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After a while, the Hummer cars on the street stopped at the same time and formed a ten-meter-wide circle on the wide street.

The helicopter above saw that the Hummers were ready and immediately began to fly into the circle and slowly land.

The huge wind blew the flowers and plants in the courtyard to the side. The people standing in the courtyard also put their hands on their foreheads to prevent the wind from blowing into their eyes.

Seeing that the destination of the helicopter was actually this street, all the people in the houses came out from their homes and looked at it curiously.

“Doug, are there any important people here? It seems that they are at least senior retired military officers.” Charles looked at Doug curiously.

Doug spread his hands and said with a blank expression, “I don’t know? Aren’t you also in this community? I haven’t heard of any new neighbors in the past few days.”

Just as everyone was talking about the reason for the arrival of these soldiers, the helicopter finally came to a stop.

As soon as the door opened, a middle-aged man, surrounded by soldiers, walked out.

The middle-aged man’s hair had begun to turn white, but his spirit was still very energetic. The gold star on his shoulder revealed his identity as a major general of the military. The first thing he did when he came down was to tidy up his military uniform.

During Thomas’s military career, the army he had served in when he was young was General Patton’s army. General Patton’s request was to march ten kilometers quickly and not let anyone see his military boots. From then on, he had developed a military appearance that could not tolerate the slightest bit of carelessness.

After Thomas had tidied up his appearance, he immediately walked in the direction of Raymond’s house.

When the people who were having a party saw a general of the military walking towards their street, they felt uneasy. They did not know what this high-ranking general wanted to do.

“D-Doug, you… Your street, is there… Someone or… Or something hidden?” Charles, who had always been bold, began to feel a little afraid.

Ron made a wild guess. “Doug, are you hiding something in your house? Did you invite us here this time to attract attention and let us prove something to you?”

Doug felt very wronged. His family was just an ordinary middle-class family, and there was nothing that could make him interact with the military.

Although he was uncertain, Doug still spoke.

“No, we don’t have any ulterior motives. We just want to invite you neighbors over to play and deepen our relationship. As for these soldiers, I don’t know what’s going on either!”

Teacher Tom, who stood silently at the side, shook his head secretly when he saw the cowardice of these people. He said, “Don’t worry. It’s not a bad thing. If it was a bad thing, you wouldn’t have the chance to see such a high-ranking officer. You would have been shot in the head by the agents. You would have been killed on the bed by the FBI like the Black Panthers.”

Perhaps Tom’s words had played a role. Although the people at the scene were still a little nervous, they were not as scared as Ron who was about to pee his pants.

Thomas walked to the front of the crowd and asked, “Excuse me, is this Raymond’s residence? Raymond Douglas!”

Boom! When Doug heard this sentence, his brain immediately exploded.

“Raymond… Raymond, just… just lives… here…” Doug’s words took almost a minute. He did not know why his son would get involved with the military, but surprise had already covered his face.

Beside him, Ron was already very unhappy because he was being ridiculed. Now that he heard that it was related to Raymond… He immediately said, “Yes, General, Raymond lives here.” After saying that, he turned around and dragged the stunned Raymond to Thomas.

“This is the Raymond Douglas that you are looking for, General. Did something happen to this kid? I knew that this kid was not good since he was young. He even got a zero on the SAT this time.”

Thomas listened attentively. When he heard that this Raymond was the kid who got a zero on the SAT, he immediately pushed Ron’s hand away. He used his iron-like hands to hold Raymond’s hands tightly, afraid that he would break free.

“Are you the Mr. Raymond who left the body refining technique, engine, and fuel on the test paper?” Thomas stared into Raymond’s eyes, waiting for his answer.

Raymond looked at the general star officer in front of him, knowing that his ‘answers’ had been proven to be achievable. “Yes, Sir. If I’m not wrong, I think I’m that Raymond.”

Thomas received a positive answer, and the smile on his face began to bloom. “Sir, your discovery has been proven to be a cross-generational discovery. It is an important discovery that makes our country even greater. With your discovery, I am sure that the United States will be awarded a Congressional Medal for your achievements. Your results may be comparable to Franklin and Nicholas Tesla.”

“I am now officially inviting you on behalf of the military. Are you willing to accept the military’s position as the highest researcher? We will set up a special research institute for you somewhere in the United States. That research institute will be named after you.”

Boom– The news made everyone present change their worldview.

A person who had scribbled all over the SAT paper and scored a zero on it, everyone was filled with sympathy and even schadenfreude.

Now you’re telling me that the answers weren’t scribbled, that they were very important information, that they were a breakthrough in modern science?! Are you sure you’re not filming Hitchcock and Charlie Chaplin in a movie? Isn’t the mix of nonsense and suspense too bad?

Life was more dramatic than a movie. If such a thing were to be made into a movie, it would definitely be very, very cheesy. Even Uwe Boll would find such a movie script unacceptable.

Especially Ron, who had just been pushed aside by Thomas. It felt like a slap in the face. He had just badmouthed Raymond in front of the General, but in the blink of an eye, Raymond was highly respected by such a powerful figure in the military, comparing him to Franklin and Nikola Tesla.

Would this affect the future of himself and his son? After all, it looked like Raymond was about to soar into the sky.

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