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At this moment, Raymond’s uncle couldn’t help but ask, “Third Brother, this house isn’t small, right?”

Raymond’s father nodded. “The single floor is more than 200 square meters, and the two floors are more than 400 square meters.”


Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air.

This was really not small.

It was a villa that was more than 400 square meters.

Moreover, it had this luxurious decoration and brand new household appliances.

One had to know that this was a residential area of the Military District’s family compound!

In this kind of residential area, having such a two-story villa was truly extraordinary.

At least the other military families didn’t receive such treatment.

Along the way, they also noticed other houses.

There were obvious differences in this residential area. Ordinary military houses were also more ordinary residential areas. However, the Raymond family was in the villa area, and it was a two-story villa. It was obvious that their status wasn’t ordinary.

“This house looks really good. This house alone would cost at least a few million dollars in any other neighborhood.”

“Can other neighborhoods compare to this neighborhood? Let alone a few million dollars, even if you had tens of millions, you wouldn’t be able to buy this house!”

“Third Brother, why did your family move here? What’s the situation?”

When Raymond’s father heard this, he smiled and replied, “Isn’t it my Raymond? His performance in the military region is pretty good, so the country specially assigned him.”

When these words left his mouth, all of his relatives were shocked.

They knew about Raymond in the military.

But they had never expected that Raymond was actually so amazing now!

The country had even allocated houses!

What a great contribution he had made!

“Alright, everyone, stop standing there. Let’s go in first!”

Raymond’s father called out to everyone and walked into the hall.

Soon after, Raymond’s mother and aunts all went to the kitchen to help with the cooking.

Sitting in the living room were all the men of the family, including Raymond’s uncle and aunts.

“Come, try this coffee. Raymond brought it back yesterday.”

Raymond’s father poured the coffee for everyone and smiled.

Raymond’s uncle picked up the cup and slowly took a sip.

In the next second, his spectacles suddenly became misty. The coffee entered his throat, and the slightly bitter and mellow taste spread in his mouth. After tasting it carefully, he could even feel a faint fragrance.

“This coffee is not bad. This is really not bad.”

His uncle praised this coffee a lot.

Over the years, he had drunk a lot of good coffee, but only a few were better than today’s coffee. The price was especially expensive.

Even though he was the big boss of a factory, he did not have the fortune to enjoy it.

“It’s really not bad. This coffee is pretty good. Raymond, where did you get this coffee?”

“Raymond invested a lot this time. This coffee isn’t cheap, right?”

The relatives were full of praise for the coffee.

Raymond’s father was very generous. He waved his hand and said, “When you guys leave later, you all…”

Before he could finish speaking, Raymond, who was at the side, heard him and rushed to his father’s side. He whispered into his father’s ear, “Dad, this coffee is specially provided. The higher-ups gave it to me. I didn’t bring much back this time.”

After he finished speaking, Raymond’s father’s expression immediately changed. He immediately swallowed the words that were on the tip of his tongue.

“Come, drink… Drink coffee, drink coffee.”

The group of relatives looked at each other and didn’t say anything. They continued to taste the coffee.

“Oh right, look at my brain. I didn’t take the cigarettes!”

Raymond’s father patted his head and took out two cigarettes from under the table.

“Here, have a taste of these cigarettes. Raymond brought them back to show his filial piety to me.”

Raymond’s father opened one of the cigarettes and opened one box. Each of them was smoking.

All the relatives were staring at them with their mouths wide open. They could fit an apple in their mouths.

“Raymond, these are special cigarettes, right?”

His uncle raised his head in shock and looked at Raymond in a daze.

“It’s not easy to get them, right? Where did you get them from?”

“What do you mean it’s not easy to get them? These are all specially provided by the Military District. Moreover, you have to have some status in the Military District before you can bring them back!”

“Good lad, Raymond, what are you doing in the Military District? You’re really awesome!”

Raymond smiled and casually found a reason to prevaricate, “It’s nothing much. It’s just that my performance has been better recently. The leader gave me a few cigarettes and asked me to bring them back.”

Everyone took the cigarettes and lit them up.

“These special cigarettes smell really good. They’re different from our usual ugly ones!”

“Those are military special provisions. Raymond is going to be successful this time!”

A group of relatives smoked cigarettes with a face full of enjoyment. Even Raymond’s father, who had already given up smoking, smoked a cigarette happily.

“Let’s chat for a while more. It’s time to eat.”

Raymond’s mother walked out and saw Raymond’s father smoking, so she didn’t say anything.

After all, at a time like this, everyone was happy. She didn’t want to spoil the mood, so she just reminded him that it was time to eat.

Soon, the smoking was finished and the dishes were ready.

Everyone came to the big table and found a good seat to sit down.

After the dishes were served.

Raymond’s father took out four bottles of special red wine that Raymond had brought back and placed them on the table.

Raymond’s father said generously, “Come, let’s drink today!”

As he spoke, he directly opened the first bottle.

The eyes of the relatives widened again.

“D*mn, this is special red wine. You can’t even buy it outside. Raymond, did you bring this back?”

His uncle looked straight at Raymond and asked in surprise.

Raymond nodded and said, “The leader sent a few bottles.”

As the bottles slid down, everyone took in a deep breath.

This was the highest grade of special red wine.

There were different grades of special red wine. Uncle Raymond recognized it at a glance. This was the highest grade of special red wine!

He had been lucky enough to drink a small glass before.

The relatives were even more surprised. Even those who didn’t drink wine knew that this wine was good.

This type of wine was known as the national wine. At important national banquets, it was used to entertain the highest-ranked guests from all over the world.

What a guy.

Raymond actually brought back several bottles.

Moreover, he also brought back special coffee and special cigarettes.

What on earth did Raymond do in the Military District?

“Come, come, come, have a taste. Don’t stand on ceremony. After drinking these four bottles, there’s still more!”

Raymond’s father smiled and poured a glass of wine for everyone.

However, it was such an understatement that caused the relatives to be dumbfounded once again.

How many did they bring back? There were still more after drinking four bottles?

For a moment, the entire dining table was filled with the fragrance of wine, almost overshadowing the taste of the food.

“Come, let us all welcome Raymond back.”

Raymond’s father raised his glass.

Everyone also raised their glasses.

After drinking a cup of wine, Raymond’s father picked up his chopsticks and called for everyone to eat.

Beep beep beep.

At this moment, Raymond’s phone on the table rang.

“I need to take a call first. Don’t mind me, you guys eat first.”

Raymond apologized.

The table quieted down, as if waiting for Raymond to answer someone’s call. They looked at Raymond curiously.

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