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Raymond’s father could not remember how many times he had heard Raymond’s mother ask such a question in the past few months!

But he did not feel annoyed at all. He comforted her in a low voice, “It’s fine. Think about it. It’s been a month. Other than the military commander, no one has come!”

“Doesn’t this mean that Raymond is fine? Don’t worry, don’t worry, my dear!”

Raymond’s father not only comforted her, but also tried to make his wife’s mood better.

However, he was also uncertain, but his wife had already become like this. He absolutely could not become like this!

He knew that Raymond definitely did not want to see them become like this!

Hearing this, Raymond’s mother’s tears flowed down again!

Raymond’s father did not speak anymore. His eyes were also filled with tears.

The two of them were just like that, staring at each other in silence.

The atmosphere in the room became very depressing.

Knock, knock, knock!

At this moment, there was a knock on the door.

“Raymond? Is Raymond back?”

Raymond’s mother quickly broke away from Raymond’s father’s embrace and quickly got up.

But as soon as she got up, Raymond’s mother slumped back onto the sofa!

During this month, Raymond’s mother had not eaten much in shock, and her body was a little weak.

As soon as she got up, her brain was immediately deprived of oxygen!

“I’ll go open the door, I’ll go open the door. You sit here!”

Raymond’s father quickly comforted his wife, his face filled with bitterness.

During this period of time, whenever someone knocked on the door, Raymond’s mother would mistakenly think that Raymond had returned!

But every time, it would end in disappointment.

The person who came was not Raymond.

“Go, go, go. It must be Raymond!”

Raymond’s mother grabbed Raymond’s father’s hand and spoke anxiously.

Raymond’s father hurriedly nodded. “Okay, okay, okay. I’ll take a look. You sit here and don’t move!”

Saying that, Raymond’s father stood up and walked towards the corridor at the door!

Knock, knock, knock!

The knocking on the door continued.

“I’m here!” Raymond’s father shouted.

He walked towards the door with heavy steps.

At the same time, he asked, “Who is it?”

Raymond’s father immediately opened the door!

Outside the door, Raymond’s face was full of smiles. He was dressed in a straight military uniform as he stood outside the door.

“Father, I’m back!”

Upon seeing Raymond’s appearance, Raymond’s father was completely stunned!

He first sized up Raymond, then rubbed his eyes.


Raymond’s father said in a trembling voice.

Raymond smiled. “Dad, I’m back!”

Before he could finish his words, Raymond’s father went forward and hugged Raymond, the tears in his eyes gushing out!

“You’re back! It’s good that you’re back, it’s good that you’re back.”

Raymond’s father hugged Raymond tightly, the expression on his face was very excited.

Raymond, his son!

He was finally back!

Raymond allowed his father to hug him tightly and patted his father’s shoulder lightly!

“Dad, I’m back now, right? Why are you crying? Nothing happened to your son. Oh right, where’s my mother?”

Seeing Raymond’s father’s reaction, Raymond had already guessed what had happened.

It should be because his parents had heard about his suicide note and then realized that he had written it.

That was why his father would hug him and cry the moment he returned!

“Dear, is Raymond back?”

At this moment, Raymond’s mother’s voice came from the living room.

Raymond’s father was already sobbing and couldn’t speak.

“Mom, I’m back!”

Raymond was full of smiles as he shouted into the living room!


The sound of a heavy object hitting the ground could be heard from the living room.

When Raymond and his father heard this sound, their expressions instantly changed!

The father and son immediately let go and ran towards the living room!

They had already reached the living room and saw that the things on the coffee table had fallen to the ground.

Raymond’s mother held the coffee table with both hands as she tried her best to stand up.

Raymond’s father and Raymond quickly went forward to help!

“Raymond, Raymond, you’re back! You’re finally back!”

When Raymond’s mother saw Raymond, the tears in her eyes instantly flowed out like a fountain!

Raymond’s mother raised her hand and stroked Raymond’s head. “Quick, let Mommy take a good look at you!”

Raymond’s mother carefully sized up Raymond’s face, afraid that she had missed out on something.

Raymond just stood there, not knowing what was going on. His face was full of smiles.

“My son is fine, my son is fine!”

This moment of joy made Raymond’s mother so happy that she cried. Her tears could not stop flowing down!

Then, Raymond’s mother, supported by Raymond’s father, went forward and hugged Raymond tightly. She kept stroking Raymond’s back.

“Raymond, where did you go? What were you doing?! Do you know how worried your father and I were about you? Do you know that you didn’t even give us a call before you came back?!”

Raymond’s mother hugged Raymond as tears flowed down her cheeks.

Raymond did not refute. He just listened to his mother’s nagging and the smile on his face grew wider.

After such a long time, it was a happy thing to hear his mother’s nagging again. It was very rare for Raymond.

He had traveled thousands of miles back to his hometown!

Didn’t he just want to listen to his mother’s old ways and have a heart-to-heart talk with his father so that his family could be at ease?

Then, Raymond’s father hugged the two of them!

The family hugged each other tightly. The atmosphere in the air was not prepared at all. There was only joy!

After a long time, the three of them finally separated!

Raymond’s parents stopped crying and looked at Raymond with tears in their eyes.

Raymond quickly helped his parents to sit down.

“Dad, Mom, I’m sorry. I’ve been busy before. Moreover, there are rules in the army. I can’t contact the two of you. I’ve made you worry!”

Raymond lowered his head and spoke in embarrassment.

Raymond’s mother shook her head. “It’s okay. It’s good that you’re back. It’s good that you’re back safely!”

Raymond’s father’s expression changed and he said sternly, “The next time you come home, you have to inform your mother and me in advance. Do you know how much of a shock your mother and I received when you suddenly came back?”

Raymond quickly nodded and raised his hand to salute. “Yes, sir. The next time I come back, I will inform you in advance!”

When Raymond’s parents saw Raymond’s expression, they were instantly delighted.

The three of them immediately laughed out loud and were in perfect harmony!

Following that, Raymond placed the gifts of love back on the coffee table one by one!

“Take the special red wine that I brought for you. If you want to drink wine, drink this!”

“Mom, this is a health supplement that I brought for you. It can beautify your appearance!”

Raymond’s mother looked at the table that was filled with gifts and scolded with a smile, “So what if you come back? Why are you bringing so many things? Why are you wasting this money!”

Raymond’s father’s face was full of smiles. He picked up the special red wine and looked at it again and again, nodding in satisfaction.

Then, under Raymond’s mother’s sharp gaze, Raymond’s father put away his expression and quietly put the wine back on the table.