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After a long time, Raymond finally made up his mind. He strode forward and chased after Tom.

Raymond chased him all the way to the parking lot before he finally caught up with Tom.

Tom looked at Raymond, who was panting heavily. He waited. He knew that this young man would definitely give him a satisfactory answer.

“Tom… Tom… Teacher, believe me. The things on my test papers are definitely not scribbled. Believe me, I will definitely prove it to you. I will succeed. I will not let you down,” Raymond said, panting.

Teacher Tom just looked at him and did not say anything. The two of them just looked at each other.

After a long while, Teacher Tom suddenly opened the car door and said to Raymond, “Get in the car. I will send you home!”

Raymond didn’t say anything and just got in the car.

At the same time, at Raymond’s house.

Almost all the neighbors came to the party.

In the yard, everyone was talking happily and gossiping about what they knew.

Suddenly someone said, “Is the guy from Doug’s house the one who got a zero on the sat these days on the news?”

Silence. Everyone was silent. Even the Doug couple, who had just taken out a barbecue grill from the garage, was silent.

That person did not feel that he had completely ruined the atmosphere. He was still talking to himself. “It’s not that there haven’t been zero marks since the SAT was set up, but the only person who got a zero on the SAT and was exposed was little Raymond! He’s really going to go down in history.”

Hearing this, the Dougs could only smile awkwardly. After all, their son had zero marks in all subjects, and they had nothing to refute.

Hearing this, Charles, who was standing on the side, said, “Hey, Ron, did you study very well back then? At least, Raymond may not know the content of the exam, but he has the courage to finish the exam, and there are no vacancies.”

Hearing Charles’ words, Ron did not refute but changed the topic. “Charles, although my studies back then were not good, not only I was not as good as you, I was even worse than Doug. But my son is not bad. This year, he has already received the recognition of the University of Illinois.”

Hearing Ron’s bragging words, the smiles on the Doug couple’s faces became even more forced. In the end, they even looked as if they were about to cry.

“But the tuition fees at the University of Illinois are too expensive. I’m a little worried that he might have to take on a student loan for a long time in the future!”

Just as Ron was chattering non-stop, a voice suddenly came.

“Don’t worry, my students will definitely not worry about student loans in the future…”

Hearing his words interrupted, Ron was very unhappy. He took aim to see who the voice was coming from. He turned around and saw one of the two figures clearly. A mocking smile appeared on his face. He said, “Raymond, of course you don’t have to worry, because you don’t have a chance to go to university. Unless your parents donate a dozen buildings to the university, it’s impossible, but…”

The middle-aged man next to Raymond said, “Is the University of Illinois even better than my alma mater, Caltech? As long as Raymond gets a score of 1200 on the SAT, I will write a recommendation letter for him. My roommate is now the Director of Caltech. I believe that he will give me face by giving me a scholarship.”

Ron heard the middle-aged man’s words. He said angrily, “Hehe, 1200? Can a guy like Raymond, who got a zero on the overall exam, do it? Why don’t you say that he got zero points this year and full marks next time? If that’s the case, I believe that MIT will also acknowledge his learning ability, right?”

“Could it be that you know your students better than I do?” Teacher Tom said disdainfully.

Before Ron could retort, a series of mechanical roars came from above.

Everyone looked up curiously and saw a military helicopter with camouflage paint hovering above their heads.

This time, no one cared about Ron and his son. They were all looking at the helicopter above their heads, wondering why such a big guy would suddenly appear in the city.

“Why did such a helicopter suddenly appear? This is the city, right?”

“That’s right! This is already the center of the city. Could it be that they are chasing after fugitives? Or are there some big drug lords from Mexico or South America or Brazil hiding here? Otherwise, there really isn’t anything here that is worthy of such a big guy coming out!”

“That won’t happen! This helicopter isn’t equipped with weapons, and it isn’t loaded. It is impossible for it to be sent out for a capture mission. After all, those drug lords or fugitives would usually carry heavy weapons. The helicopter won’t be sent out unless it is loaded.”

“I think it might be for some important people. It is to protect and take them away as soon as possible. Otherwise, there would not be such a big commotion.”

Just as everyone was talking about why this helicopter had come here, they suddenly realized that many off-road vehicles had suddenly appeared in their own community. The vehicles were obviously military Hummers that only the military would be equipped with.

Some people said that the American kindergarten bus was the safest vehicle in the world. Even if it ran into a Hummer, there would be no damage. But that was only a civilian Hummer. The civilian Hummer was only a castrated gasoline version. Such a situation would never happen to a military Hummer. Such a diesel beast would smash through all the obstacles in front of it.

Military Hummers came one after another, as if there was no end to them. The soldiers on the Hummers were all armed, and every one of them was fully equipped with weapons. From the resolute expression on their faces, it could be seen that they were definitely qualified soldiers who had gone through tough training.

This time, everyone started to panic. What was going on with these armed soldiers? Why would they suddenly appear here? Was there really a drug dealer hiding here?

Everyone felt that their legs were about to go soft, but after so many years in the United States, they did not dare to act rashly.

They were afraid that if they turned around and ran, there would be a bullet flying over. Safety and death were so close here.

If it wasn’t for the helicopter hovering above them, it would be as if time had stopped.

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