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Planck waved his hand and said, “I know my body best. Let’s not talk about this. You can go back first. I’ll rest here for a while.”

Professor Puth didn’t say much. He looked at his father worriedly, then turned around and left.

The next day.

Little Rock City.

Raymond’s house.

8 am.

Raymond and his parents were happily eating together.

Knock, knock, knock.

At this moment, there was a knock on the door.

Raymond’s father looked up and asked curiously, “Who is it? Why are they here so early?”

Raymond’s mother was also very curious. “I wonder who would be able to come so early in the morning?”

After saying this, Raymond’s father wanted to open the door.

Raymond immediately stood up and stopped his father. He smiled and said, “Dad, take a seat. I’ll go open the door.”

After saying that, Raymond quickly left the dining table and went to the corridor by the door.

Raymond’s parents looked at Raymond suspiciously.

Why did it feel like this child knew who was coming?

But the two of them didn’t think too much about it. Their eyes looked in the direction of the door.

When they arrived at the door, they opened it.

Standing outside the door were a few people from Raymond’s gang. He was Officer Mike.

Raymond had been through a lot of training. He said, “Yo, Big Brother Mike, you’re here so early. Did you bring the things?”

Officer Mike nodded heavily and said, “Don’t worry. It’s all done. I’m here to pick up you, uncle, and aunt.”

After saying that, Officer Mike took out a bag from behind him and handed it to Raymond.

Raymond took the bag and opened it. There was a lot of paper and a big red book inside.

Seeing these things, Raymond nodded in satisfaction.

“Come in and have a seat. Big Brother Mike, my family is having breakfast!”

At this moment, Raymond’s father couldn’t suppress his curiosity and came to the door. “It’s Mike! Come in, come in!”

Officer Mike agreed and walked in step by step.

The three of them came into the living room.

When Raymond’s mother saw that it was Officer Mike, she also smiled and said, “Mike, have you eaten? Come and eat with us.”

Officer Mike quickly waved his hand and said, “It’s fine, uncle and aunt. I’ve eaten in the army.”

Raymond’s parents looked at Officer Mike together and asked in unison, “Mike, why are you here this time?”

Officer Mike was stunned and couldn’t help but look at Raymond. His gaze was like asking if he should answer the question that they asked.

Raymond immediately answered, “He’s here to look for me.”

He slid down and turned his head. “Big Brother Mike, please take a seat first. Wait for us.”

Then, Raymond sat at the dining table and said to his parents while eating, “Dad, Mom, Big Brother Mike is here to pick us up today. After we finish eating, I’ll bring the two of you to a good place.”

Raymond’s parents were even more confused.

From the beginning, they felt that their son was hiding something from them.

Raymond’s father was confused. “A good place? Raymond, are you hiding something from us?”

Raymond’s mother also asked in confusion, “Raymond, what’s going on? Why do you look a little strange from this morning?”

“Don’t worry, Mom and Dad. I’ve prepared a huge surprise for you. After dinner, Big Brother Mike will bring us there. You’ll know when the time comes.”

Raymond smiled, his expression very strange.

He had indeed prepared a big surprise for his parents, but he couldn’t say it now.

Raymond’s parents looked at Raymond in confusion.

But thinking about it, since this Officer Mike was here, their son should be fine.

Thinking of this, the two of them felt relieved and continued to eat breakfast.

During this time, Raymond’s parents asked Raymond again, but Raymond never said anything.

The old couple didn’t know what to do. If their son didn’t say yes, what else could they do?

But the old couple also figured it out. No matter what kind of surprise it was, they would see it soon.

Why did they care about so many people? Besides, their son couldn’t give the old couple a scare, right?

Then, under the lead of Officer Mike, the family got into the military vehicle.

Then, the military vehicle drove straight out of the residential area.

Half an hour later.

In Little Rock City near the local Military District.

There was a table of high-end villas. Although it was called a villa group, this was actually the Military District’s compound.

Most of the people who lived here had made great contributions to the United States, or were the families of high-ranking military officers in the Military District.

There was no need to worry about any security issues here. The people standing guard here were all elite soldiers.

Moreover, there would be soldiers patrolling the neighborhood 24 hours a day.

At this moment, a military off-road vehicle drove into the neighborhood.

Officer Mike got off the lathe and took out his officer’s ID.

The two soldiers who had just stepped out of the car saw the officer’s ID and their expressions instantly turned solemn. They raised their hands to salute and let them pass.

In the car, Raymond’s parents became even more confused when they saw it.

“Son, whose house are you taking us to? Why are all the soldiers standing guard here?”

Raymond’s father was very surprised.

“Mike, Raymond won’t tell us. Tell us,” Raymond’s mother asked.

Officer Mike looked troubled. “Uncle, Aunt, don’t make things difficult for me. Raymond won’t let me tell you.”

Raymond smiled. “Dad, Mom, don’t worry. We’ll see a surprise soon. Wait a little longer, wait a little longer.”

Raymond’s parents had no choice. They sat in the back seat without saying a word, but the curiosity on their faces grew.

Where exactly was Raymond taking them?

Soon, the military SUV stopped in front of an imposing two-story building.

Raymond got out of the car. “Come, Mom and Dad, get out of the car.”

Raymond’s parents saw this imposing two-story building from the car, and their eyes flashed with astonishment.

“Raymond, whose house is this?” Raymond’s father asked in puzzlement.

“Mom and Dad, let’s go in and take a look first.”

Without saying anything, Raymond pulled the old couple into the two-story building.

Officer Mike followed closely behind him.

Once they entered the second-floor building, not only Raymond’s parents, but even Raymond was a little surprised.

The whole house was vintage and strong. Just looking at it gave people a classical and elegant feeling.

The furniture and appliances in the house were all in place. They were all new and spotless. The whole house was very clean and tidy.

When they came to the living room, Raymond smiled and said, “Dad, Mom, what do you think of this house?”

As soon as he said this, Raymond’s parents immediately came to their senses. Their faces immediately revealed a look of shock.

“Raymond, this house is the surprise that you mentioned?” Raymond’s father asked first.

Raymond nodded heavily. “Yes, this house is the surprise that I prepared for you!”

The two elders looked at their surroundings in disbelief. At this moment, they felt as if they were in a dream.

“You brat, you bought this house well. Why are you buying a house? It’s not like our house can’t be lived in. You’re just spending money recklessly!”

Raymond’s mother started to nag again.