cigarette after another.

There were also people who came to Raymond’s house and gave simple advice to Raymond’s parents a few times, but it was not very useful.

“Raymond’s father, you said Raymond…”

Suddenly, Raymond’s mother opened her mouth and looked at Raymond’s father with a dejected and empty gaze!

When Raymond’s father heard this, he went forward to protect Raymond’s mother and pulled her into his embrace.

Then there was a sigh of relief.