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Thomas looked at the few people in front of him and did not say anything. He pointed at the phone in his hand, indicating that he was on the phone.

When the federal agents saw that he did not give face to them, he put away the documents in his hands and took out the handcuffs on his lower back. He said sternly, “General Thomas, the Federation is asking you now. You must show respect to the Federation’s laws. I’ll say it again now.”

“Please cooperate with the investigation. We want to ask you about the ‘big crash’ of the internet a few days ago…”

The voice in Thomas’ ear had not spoken since the FBI came in. Moreover, the voices of these federal agents were very loud, so the Secretary of Defense could also hear the conversation over the phone, when he heard that Thomas was going to be taken away for investigation.

Suddenly, a voice came from the other side of the phone. “Give him your phone. I will talk to him now…”

When Thomas heard the Minister’s order, he immediately handed the phone in his hand to the agent in front of him.

“What do you mean? Are you asking your wife to plead for mercy for you?” the federal agent said suspiciously, but still picked up the phone.

He did not ask who the person on the other end of the phone was, but the supervisor assumed that it was Thomas’ wife.

“Let me tell you, your husband may have violated federal law. I am Federal Agent Jack Bruce, and I need to…”

Before he could finish his sentence, a sentence came out of the phone, “I am the Secretary of Defense…”

The agent was stunned. The voice inside was so familiar that it was often heard on television. Furthermore, this was a military base. It was almost certain that this was the voice of the Secretary of Defense himself.

While the agent was stunned, the voice did not stop. It continued, “This matter was approved by me. It was a special injunction that I requested from the President!”

The agent did not give up. This was a good opportunity to bring down a powerful figure in the military. Once he was allowed to do this, he would become famous in one battle. He would have a smooth path within the entire FBI. He might even have a chance to sit in the position of director in the future.

“Sir, this matter involves a large social aspect after all. We must first bring Thomas back for investigation…”

As long as Thomas was brought away, even if there was no record left behind in the FBI’s record, there would still be a stain. Although they were not as professional as the IRS in terms of investigation, they were not jealous.

When the director heard that they still did not want to give up, he said sternly, “This matter has become a national SSS-Grade secret. Do you want to pry into the country’s top-secret? Who do you think you are?”

The agent’s expression instantly fell. A national SSS-Grade secret was no longer something that a person of his level could participate in. Although this matter was very attractive to him, once this matter became so troublesome… It would even cause him to lose his life. Then, it would not be so attractive any more!

The agent’s expression changed several times. He held the phone, took a deep look at Thomas, and returned the phone to him.

He took a deep breath, turned around, and walked out with a cold expression.

When the others saw that their boss had already run away, they naturally did not look for trouble and quickly followed him.

Thomas smiled when he saw this and called his adjutant in again.

The adjutant looked at Thomas and asked with concern, “General, has the matter been resolved?”

Thomas looked out of the window, his back to the adjutant.

After a long time, there came a sound.

“It seems that our military forces have not moved for too long and have been forgotten. Now let us address the source of this leak…”

At a time of such conflict, Raymond, the center of the storm, felt nothing. He was having a party with some of his friends.

Doug looked at his son and felt like he was in a dream. West Point!

His family had never had a West Point student. He couldn’t believe it.

His son was the weirdo who scored a zero in the exam, but now, he had become a special guest of the West Point Military Academy! This huge change had made him unable to react.

“Tommy, Ryder, West Point Military School. I’m afraid we won’t be seeing each other much in the future. You must be down-to-earth, especially Ryder. Don’t think about starting your own business every day. You have to think about your own conditions. Do you have Musk’s IQ? Do you have a rich father like Buffett? Can your mother get you an order from IBM?”

Looking at his two best friends in front of him, Raymond summarized his 40-plus years of life experience in his previous life.

Tommy and the others were about the same age and began to know that the future of society belonged to those who had good families or were good themselves.

“I know, you have to take care of yourself. Don’t be dazzled by the flesh and blood of a big city like New York.”

Tommy and Ryder also knew that the distance between them and Raymond would only increase as time passed. In the end, they would only be able to see each other on television.

Looking at the two friends in front of him, neither of them seemed to have the character to do great things. Raymond also knew that it would be difficult for them to achieve anything in the future. He also knew that there shouldn’t be any interests between friends.

“Just you wait. When I succeed and become famous, you’ll all be fine. At least, you can train your body well. When that time comes, I’ll leave my safety in your hands. I won’t be at ease with others. But don’t do anything illegal. Otherwise, when you’re in prison, where can I find such a reliable bodyguard?”

Being a bodyguard was a good way out for people like them. Moreover, their boss was also their friend, so he definitely wouldn’t mistreat them.

After receiving the assurance from their friends, Tommy and Ryder also laughed, breaking the sad atmosphere.

They looked at each other and smiled, raising the wine in their hands and clinking glasses with each other.

They drank until they didn’t know what time it was, but they felt that they had never been so happy before.

When they drank until late at night, at the end of the SAT exam committee’s grading banquet on the other side.

As the person-in-charge of this grading, Robinson was naturally like the moon surrounded by stars. There were people greeting him everywhere. He was also happy because he had gotten 100,000 USD out of thin air. Naturally, he did not reject anyone. He drank a little for everyone who greeted him.

Gradually, when the alcohol reached its peak, everyone was immersed in this atmosphere. At this moment, someone said something.

“Who is Robinson? The person in charge of this examination paper review…”

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