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Thomas declined the invitation to stay and attend the party. He turned around and left.

Thomas’ figure soon disappeared, but the soldiers who had been standing outside the door from the beginning did not seem to want to move at all.

The adjutant who had been standing beside Thomas suddenly took out a thick document from his back and distributed it. Each soldier was responsible for one person present.

“Hello, your name is… I am going to record your information. You have all heard today’s conversation. We have no way to erase your memories, but we will always track your information. Once today’s matter is leaked, you will be investigated. If it is found that you leaked the information, you will be charged with treason!”

Every soldier repeated the official language, warning everyone present not to leak the information.

Everyone in the courtyard was shocked by the matter of the General trying to rope in Raymond. They were distracted and answered the soldiers’ questions mechanically.

Soon, the investigation ended. The adjutant looked at the information on the documents and nodded in satisfaction.

Then, he turned to look at Raymond and took out a piece of paper from his pocket. He handed it to Raymond and said, “Hello, Mr. Raymond. First of all, Congratulations on joining the Patriots Alliance. Please take this business card. If you decide which school to go to, you can call the number above. I will arrange everything for you to go to school.”

Raymond took the business card and knew that it was no longer a problem for him to be admitted to the Patriots Alliance.

The adjutant stepped forward and patted Raymond on the shoulder. He whispered in his ear, “Thank you for your research. I recommend you to go to West Point Military Academy. I came from there. Just look at me. Obviously, the education there is fantastic!”

After saying that, the adjutant clenched his fist and lightly hammered Raymond’s chest. He turned around and left with the soldiers.

After what happened, almost everyone was still in shock. They quickly said goodbye to Raymond’s father and left the party.

Teacher Tom was also very happy to see all of this. He came to Raymond and looked at him with a smile.

Raymond and Tom looked at each other. Suddenly, Raymond seemed to think of his past life. Teacher Tom had never given up on him. He couldn’t help but cry.

“Ramon, I don’t know what you said in the parking lot until now. I didn’t tell you the answer then. I’ll tell you now.” Tom went up and hugged Ramon. “Teacher is proud of you. I have never doubted you. Never have, never will. I am proud to have you as a student.”

“Thank you. Thank you, Teacher Tom…”

It had been a long time since the last time Thomas had come to see Raymond, and after much thought, Raymond had made his decision.

He picked up the business card on the desk and made a phone call, digit by digit.

After a busy tone, the phone was put through. Before the person on the other side could speak, Raymond answered first: “Hello, I have decided, I want to go to West Point!”

There was no sound from the other end for a long time. Just as Raymond thought he had dialed the wrong number, the person on the other end spoke.

“Thank you for choosing West Point. I can’t guarantee that you won’t regret going to West Point, but as a West Point graduate, I can guarantee that you’ll definitely gain something. I’ll report your choice to General Thomas very soon. We’ll handle the rest. You just need to report directly to the school when the time comes!”

Although the other party’s tone was as calm as possible, he could still learn from it that they could not help but be ecstatic that Raymond could choose West Point.

Even for the famous West Point Military Academy, Raymond was an absolute genius!

Hearing this, Raymond was relieved and hung up the phone.

He put down the phone and also breathed a sigh of relief. He did not know if his choice was right, but he knew that West Point, the first military academy in the history of the United States, would not disappoint him.

Moreover, West Point Military Academy was now a very comprehensive school. Industrial, commercial, literary, scientific, and historical. Basically, it was all involved. His Top Student System would not be rendered useless because of this.

The adjutant on the other side finally received a call from Raymond and heaved a sigh of relief. After receiving no reply for such a long time, he thought that Raymond had already been poached by other schools!

Hearing that this matter had finally come to an end, he also quickly reported Raymond’s choice to General Thomas. After all, a recommendation letter was something that only a big shot would have weight.

After hearing the adjutant’s report, Thomas was also relieved. He used the excuse of writing a recommendation letter for Raymond to send the adjutant out.

Seeing that his office door was closed, Thomas picked up the document on his desk. On the cover was written SSS-Grade secret, and the content was Raymond’s test paper.

Looking at the test paper in his hand, Thomas felt a little emotional. Such a test paper could have been widely spread on the internet, but now it was the top-secret of the country. When Raymond decided to go to West Point to study, even he didn’t have the authority to read it.

Yes! Who would have thought?

A test paper that was like waste paper was hard to come by. But now, it had become a manuscript that was as precious as the Dead Sea Scrolls?

This was how the rich and poor in the world changed.

Taking one last look at the few pieces of paper in front of him, Thomas picked up the phone and dialed a few times.

“Minister, Raymond has decided to go to West Point. I will send this information to the Capitol building immediately!”

“I am the FBI. I have the authority to ask you to cooperate with the investigation. Now, I want to see the person-in-charge of your base…” Just as Thomas was on the phone, a voice suddenly came from outside.

“This is the office of our General. You can not go in now…”

Because Thomas did not pay attention to the reporting work. He thought that his guards could handle it, but who knew…

“I have the investigation order signed by the FBI Director and the permission of the Federal Court. Your General must be investigated…”

Before he could finish his words, he heard them being pushed aside. A few federal agents in suits came in.

The leading agent took out his ID and flashed past. He looked at Thomas as if he was doing his job.

“Hello, General Thomas. We are here to investigate the ‘big crash’ of the Internet a few days ago. Because of your orders, we lost the lead of a group of drug dealers. Now, we are going to bring you back to investigate. This is a warrant signed by the Federal Court…”

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