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“Goodbye. I’ll write or call you back!”

Raymond said goodbye to his parents and friends, and prepared to take Ryder’s car to the station to take the Greyhound Bus to New York.

Just as they were about to move their luggage onto the car…

A military Hummer rushed straight towards Raymond’s door.

Following that, a rapid braking sound rang out as the Hummer stopped in front of Raymond.

“Raymond, over here!” A head popped out from the car window as the adjutant drove over.

Raymond and the adjutant would contact each other from time to time, and they were rather very close.

“Mr. Smith, why are you here?” Raymond was also very curious when he saw Smith.

“Get in the car first. Put your luggage in as well.”

Raymond didn’t stand on ceremony. He put all his luggage in the back seat, opened the car door, and sat in the passenger seat.

After he sat down, Smith didn’t explain and stepped on the accelerator. The Hummer drove out of the community.

“Mr. Smith, what’s going on?” Raymond was still confused.

“General Thomas wants to see you before you go to the Military Academy. He asked me to pick you up.” Smith looked at Raymond with a smile. As if he thought of something, he added, “You, Kid, are really amazing. Our General also admires you very much. He regretted not leaving you in our base for a long time.”

Raymond knew that Thomas must have contributed a lot to him getting into the university with a zero score, he also smiled and replied, “Don’t worry, let General Thomas be rest assured. If anything good comes out in the future, I will definitely think of him first. I’ll tell you at the first moment!”

Seeing that Raymond was so knowledgeable and tactful… Smith also smiled and said, “Hahaha, with you like this, our General did not waste his efforts. In fact, the General also knows that you are suitable for a bigger place. The military does not have that much funding. It would be a kind of delay if you go.”

Along the way, the two of them chatted and laughed without any awkwardness.

Very soon, the Hummer arrived in front of a military base.

When the security personnel saw that it was the general’s private car, they did not have any intention of stopping it and directly let it pass.

Then, the Hummer passed through the soldiers who were training and directly came to the front of the Combat Command Building.

At this time, on the apron in front of the command building, there was a helicopter parked,

Raymond had never seen a helicopter so close in his previous life, so he couldn’t help but take a few more curious glances.

The car was parked in front of the building. Smith looked at Raymond staring straight at the helicopter. He laughed, “Have you never seen a helicopter so close? Do you want to sit on it? If you had agreed to join the base at that time, you could basically sit in this helicopter until you vomit.”

Looking at Raymond’s sparkling eyes, Smith could not help but say, “The General is waiting for you upstairs? Hurry up and go!”

Raymond heard that Thomas was waiting for him, so he quickly nodded and ran up with the adjutant.

When they arrived at the office of the person in charge of the base, Smith gently knocked on the door.

“General, Raymond has arrived.”

Thomas’ deep voice came from the office.

Smith opened the office and led Raymond in.

When he saw Raymond, Thomas stood up and walked closer with a smile. “Raymond, good boy, are you ready to go to West Point?”

Raymond looked at him and smiled. “I’m ready to be a member of West Point. General, I don’t know why you called me here now…”

Thomas looked at Raymond and felt more and more satisfied. He patted his shoulder and said, “I’m fine. I just want to ask if you want to experience the military’s helicopter…”

Raymond was delighted when he heard that.

How could he not understand Thomas’ meaning? He said happily, “General, you want to…”

Thomas patted his shoulder heavily. “I heard that you want to take the Greyhound Bus to West Point? What’s the point!? I’ll let Smith drive you to West Point in a helicopter! I’ll let you experience the feeling of riding a helicopter. I’ve put in a lot of money for you.”

Beside him, Smith was also shocked when he heard that. He thought to himself, ‘The General really values this Raymond. I have to get close to him.’

Raymond was extremely excited now. Although he had such a fantasy when he saw the helicopter downstairs, he did not expect Thomas to really do it.

Driving a helicopter to school! How much face did that give him?!

But on second thought, other than those documents, what else was there for him to rope in!? He also said,  “Don’t worry, General. You’re so good to me. In the future, I’ll be more inclined towards your research results. I’ll definitely not forget you guys.”

Seeing that Raymond was so tactful, Thomas was also relieved. He did so much not for other reasons. First, he saw the potential in this kid, Raymond. There would definitely be other results in the future. Secondly, he saw how Raymond treated his teacher and friends well that day. He knew that Raymond was a person who knew how to repay kindness and invested in him.

After settling his own matters… Thomas changed the topic and said seriously, “The Department of Defense has already started to organize people to study your test paper. However, they are still stuck in the theory. The research process will definitely be very long and there will be all kinds of problems. When the time comes, don’t give up. You must help solve these problems!”

Raymond also knew that many of the things he took out were from different eras. Some of the theoretical knowledge was very difficult to understand. Even the system would spend a lot of space to explain, and there were even missing parts.

After all, what he got was only beginner-level.

Thomas looked at his watch and said to them, “Well, I still have some things to do here. Let Smith take you to West Point to report! After all, you have to hurry to school!”

“Okay, then I won’t disturb General,” Raymond said with a jolt of energy.

“Yes, General!” Adjutant Smith saluted respectfully, then turned around and took Raymond away.

Thomas looked at their departing backs and sighed.

“What a good youth! Youth should be so energetic!”

To be honest, he was a little reluctant to let Raymond go to West Point. How good would it be to have such a talent stay in his base?

With him around, he was confident that in ten years… No, five years. In five years, he would become the most elite regular army in the United States.

But he had no choice. Raymond had to go to college. Moreover, his superiors had ordered him to try his best to meet his requirements within a reasonable range.

This time, he used the helicopter in response to providing better school conditions. Secondly, it was to leave a deeper impression on Raymond.