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Ron looked at the two of them. He was still in disbelief.

He felt like this was all a dream. How did a kid like Raymond become a hot commodity for the military? He hadn’t seen anything since he was young…

Thomas looked at Raymond in front of him. The heat in his eyes made Raymond feel like he was about to be ignited by the light and heat in his eyes.

The nearby soldiers also fixed their gazes on Raymond. The weapons in their hands added a lot of deterrence to such gazes.

The guests present were so shocked by this scene that they did not dare to breathe loudly. They were afraid that they would disturb the conversation between the two sides and attract the attention of the soldiers.

Raymond’s parents were also caught off guard by such a big scene. They only felt that their ears seemed to have heard something extraordinary.

“Didn’t our son just scribble on his SATs, get a zero, and then we threw him a party? Why the sudden alarm to the military? And it looks like the military is offering Raymond an olive branch?”

Raymond heard the words of Thomas. He was also feeling very excited. A senior research position, and even a named institute with his own name! These were already very good conditions. Even many Nobel Prize winners did not have this kind of treatment.

But he also wanted to go to university to fulfill the dream he had in his previous life. He wanted to experience the life in university. He could go to the library with different girls and listen to professors from various fields on the podium. More importantly, his family and Teacher Tom had high hopes for him to go to college.

Raymond felt very conflicted. He didn’t know whether he should agree to the General and go to the military or continue to go to college.

He looked back at his parents and Teacher Tom and found that they were also looking at him. There was a questioning look in their eyes.

Seeing the look in Raymond’s eyes, his parents knew that he was trapped in a choice.

Doug looked at Raymond with a complicated expression. His mouth moved for a while, and the conflict on his face could be seen with the naked eye. In the end, he said, “Child, we organized this party for you. You cannot be sad because of this exam, but we didn’t expect things to turn out like this.”

“Your mother and I are very happy. What you have achieved belongs to you. Your future path also belongs to you. You have grown up. We are not qualified to make decisions on your behalf.”

Teacher Tom also said, “Yes, Raymond, you have grown up. You should be responsible for yourself. No matter what decision you make, as your teacher, I will support your decision and be proud of you.”

After receiving their support, Raymond closed his eyes and pondered for a long time.

Thomas and the others really did not have the slightest bit of impatience. They just watched quietly, quietly waiting for Raymond to make a decision.

Raymond opened his eyes, he looked at Thomas and said apologetically, “I’m sorry, General. I thought for a while and decided to go to a university. It’s not that your qualifications aren’t good or that you’re not attractive enough. It’s just that I still feel that I’m lacking in some areas. However, I will still cooperate with you in the research aspect. However, I won’t be taking the lead.”

After saying this, Raymond felt relieved. After all, most of him was only at the level of a high school student. If he were to lead such an outstanding high-level research, wouldn’t he be exposed over time?

Thomas looked at Raymond in front of him and didn’t say anything. He just looked at him quietly. He thought to himself, ‘Those researchers all said that it is only if the owner of the manuscript is deeply involved in the project will there be a chance to completely restore the technology inside. But now Raymond wants to go to university! What a headache!’

Just as Raymond was about to speak, he felt very uncomfortable under such a gaze. Thomas rolled his eyes and said, “Mr. Raymond, we can have the best of both worlds. As long as you are willing, West Point Military Academy, Virginia Military Academy, Navy Academy, and any Patriots Alliance School will welcome you at any time.”

After a pause, he added, “Mr. Raymond, you know how your SAT score is. I don’t think any school in the country will accept a student with a zero score. But I can write a letter of recommendation for you, and even the Secretary of Defense can help you write it. In that case, the Patriots Alliance School will definitely accept you.

“I think you also know that the Patriots Alliance is second only to the Ivy League in terms of academic affairs! Whether it is the military-related West Point, Virginia Military Academy, or the Navy Academy, they are among the best in the world. The name of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the field of research can represent everything…

“As long as you promise to work in the military after graduation, we can even provide you with a full scholarship and additional bonus.” After a pause, Thomas felt that the conditions might not be attractive enough, and that other schools might come knocking at his door at any time, such conditions would also be added. “And the conditions that we promised you previously will not change, only that the research institute will share it with other professors.”

After saying that, Thomas looked at Raymond helplessly.

“How is it? Have you decided? I think that other schools will not have such conditions, and other schools will not value your research as much as we do.”

Raymond had already prepared to take the SAT exam again in order to achieve his goal of going to university. Who knew that the general in front of him seemed to be determined to get him? It was a pleasant surprise for him to offer such conditions consecutively.

Raymond’s eyes were full of surprise and he couldn’t help but nod.

“Okay, thank you. Such conditions are simply the best. I’m very honored to be a member of the Patriots Alliance!”

Thomas was relieved when he saw Raymond finally nod in agreement.

“Good boy, you really didn’t mistreat me with my painstaking efforts. I also didn’t disappoint my superior. Just wait for the notice. Do you know that I’m going to turn Little Rock City upside down for you?”

Raymond also smiled embarrassedly, scratched his head and said, “I really have to trouble the General to tell me this good news. Thank you very much! We’re having a party now. Why don’t you have a few drinks here?”

Thomas rolled his eyes and said speechlessly, “Forget it. I still have to go back and report to my superior about your matter!”